Monday, 18 May 2009

Jury Team Launch

As you will all be aware, I am not aligned to any political party.

But if anyone fancies free coffee and buns, the Jury Team are launching their "murder all the bastards in Brussels, burn it to the ground and salt the earth"* campaign on Wednesday at 9.45am.

Venue: Brunel Room, One Great George Street, Westminster, London, SW1P 3AA

You'll need an invite to eat all their free food.


*probably not its real name.


K. McEgan said...

The E.U is a truly great idea it is just that its actuality is at odds with the dream.

Anonymous said...

Salting the Earth is excessive.

sixtypoundsaweekcleaner said...

Hmm. Not convinced they are going to be any different.

wv: motional

Old Holborn said...

I'm not convinced either. But I'm open to ANYTHING that might break the current system

Custard said...

The current system is so entrenched throughout so many levels that to eradicate will take a concerted effort from persons far further afield than these shores. They may not - yet - be up for it. But, as EU funding starts to dry up, grants wither and investment in their little piss-holes is slashed, then they too will start towonder what the fuck this flagrant waste of money was all about.

Then, we might see some more joined-up action. It won't be before.

But that in itself doesn't stop us starting the trend.

T' old 'un said...

Political parties are the road to nowhere. Parties politics = gang warefare = enforcers, bribes, controllers, hit men, sleaze.
All the decisions should be made by the people they affect. We shall make some wrong ones no doubt but 60m citizens are bound to be right more often that 643 self seeking egos are.

Dick the Prick said...

I'm not a fan of spoiling ballots. I wanna vote please - I like voting. I like walking into election stations - (did about 4 myself as poll clark) and voting like a monghead. I don't give a toss but I like voting. I'm sure i've voted wrong loads of times but still, it's usually a very pleasant walk. They are very nice people there. I WANNA FUCKING VOTE uuurrrggghhhhhh! So many journeys are wasted - why waste a little walk to quietly, politely, respectfully to say 'one more fucking step and I'll blow your damned brains out'.

Voice of the Resistance said...

The Nazi's have already taken over, the EU doesn't need to lift a finger to threaten social conquest, Labour has done it for them already, especially with their covert positive discrimination. Which people will see has clearly been practiced for years, if they so choose to look back retrospectively at the workplace numbers in gender terms amongst others, but only now do the bastards openly declare it. It's the only thing they have been willing to openly declare recently.

Too late. Revolution is the only way out, not even the sodding Speaker is leaving as he can say no anyway, which he has done - surprise surprise. I hope the jury do gain some power, once the Labour party is booted then we can hold the referendum and finally put out the EU light in this country, and shut down their passive domination schemes for good.

How revolting this country has become! I wish...

Jackanory team - yawn! said...

I wonde how many more parties the EU will set up to dilute the anti BNP vote to make sure the EU can continue to steamroller over us?

What are we on now 3 or 4 parties other than already established parties UKIP and the BNP.

Jackanory team

and isn't Jackanory team lead by a corrupt ex - Tory?

Why don't you just back UKRAP if you want a corrupt anti EU group led by ex Tories!

At least it is standing a full slate of pointless troughers rather than a few.

Alan Wallace Jury Team said...

Well, I'm not going to be at the launch because I just got back from London 1 hour ago.

Yesterday I met Sir Paul. We sat down over a coffee and had a 30 minute chat. I wanted to know what his motivation was in setting this up. It comes from the John Lewis list scandal last July when MPs voted against reform and a huge number just abstained. He was utterly disgusted and began setting Jury Team up. He has taken a great deal of personal abuse from the Tories over this and has made a number of personal sacrifices.

I'm no mug guys. Sir Paul Judge is the real deal. He genuinely doesn't care what policies the candidates pursue so long as they promote cleaning up the sleaze and telling party whips to get stuffed. For him, sorting out the system is more important than this short term policy or that one.

Put simply, Jury Team are anti-sleaze and anti-corruption and have been since long before all the shit that's flying around just now. Sir Paul is doing what a Knight of the Realm is supposed to do, standing up for honour. The thing is, we're so used to grubby little hypocritical gobshites who bought their Knighthood with a brown envelope donation, that we don't recognise the real thing when we see it.

I committed to Jury Team the minute I read their principles. Having met Sir Paul, I know I absolutely made the right decision.

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