Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Michael Savage- who he ?

I have never heard of Michael Savage, mainly because I don't live in the Bay area of Frisco. However Jackboot has put him on the list of undesirables that are persona non grata in the UK. Why ? Why ? Why ?

Yesterday I knew nothing about the man, well done Jacqui for alerting me to his objectionable programme. Objectionable to whom ? you, the Labour Party Right On's or the Obamists that you are in thrall to.

I find you objectionable and a threat to our way of life, but I don't want you banned from travelling, what are we coming to with these tit for tat bannings. George Galloway is a bit of a tosser, but harmless enough, so why was he banned from entering Canada. This all started with the immature 1970's 'no platform for fascists', you have not grown up at all have you in thirty years

Once you start on this ridiculous path of thought crime, its a very slippery slope.

Mike if you are going to sue Jackboot, I will pitch in $50


subrosa said...

I've just listened to this chap talking about this on video. Hold on I'll go look to see which blog.

There you are if you're interested:

BenS said...

Michael Savage is a bona fide tit, but Jacqui apparently is possessed of more titlitude.


Anonymous said...

Pravda article:

'Ms Smith said granting free speech did not provide a licence to preach hatred... "Coming to this country is a privilege. We won't allow people into this country who are going to propagate the sort of views... that fundamentally go against our values."'

I am so pleased that Jacqui Smith is willing to act as moral arbiter on my behalf, to decide what my values are and what sort of speech should be acceptable here. A woman of true integrity. Perhaps one day she will even learn what "free speech" actually means.

leg-iron said...

Damn. I was just about to post here on the same thing. Beat me to it.

Chris said...

You know, I'd never actually heard of Michael Savage until today. Now, thanks to Jacqboot's latest goose-step (like a kneejerk, only more fascist), I'm aware of his existence.

"No platform" does not work in the era of the internet.

The Penguin said...

Ooooooooooooooh, I can hardly wait for the court case and the procession of "character witnesses" that Mr. Savage calls to assassinate Mrs. Timney.

The Penguin

Dave H said...

From what Smith said, it is not that this guy has ever incited violence, however his offensive views have the potential provoke violence or community tension.

I can't get over the inverted rottenness of that: he's not guilty of any crime but communities in Britain may become upset by his presence and commit crime.

We're being held to ramsome by the sensitivities of hotheads and Smith's instinctive response is to give in. Just fuckin unbelievable.

Once upon a time this country spent a fortune protecting Salman Rushdie because it valued freedom of speech. Boy have times changed. She'd deport him.

BTW OH, this blog would certainly have earned you a ban.

(one of those banned had smashed in the head of a 4-year old Israeli girl with his rifle butt)

Anonymous said...

I've heard him a few times,and on each occasion had to agree with him. From my limited experience,he just tells it like it is,please or offend. I'm sure most of you guys would like him.

Blind leading the blind said...

Where you lot been?

I have posted Savage video's here before, seems no one bothered to watch.

Last one posted I said, Oh you must watch this, this guy is like you but even more pissed off, only a few days ago.

Little did i know a few days later he would be banned!

Ron said...

Thank you, Jacqui.

I didn't know about this great guy. Now I do.

Jon said...

Oi slappy

You have been linked and Jacqui duly called a cunt. Oh happy day. Nice article!


Rab C. Nesbitt said...

I blogged on the subject yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Savage responds ...

- Alisa
(An American who loves this blog and thinks Jacqui is a cunt.)

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Jacqui, I'd never heard of Savage before, but now I've listened to him on the internet and he talks sense, which is more than you do.

Thanks to your efforts to ban him he is now far better known in Britain than he would be if you simply let him in, if indeed he was stupid enough to come here, which he clearly isn't.

Have you never heard of the internet? You know, that amazing network of wires and computers that allows us to listen to radio shows from around the world, including the USA.

You are a useless fool and an utter CUNT. I will be contributing to his legal fund to sue you and I SOOOOO hope he wins.

Anonymous said...

I am so pleased that Jacqui Smith is willing to act as moral arbiter on my behalf, to decide what my values are and what sort of speech should be acceptable here. A woman of true integrity. Perhaps one day she will even learn what "free speech" actually means.

06 May 2009 14:21

Says it all really, even worse they and some unions are applying this sort of control freakery to democratic political parties. Some one should tell them that free speech doesn't really mean just speech you happen to agree with!!

Paul said...

I hope this backfires on them spectacularly. Again.

Why won't the Labour party keel over and die?

black hole sunset said...

A total fucking disgrace and a decent reply by Savage.

It's a shame he seems to think we might all be cunts by association but somebody keeps voting these shit-breathed trolls back into power.

ZaNuLieBore are completely beyond parody or satire. They have no shame because they are, to all intents and purposes, invulnerable. Even the loss of a governing majority will amount to nothing more burdensome than a lavishly funded early retirement (as opposed to having their genitals wired up to a toaster, for instance).

In summary then; appalling, but no worse than much that preceded it and much that is already known to be in the works.

AngryDave said...

They say the ban is to stop people coming into this country who propogate views that go against our views.
Hang on a minute.
The labour party go against my views and values.
I do not agree with letting in terrorists and supporting them at my expense, i do not want my life montored and micro-managed, i do not want to be told what to think, eat, and drink, and i sure as fuck dont want an i.d. card. Yet these are all things that the labour party 'value'.
Maybe the fucking idiots should throw themselves out.

Besides, they have already let in scum who preach hate and the dregs of the planet's gene pool. They have supported them at our expense, while using the police and our own children to police us.

I want to drink alcohol, eat meat, keep my life private, and think for myself. If that offends the 646, then too bad!

Old Bag said...

i'll raise you, dear. $100 if savage sues that epic cunt.

Anonymous said...

My, if Savage is unfit for entry into Old Blighty, you lot either have very tender sensibilities, enormously ignorant public servants, or both.

Shame that the standards being applied to Savage are not also applied to millions of sundry Musies and Effnicks already in the Septic Isle and increasing daily.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

" Michael Savage banned " = 1.5 million Google entries , nice one Jaquki, well known cunt, SSmith, soon to be Ex-Home Seketry.

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