Friday, 15 May 2009

Just how desperate is this !

Just stop voting for them. The idiot OAP who has had his pension stolen by Brown worrying about £60 from the nice people in Nu Labour.


CryBaby said...

And all of the people in this video are Labour's own family and friends.

The Penguin said...

This is completely dire - you'd have to be brain dead to be convinced, and the production values are abysmal.

Someone shafted NuLiebore making this shit.

The Penguin

CROWN said...

I prefer my version

let me know what you think

Ampers said...

Not really to do with this but I think Diane Abbot reads OH.

On The week at the end, when Andrew Marr says the people aren't satisefied with an apology, and also that people aren't satisefied with money being paid back, Diane Abbot says some people say they won't be satisefied until some of them are strung up and hanged from lamp posts. She got it wrong, she said "some".

Make Ivy Bean Prime Minister. This 103 year old got bored with Facebook and is now Britain's oldest Twitterer. She's wack any thieving MPs with her umbrella!


Rab C. Nesbitt said...

Diane Abbot reads this?

Diane, you are a cunt. And so is Portillo.

Roger Thornhill said...

Well said about the £60 in return for a totally screwed pension.

Jack and the Beanstalk comes to mind. That, or Baldrick buying that turnip.

K. MacEgan said...

Might I second Mr Nesbitts comment. By the way Portilli means something faintly obscene in Mexican slang.

Anonymous said...

Odd, I commented on the video and it was posted.

It was a bit bilious ;-)

jpe bloggs said...

Not a bad spoof, made me laugh.
"Diane, you are a cunt. " Seconded.

Anonymous said...

added a comment on the tube. Fucking nazi's have comment verification on, means no anti-nulab comments on the video- does mean that you could spam them to death with anti-nulab comments, they have to verify THEM ALL to ensure that the free speech is suppressed :P

Anonymous said...

Can't noticing there were no middle class middle income *workers* on that video...

All recipients of benefits to my eyes.

And why was the guy from Bo Selecta in it?

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