Wednesday, 13 May 2009

An honest MP?


Young Mr Paul said...

Fair enough I think, although quite what intervening in a fight has to do with troughs I am not sure.

We should go after the real liggers like Jacqueiiii Smith where it is outright abuse of the system

When do we find out about Mr Testicles expenses?

locinksa said...

Well, stop cowering behind the question-mark and come out and say just what YOU think.

killemallletgodsortemout said...

Seems like a decent enough bloke.

Probably go down like a burning heinkel with his troughing mates.

Old Holborn said...

His blog

his website

He's anti Welsh, defeats gay boxers and wallops drunks on trains.

Make up your own minds

Ampers said...

I suppose, among 645 MPs, there is a faint chance that there is one partially honest MP.

I think the beginning of the slippery slop begins when a new MP with ideals is forced to compromise them through the Party Whip System. Once that happens they probably become disillusioned and it is easy for others to guid them down the corridors of dishonesty.

I don't think it'll get anywhere but I am pleased I joined the Jury Team and hope that if they manage to get fifty independent MPs in Parliament it might signal the end of this awful system.

There will be those here who will say it won't work. Well, I will only be interested in your views if you can come up with an answer.

Changing all the MPs at the next election will not be an answer if you still have the Party Whip System.


Old Holborn said...

Correct Ampers

I'm backing the Jury Team just to see if it'll work. If it does, we've gained democracy, if it doesn't, I'm buying gunpowder.

Anonymous said...

Is the MPs salary of approx £64k tax free? Anyone know? Sure I read that somewhere recently but couldn't quite believe it.

Anonymous said...

How come then, Mr Kawczynski, that only 25 MP's (and only 5 of them Tories) voted against David Maclean’s bill to exempt them from the FOI act? 25 out of 646 is the precise number of honourable MP's and you weren't amongst them, so shut up and spare us your whining.

Young Mr Paul said...

They take home about £3,700 a month which is hardly a king's ransom. The effective salary including the second home allowance is £5,700 a month which is a bit more like it, certainly for spending money anyway.

The answer is to provide halls of residence for these guys. And if they don't live in their constituency well tough shit, they had better move there under their own steam or fuck off.

And they can't have any special HMRC exemptions. That really sticks in my craw. HMRC are bastards to the rest of us.

Blind leading the blind said...

What a dirtbag.

Look at me i am the holy chosen one, more honest than Jesus me!

I only (reluctantly off course and after much arm twisting) helped myself to £24,000!

Had no money?

what do you think your bloated salary is?

Council workers have no money, cleaners at your hospitals have no money, they don't get handed £24,000 they don't get your bloated wage.

Jesus wept and OH bought a shit sob story!

Anonymous said...

"HMRC are bastards to the rest of us."
thanks of course to snoteating scottihs twat hooner mcRuined the world...

Anonymous said...

How ***HONEST*** David Davies voted on key issues since 2001:

Has NEVER voted on a transparent Parliament.

Nuff said!

Sort your act out OH.

chtlyth said...

Anon 16:51,

AFAIK The £64k isn't. The upto £25k reimbursed 'expenses' is. Utterly. Completely. Their supplementary Tax Return pages instructs them to exclude the Additional Cost of Living Allowance from the details of any and all expenses they have been reimbursed.

For a job with no previous experience needed, no professional qualifications needed, no chance of being booted out unless there's an election, plus a very good pension, plus some very substantial perks, £64k isn't out of the way to ask MPs to do their duty and behave responsibly in Parliament. They sought our support. They swore an oath.

Too many of them think it is a profession. On a par with doctors, solicitors, captains of industry etc. Professions that require minimum standards and skills and have proper punishments. MPs have none of that. Nothing effective anyway.

Anon 16:54,

I vaguely recall the story being the vote took place on a Friday, when there weren't many MPs in town. It didn't take many to outweigh the 25 or so who were for transparency. That is one of the many wheezes the Government deploys to get legislation through.

Old Holborn said...


I haven't bought a damn thing. I'm a miser. Ask my wife.

Look at the title, note the question mark and then fuck off

An honest MP? said...

Oxyfuckingmoron my friend, oxyfuckingmoron!

WV- thievinglyingcunts.

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