Tuesday, 26 May 2009

++Jacqui Smith in Court for Fraud++

Guido is reporting that Jacqui Smith will appear in Westminster Magistrates Court on June 26th to answer charges of fraud.

Because one little man from Old Holborn took the decision that if the police were not going to pursue her over her expense claims, he would. Just issue a summons against them at your local magistrates court. Simples/

He said: "If you believe a Member of Parliament is guilty of fraud, go to your nearest magistrates court, type out four lines alleging the fraud and ask for a summons."
The case will be heard again at the City of Westminster Magistrates' Court in London on 26 June.

Little people can now change the world. Be one of them
UPDATE: For the sake of clarity, it wasn't me My action will be "direct"


JPT said...

Traitors Gate should await them all.

Old Bag said...

good fucking job..i will offer my services as hangwoman for this utter cunt.

Dick the Prick said...

I want Hoon but don't mind this warm-up act.

Best warm-up act I ever saw was the Passendinas - group of Black guys about 1990 with their hit 'ride on, ride on' - bloody good act.

Take a picnic if it's gonna be a day trip.

Goodnight Vienna said...

So, it was you. Well done OH.

JD said...

Great start! JD.

Mitch said...

if these 650 hoons are telling each other how to do the expenses fiddle surely its conspiracy as well.

K. MacEgan said...

So I can just walk in & summons the Chief Pig of Hertfordshire for false arrest? The Chief Pig of Sussex for malicious prosecution?

Gigits said...

I hope the judge gets his black cap out, dusts it off, then puts it on.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone point me to a link where the police have said they won't prosecute Smith?

OH, best of luck.

Fausty said...

OH, you have balls. Well done!

I wonder if Jackboot will try to claim for legal costs on her expenses.

Rightwinggit said...

"type out four lines alleging the fraud and ask for a summons."

The four lines being?

Fidothedog said...

I so want that cunt to do jailtime, for the cell door to close an her cellmates voice to tell her "your gonna squeal like a pig"

Shibby said...


Anonymous said...

I am forever in you debt.

Garden Brown and the hanging bastards said...

Nothing will happen, she'll get off or it will be referred to a crown court.

And the Judges are all in it together so they will "judge" there's no case to answer.

Being a law abiding citizen, if someone with no taste raped, then strangled her, I would hope he would get caught. But I have to admit, I would be secretly pleased.

Lorenzo said...

The reason the police are not arresting MPs right left and centre for fraud, conspiracy, corruption and theft is because they are the political police who are as deeply up to their necks in MPs back sides, as their first job is to protect MPs and as a final thought they are allowed to keep the population in check as regards to crime. Start exposing what ACPO get up to and their fraudulent perks heaped upon them by NuLabour and we might start to get somewhere.

Old Holborn said...

12 months ago, this wasn't news

6 months ago, there were rumblings

Today, she's facing a private summons

In six months, we really will hang her from a lamp post.

And they know it.


Shibby said...

No lynching.

Bring her down and leave her down but if a rebellion costs lives then I don't want anything to do with it.

Even if the temptation arises to sing "ding dong the bitch is dead".

Anonymous said...

I predict she won't appear in the court, some legal bod will appear in her place (paid for by us, natch), and the formalities will be gone through.

At the end of it, she'll be acquitted, given an unconditional discharge, and no more action will (or can, under double-jeopardy*) be taken.

Anyone betting against?

*Yes, I know they abolished the double-jeopardy rule - but it'll turn out that it still applies in cases like this one. Anyone betting against?

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