Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Huge Queues at Calais

I've found out why most of the third world wants to hide in the back of a lorry from Shitistan to the UK.
Until we can match what France gives them, who can blame them?

Hat tip to I hate Jacqui Smith


Anonymous said...

"Immigrants can never be blamed. It's our politicians who have us right at the bottom of their list of priorities, themselves at the top. People don't flock here for the weather or the Morris dancing.

Ampers said...

I agree with Anonymous (11:41) It is not the immigrants who should be blamed but both our politicians and the armies of "bleeding hearts".

If we had a voluntary tax payment to go towards immigrants coming to this country, I wonder how much the Government would raise from these same "bleeding hearts".

And, Anonymous, you have just proved immigrants have no taste in the last part of your message :-)


Custard said...


Is this true?

VotR said...

If the UK adopts a centre right stance, appoints a centre right government, holds a referendum on the EU and leaves, closing its borders except for a tight, points-based work visa system for skilled potential immigrant applications...

The benefit system might just become the safety net it was meant to be.

Then the real breeding can begin.

killemallletgodsortemout said...

Makes me proud to be English.


Anonymous said...

I'm with Ampers. There should be an opt out clause,bit like SERPS.
If you want them,you pay. If you don't,then you don't pay.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Ampers too - if 'the system' didn't allow it, it wpouldn't happen. I'm all for real refugees being allowed in here but not the 'health care' & 'economic'

The Economic Voice said...

Simply put, the UK benefits system is paid for by UK taxpayers and benefits anyone in the world.

Henry North London said...

@Custard Yes

In 1947 the muslims in Uttar Pradesh a state of 55 million then and now a state of 120 million were in a minority

2009 they are now the majority group because Hindus and Sikhs tend to use family planning.

So yes it is true.

Its bloody expensive to put children through school and most people only have the two

One of my friends has bucked the trend and has had four which I appplaud him for but I cant see him because hes always too busy.

Love the Word V for this


Wyrdtimes said...

9 out of 10 immigrants prefer England


Nicolas Krebs said...


Is this true?" (Custard)

No. See a debunk of this faked video (although funny, especially the 8.1 children/woman fertility rate of Muslims in France) in Tiny Frog, Muslim Demographics, 2009-05-03, and Duncan Macleod, Muslim Demographics on YouTube Abuse of Statistics, 2009-05-11.

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