Saturday, 9 May 2009

Killing the Sacred Cow Part two

Its great that after four years of trying to stop the revelations currently doing the rounds in the Telegraph, the whole squalid sordid mess is coming out to show the the functionaries of the State have lower moral standards than the average unrepentant Chav with a collection of ASBO's and unpaid fines.

However the assault on the overweening incompetent State must go on, this site is critical of an unaccountable Police Force, and at last Met Chief Stephenson is realising that the Police have been used as political pawns, by this maladroit administration. This does not mean that Chief Constables should not be directly elected officials, responsible to the public, not some greasy political oik on the make.

Currently the death toll in our state run hospitals,patient neglect and cross infections with MRSA would not disgrace Scutari. Today a poll reveals that basic hygiene is still way done the list of priorities after gender empowerment (thanks Harman, but no thanks), racial equality and workers rights.

I did a post on killing the sacred cow, which drew criticism from Social Democrats,Tories and bless them Labour supporters. Well sorry folks I would rather let the sacred cow be shot, than allow the sacred cow kill anymore people entrusted to State incompetence.

Real people are dying here, not MP's being embarrassed.


Oldrightie said...

I'd like a large rump steak of that sacred cow's arse with a very good Barolo!

mikey said...

The NHS has been fucking shit far longer than many imagine. My mother went into labour on my behalf in 1960. 36 hours along the line someone happened upon her in the Nissen Hut she was in just as she was attempting to slit her own wrists with broken mirror glass due to the pain.She had been completely forgotten by the staff. "Are your contractions regular" is the last thing she can remember anyone saying to her before she gave birth. I've been causing trouble since before I was even born. I hope to continue that fine record.

Henry North London said...

Shes not the only one, My mother only got to deliver me by the kind consultant remembering that my mother was in her second day of labour, and that he should check on her

I was already crowning, She hates the midwife who said you'll be fine till tomorrow. That was back in 1970

Can you imagine what its like now.

Some of the midwives I worked with at medical school were psychopaths and thick.

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