Tuesday, 26 May 2009

It Makes You Proud To Be English........And From Bristol !

What is it with wanting to dress up as women !


Tom Paine said...

That was the very question they were hoping you wouldn't ask...

subrosa said...

Doesn't the one in the middle look like Andrew Neil?

electro-kevin said...


Dressed as a woman ? You'll see me dressed as a pink pig at 1min 16secs on that video.

Off topic. With all these environmental concerns ... have any MP's expense claims for solar panels or wind generators come to light ?

Or have they really spent all our dosh on plasma TVs and bling ?

Anonymous said...

Ooops, OH ain't gonna like that - if they're all dressed as women then one of them must be gay and therefore (according to the sad old twat) a paedophile.

Old Holborn said...

The gay will be the trainer of the youth football team....

VotR said...

Feminised Britain.

Harm Men Harman will put another tick on the checklist after seeing the photo.

Barnsley Bill said...

Bristol is in England? Since when. I have always considered England to be all points upto but no further than 50 miles from Hyde park corner *. All persons from outside this area are morlocks.
Since Tony Blair allowed the whole planet to move to England many within the area are now morlocks as well.
* Plus a small enclave situated around kerikeri in the Bay of Islands in NZ as well.
WV= eugenics. How does it know?

Ampers said...

With some, it's the closest they'll ever get to a real woman!


Anonymous said...

Nah, the gay will be the owner of this website.

Anonymous said...

How many little boys have you raped today OH? And when are you going to stop posting juvenile crap on this site? The only decent articles on OH nowadays are the ones written by everyone other than OH.

Old Holborn said...

A football coach has been found guilty of a repeatedly abusing a young boy over several years.
Blackfriars Crown Court heard John Hazelton, 59, groomed the child with porn magazines and cigarettes.

The victim's ordeal, which began decades ago when he was aged nine, and continued into his teens, only came to light when he attacked his tormentor.

Hazelton from Pimlico, central London, will be sentenced later for indecently assaulting a child and attempted rape.

Leather glove

He admitted two "sample" charges of indecent assault and two charges of indecency with a child.

But the jury found him guilty of two more indecent assaults, two charges of indecency with a child a one of attempted rape.

This man cruelly and systematically preyed on a vulnerable young boy for his own sexual gratification

Det Con Jane Slevin

The court heard how Hazelton first lured the boy into his home with the promise of porn magazines then tied him up, took photos and indecently assaulted him.

Prosecutor Thomas Wilkins, prosecuting, said the "gross breach of trust" involved a "certain ritualistic aspect".

Hazleton always wore a black leather glove during the abuse and invariably tied his victim to a chair.

On the last occasion the terrified boy fled when Hazleton held a knife to his throat.


About Mark Carter
Mark, 24 years old, born in Halifax, England, he is the eldest of 2 children, having a younger brother. After completing his A-Levels at school he went on to study a degree in Sports Science at University. He then became a full time football coach, whilst running one of the largest Mini-Soccer (Football for 6-11 year olds) Leagues in the country.

He first appeared in the news in June 2006 when he became Mr Gay Birmingham in the annual beauty contest and then became the first ever Police Officer to go on and win the competition - becoming Mr Gay UK.


Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...

Nah, the gay will be the owner of this website."

Hell hath no fury like a member of the Righteous who's had one of his pet 'causes' maligned....

WV: Sursie - it *does* know and it *has* got a sense of humour - incredible !

Anonymous said...

You really are a hate-filled little man, aren't you. What has Mark Carter got to do with John Hazelton?

You are so fucking teenage - grow up you cunt.

And stop dressing up as V for Vendetta, it is sad. So sad. Not to mention that it detracts from whatever protest you are intent on ruining in that people see you and think "who the fuck cares, it's only a bunch of idiot teenagers after all."

Anonymous said...

"Hell hath no fury like a member of the Righteous who's had one of his pet 'causes' maligned...."

I ain't righteous, but I AM intelligent enough to realise that smearing all people with the same brush is fucking retarded.

Old Holborn said...

So Mr Gay UK, who currently has a pin up calender of himself in swimwear and lying in bed likes to teach young boys football.

Glad that one is cleared up.


Tip: If you want to find fat people, go to McDonalds. If you want to find poofs, look at the people who have control over young boys. They can't help themselves.

Harri the unimpressed said...

Same shit here weekend after bastard weekend, the fuckwits travel 1250 miles to bore everyone to death with the same old shit football chants !

Oh ,and break the odd historical place here and there.

Cunts !

The girls who they think are impressed fucking hate the loud mouth twats.

Anonymous said...

So how do you feel about lesbians teaching gym to young girls? Or straight men teaching gym to young girls?

"If you want to find poofs, look at the people who have control over young boys. They can't help themselves."

HAHAHAHA, you fucking idiot. So are you telling me that any male teacher anywhere is gay and therefore a paedophile? That's very much what it looks like you're saying.

Shit, in 14 years of school (obviously 14 more than you ever had) I don't think I ever had a single gay teacher (least not that I know of) despite the vast majority of my teachers having been male.

As I said, you should retire, leave it to Guthrum, and co. to continue their good work without your childish nonsense ruining it all.

Bristol Dave said...

Ahem. Not all people from Bristol want to dress up as women, actually.

Harri i am so frigging glad i am out of it said...

Gays do not want " special " rights

Geddit! just equal rights like the rest of us.

Harri the unmincer said...
Gays dont want special rights!

Oh really .

Luton's lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities can now make use of a special policing surgery once a month.

The surgeries, being held at the California Inn in Chapel Street once a month by members of the Beds Police Safer Neighbourhood Team for Luton town centre, start on Friday, May 22.

A special Policing surgery no fucking less.

Whats wrong with the same Policing surgery the rest of Lutons population have to use?

23 May 2009 10:24
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Anonymous said...

"There was graffiti all over the walls." Poor lambs and I bet it wasn't even in English I would write to my MP if I were them don't forget to put a £20 in the envelope though help them out a bit

Guthrum said...

Bristol is in England?

Nah! Wessex

Anonymous said...

If they're from Bristol it couldn't possibly be that Kerry McCarthy may be their MP?

Some rough looking nuns but - so what? I went to Sing-Alonga-Sound-of-Music for a friend's birthday & most of the nuns were blokes & there were a lot of female Nazis. People dressed up & had fun - it's allowed.

Eagle-Eyed Trainspotter said...

Is that Kerry McCarthy in the background?

Chalcedon said...

A bunch of utter twats. Now if they had done a bit of homework they would have found that on Crete they are much more respectful regarding religion. So dressing up as nuns and getting pissed up and causing a nuisance. Bingo, night in a squalid jail cell. No playstations and feather beds in a Cretan jail. Cretins!

Harri the unmincer said...

Oh dear lord let the hissy fits begin .

California Supreme Court set to outlaw gay marriage sparking outrage among liberals

By Mail Foreign Service

California's Supreme Court is due to rule later today if gay marriage is legal.
The state, which is the most populous in the U.S., is viewed as a key battleground in American culture wars.

In November, a ban on gay marriage bucked its reputation as a liberal trendsetter and sparked national protests by gay advocates and congratulations among social conservatives.

FFS ! Not more outrage, when the fuck is it due to go out of fashion.

Probably when the Ketamin and Viagra supplies run low !

wv sods su ?

Obnoxio The Clown said...

Dave, which one is you in that photo? :o)

Anonymous said...

White people from Bristol? Are you sure?

Cheshire Cat said...

Jake Thackray knew a song about this...

Yudansha said...

The vast majority of paedophillia is committed by men against boys.


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