Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Julie built a bedroom for her brother. £50K of MY cash used

Julie Kirkbride, the Conservative MP, used taxpayers’ money to fund a £50,000 extension to her constituency flat so that her brother could live in the property.

According to copies of documents seen by The Daily Telegraph, Miss Kirkbride told the Parliamentary authorities last year that she needed an extra bedroom to house her “growing family”.

She was therefore given permission to increase her mortgage by £50,000, leaving the taxpayer to pay the higher interest costs on the loan. However, it emerged that her brother, Ian, lived at the flat and did not pay rent. Her family had not increased in size since 2000.
Miss Kirkbride said the “arrangement” had “no cost to the taxpayer” but that claim was undermined yesterday when she admitted that she claimed for the costs of building the extra bedroom so that her brother and son did not have to share a room.

Come on Iain Dale. Defend that.

“I would dearly love to be re-elected to the job that I simply adore and which has been very fulfilling and personally very satisfying for me over the last 12 years, but that is not my decision,” she said.


woman on a raft said...

I'm watching Newsnight and it is like when Iraq was invaded and the cameras wandered round going 'oooh, gold plated lavvies'.

It's rapidly getting to the stage where Iraq might have grounds to invade us back in order to impose democracy.

VotR said...

And so the gravy runs by the bucket load...

Our gravy feeding their mouths. And their siblings.

Political swine flu... time for an Egyptian piggy cull.

Anonymous said...

And she managed to get planning permission for an extension to a Grade 2 listed mansion in Green Belt land due to special circumstances...presumably that'll be a large wedge of our cash headed to the county/city council planning committee too

Anonymous said...

Seize her trough/home, house her and her family in the bad part of a distant sink estate, cunts.

caesars wife said...

Hard to tell from the photo OH wether it is a bath sponge for the tears or a brick for the explanation

Anonymous said...

Gordo will be glad she is trying to hang on by her finger nails. Taking all the publicity off him and his cabinet troughing hoons.

Harri i would burn the thieving witch at the stake said...

Agree with Anon 04.59... the Gorgon must be thinking its fucking christmas come early what with Call me Dave Cameron Blair Mk II floundering around on the rocks and appears to have been struck down with a fatal dose of Apoplexy, so far this corupt witch according to the MSM has been in no particular order... fataly wounded, hanging on but not for much longer , defending the indefensible, suffered the last straw, blah , blah blah. just what the fuck will it take to nail not only this theiving witch but the rest of them as well, they must all know where the bodies are buried.

Anonymous said...

She should go but where are the big headlines for Blears, Balls and No Balls, Hoon, Straw etc?

Anonymous said...

Yes, crooks on all sides but let's hear it for the troughing Labourites & Lib Dems again, not just the Torys.
NoBalls & the Ladyboy probably think they've got away with it all, along with the Motorbike Midget, Elliot Morley etc.

Brown's Moral Compass only seems to leap into life when he can point the finger at other Partys. Cleaning bills Mr Brown? Fancy footwork about flat ownership Mr Brown? Plenty of personal shit sticking very close to home Mr Brown.

Harri i hate to say it but the French are more " revolting" than the average Brit said...

“The only thing that one really knows about human nature is that it changes. Change is the one quality we can predicate of it. The systems that fail are those that rely on the permanency of human nature, and not on its growth and development. The error of Louis XIV was that he thought human nature would always be the same. The result of his error was the French Revolution. It was an admirable result.”

Oscar Wilde

History most certainly does repeat itself, now bring on the revolution.

“The consequences of things are not always proportionate to the apparent magnitude of those events that have produced them. Thus the American Revolution, from which little was expected, produced much; but the French Revolution, from which much was expected, produced little.”
Charles Caleb Colton quotes (English sportsman and writer, 1780-1832)

"And the British revolution of which much is expected will no doubt with some political jiggery pokery produce the total sum amount of fuck all"

Harri the Bastard , (UK escapee
2009 - Gulp?)

sack her said...

It said in the Mail today that she had a portfolio of pictures taken costing us about a grand. Nice.
So that's 'catalogue photos', 2 second homes, 50K extension for her brothers bedroom, 20K for her sister who lives 100 miles away, free lodgings in one of her homes for her brother who is able to buy computers and cameras etc on our tab and a no comment from her constituency office. What do these guys have to do to get sacked ?

Anonymous said...


Can I suggest that you change the image to accompnay this post to this one here ?

Send Julie Kirkbride A Gift !

Rightwinggit said...

Stanislav would like one of those!

Anonymous said...

sack her,
the only sacking offence seems to be "not celebrating multiculturism."

jailhouselawyer said...

"Come on Iain Dale. Defend that".

How rather convenient, Iain Dale states that he is having an expenses free day today...

Blind Pugh said...

Like the rest of the greedy grasping hungry cunts that make up the Houses of Parliament, the Kirkbride slag is genetically incapable of feeling shame. Their DNA doesn't contain the shame gene, just the greed gene. I hope they all get cancer and die and burn forever in hell. Kirkbride is a shameless hoor of the highest order.

Harri Poirot said...

No shit Sherlock!

From Times OnlineMay 28, 2009

Julie Kirkbride MP: 'it didn't cross my mind I had done anything wrong on expenses'


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