Friday, 22 May 2009

John Wick & The Very British Revolution or Have We Had A Military Coup And Nobody Noticed ?

The one thing that has astounded me was the ease with which shadowy figures with links to the security services, the military and special forces have accumulated the dirt on the 'Rotten Parliament' and have dealt the political classes the Coup De Grace

I believe we have had the modern equivalent of Monck's 1660 crossing of the Coldstream, The Monarchy had been flashing signals at No 10 for the last few months, a very public, private meeting with the Governor of the Bank of England followed by the Chief of the Defence Staff on the 25th March, whilst Brown was absent making a fool of himself abroad. Since that date there has been some very 'frank exchanges of view between the Palace and No 10. At some stage a camarilla apparently decided to strike.

One can only hope that a new era of professionalism and diligence will now take root as our parliamentary system reforms itself.

As a man who served Queen and country in the Armed Forces, I feel proud to have played my part in what the Telegraph rightly describes as “a very British revolution”.

John Wick appears a 'sound sort of chap' who could be relied up to run a black op, against the unelected Brown, who effected a Palace Coup against Blair. Vince Cable was talking of a British Coup the same day.

The stealth like disposal of McBride courtesy of Guido Fawkes on April 11th, by the judicious use of leaked emails.

Was the 'tipping point' for 'others' to take action the events in Luton on March 12, whe it became apparent that Brown and Jackboot Jacqui had lost control of the Streets as well of the economy.

When you have senior Policemen like Hartshorn talking of the summer of rage as early as February 12th this year, and Peter Oborne publishing the Triumph of the Political Classes on 17th September 2007, the writing has been on the wall.

The Convention on Modern Liberty earlier in the year, that I attended, it all gels.

Have we just lived through a coup backed by the Security services that has effectively destroyed the political classes without a shot being fired ?

If we have, Brown is now barely clinging to power, and the weak Cameron is not going to be awarded the top job with a faux 'landslide' majority.

All eyes on June 4th, when we get to play our part in bringing an end to the 'Rotten Parliament'.

We should all work towards a society that values individual Liberty over sleaze,secret cameras, an overblown State. Our day is coming !

Whoops- I think I might be an International Socialist


Anonymous said...

I have thought the same myself. I now believe that age old Roman tactics have been enforced by the puppet-masters.

God knows who they will replace this bunch of shitbags with.

Old Holborn said...

Now it gets interesting

denverthen said...

Great post.

What he said in the interview was dynamite. It will cause mayhem. Good.

I trust ex-British army officers as much as I trust, well, me ;)

K. MacEgan said...

Thank FUCK the Barclay Brothers aren't Jewish. The blame for this is now pointing at the Torygraph owners who want either UKIP (silly but harmless) or BNP (toxic but silly) in. Now you are seeing the Royal Rasclart Fusiliers on street corners. Yup that will go down well in Derry, Keighley, Burnley, Bradford, Brixton, Hackney et al. Suppose, just suppose, Col Blimp overthrows ZaNuLabour. Popular for a week. Once it goes wrong what then? With the Army fighting in Parthia (sorry Helmand) the American Imperium will be most annoyed. They think UK is a worse bet now than Cuba under Batista & Saigon in '74.

Anonymous said...

The Beast hopes to bump into a certain black walrus tommorow.

Cold said...

Good work Mr Wick. You are a credit to your regiment and to the power that exists within the British Army.

Gigits said...

This gets the old heart rate going!

Top stuff!

Beast said...

When I took a stroll with Mr OH last year I bumped into two Household cavalry soldiers as I was being "detained" by some African cunt, they were on our side,its their side, one of these troopers was of mixed race but a proper Brit.
Fear the police embrace the army.

K. MacEgan said...

Fear neither, hate the police withdraw the army from Parthia.

electro-kevin said...

I have to say ...

...this makes total sense.

Well done for being the first to point it out. Nice one, OH.

Follow the money said...

Guthrum continues to bump his nose on the glass in his bowl.

Plato said...

Watch the interview with John Wick very carefully - he stops himself from saying something on several occasions.

Although this does seem rather too much like dot-joining to my mind - he did seem a very odd choice of messenger.

Bill d'Sarse said...

A coup? No.

I think we are in the middle of a revolution. A revolution with a certain Britishness about it.

I am no doubt that British politics as we no it is in its death-throes. We are heading, very steadily to a new era of representation and accountability.

Harri said...

Bill d'Sarse said...
A coup? No.

I think we are in the middle of a revolution. A revolution with a certain Britishness about it.

I am no doubt that British politics as we no it is in its death-throes. We are heading, very steadily to a new era of representation and accountability.

23 May 2009 08:42

Quite agree, and my guess is the new era of representation will hold no accountability . so no change there then, January 1st midnight 2010.

Lisbon treaty due to come into full force and effect in the UK, here in Slovakia the EU are merely continuing where the Soviets left off... only this time the enslavement will make the ex- Soviet regime appear like Billy Butlins and his redcoats and a day trip to Minehead holiday camp.

By the way the shot of the tanks OH looks very much like an ex-soviet bloc state! how very apt in the current climate.

Expect some serious smoke and mirrors between now and January 2010.

jono said...

all gone very quiet....

caesars wife said...

Agree Old Holborn , some traffic has been going on for some time , but it was piece meal and not joined up , now it seems as though everyone wants labour out .

might cheer you up , check credits on end of this weeks question time as titles role two blokes make non insult V sign, Edmund Dantes would be pleased , perhaps when in the studio you cant wear a mask??

Ampers said...

If, and I believe it to be true, the Barclay brothers are only interested in the Establishment getting in anti-EU people for the EUjropean elections, then can we rely on them stiring things up for the General Election?

Brown will hold out until the very last moment - I think we can all be sure of that and, unless something more happens, he will.

His thinking will be, they "fucking public" will be satisfied in giving us a bloody nose on 4th June and in a year will have been satisfied by that and all this will be dim in their minds.

If, as you say, there have been a group of people behind all this, then I hope to God they have further things to publish just before a general election.


Man in the Street said...

Great stuff.

zoomraker said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shibby said...

Does anyone else see it like this?:

Chalcedon said...

Very interesting post. Certainly not beyond the bounds of possibility. Personally I would have liked to have seen some blood in the gutters but it really isn't our way, is it? I know that we got a bit worked up 368 years ago and blood did flow but it was a harsher time.

I expect you will be issued with a tinfoil hat in due course though. Anyone propounding a conspiracy theor gets targeted.

Guy Herbert said...

If it were a coup by the security services, then the last thing we would have to look forward to would be a new era of individual liberty.

Wick - "One can only hope that a new era of professionalism and diligence will now take root as our parliamentary system reforms itself."

I don't want a state that operates solely on the principles of professionalism and diligence, in which power is notionally 'depoliticised' and placed in the hands of a self perpetuating bureaucratic class.

Here's one, David Goodhart in Prospect:

"These rebels without a cause might, in normal times, be mildly risible. But these are not normal times: the combination of new technology and the ever rising expectations that the public have of state services means that we are unavoidably living in a new era of the database state, and a cool, technocratic debate is required to establish its parameters. The shrill politicisation of the liberty lobby makes this harder."

That's the creed of the 70s national security state dressed up in the language of the welfare state: there is an unique crisis which politics and the selfish ideas of those who insist on freedom against the public interest is getting in the way. Let the professionals sort it out.

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