Friday, 22 May 2009

If The Corrigans Are Kind Enough To Send This !


Anonymous said...

The useless troughing cunts. All that expense just so that these characters can put on a charade of democracy while following EU directives.

Ampers said...

Remember folks, all this has to be resurrected at the General Election or the public idiots will be satisfied they have given the MPs a bloody nose in the EUro elections!

And we need to spread expenses tranparancy to the BBC, the Councils, all Quangos, and any other parasitical bastards who spend our money as if it were manna from heaven.

This should be enough to take us to the General Election... but why should we stop there?


VotR said...

The EU Working Directive is about to cripple the NHS amongst other industries. It's nothing short of covert sabotage.

We must leave the EU and trade only, gain some control back while the UK still can.

If people use their vote in June, they might be able to start the ball rolling in that direction.

Shibby said...


Shibby said...

lol political vendetta

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