Thursday, 21 May 2009

Head Of Black Police Officers Association to Be Charged

Dizaei is to be charged with perverting the course of justice after 'an incident in a restaurant'

It is about time all of these faux sectarian organisations were rounded up and abolished, including ACPO the private Limited company that this Labour Government has 'allowed' to run the Police.

All Quangos should be abolished, including the new one proposed for dealing with expenses of MP's. It should be strangled at birth.

Sovereignty belongs to us, NOT Parliament. All bodies that are in receipt of our money should be elected and capable of being removed. The Libertarian Party is proposing that any member of Parliament can be recalled on the signatures of 2000 of his/her constituents. Then they would be accountable to the people not party whips.

Natela Grinina, 34, a Georgian national, was convicted in her absence for knocking down Thomas Sippel-Dau, 54, as she drove her 4x4 home from a House of Lords function in London.
Grinina fled to France following the crash telling police she was in Russia visiting a sick relative. She organised for her blue Range Rover to be broken up and sold via internet auction website eBay.

In a later interview Grinina told police that another man had borrowed her vehicle on the night of the collision; the claim proved to be a lie and the innocent man in question, George Gigeishvilli, was later found dead in the River Thames in June 2005.
It can be disclosed for the first time that Mr Dizaei is being investigated over allegations that he advised lawyers how to fight the prosecution case being brought by his employers, the Metropolitan Police.
The commander was suspended from duty over three misconduct allegations, including the Grinina case, in September.

Our country is rotten to the core


Anonymous said...

He's not really black. Perhaps they should start a brown policeman's assos.
glad he's been charged. horrible cunt.

Sue said...

All these silly "black" associations should be shut down. No reason why there just can't be a "Policemans Association". Such a waste of money and do nothing for integration.

UB41 said...


This was the case that Dizaei was accused of "helping"

The Penguin said...

And he's mates with Keith Vaz and the fake Iranian "Lawyer"...

The Penguin.

K. McEgan said...

Police? The only good one is a dead one regardless of pigmentation. PIG mentation. Jesus that was good!!

UB41 said...

Yeah, didn't Vaz write to the solicitors regulation authority claiming they were being racist for investigating the lawyer?

The same lawyer who was convicted in the US for fraud, and got his law qualification from a mail order firm?

Jeez, you couldn't make this stuff up could you?

These are the people who have taken full advantage of Britain's Political Correctness/equality and have ruined it for the genuine cases.

There still is discrimination in this country I'm sure, but these idiots ensure (with their high claims of compensation etc) that those who are discriminated against are tagged with the same label as being "on the make".

I hope they are all proud of themselves. They have done more damage on the basis of their personal greed than anyone could have done.

Catosays said...

There is a 'policeman's's called the police federation and does a good job. There was no need for all these mini-groups and they should never have been allowed.
There was a call, some time back, for a White Police Association. You might imagine what happened to that idea.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but am I the only one seeing how this will pan out ?!?!

He'll be acquitted by a jury of 12 women wearing burkas and then get both a massive wedge of compensation (paid for personally out of OH's taxes) and a promotion as a way of saying sorry.

And Pravda will be falling over themselves to grovel and lick his filthy arse like you have never previously witnessed.

All of this will lead to yet another round of 'inquiries' which will find 'evidence' of 'residual institutional racism' leading to yet more recommendations that the police 'service' be forced to even more 'inclusive' than it presently is.

Anonymous said...

At least he's not gay or catholic or a paedophile. Or combination of the three.

The Beast of Clerkenwell said...

Let me buy a glock and I dont need "policing"
Ihope this wog goes to jail

Anonymous said...

Surely a 'Black' police association is racist? Try starting a 'White' police association & see what happens!
Wonder how that bloke ended up in the Thames? Any Plod fingerprints on the body? They are a corrupt bunch of bastards!

Chalcedon said...

Awww, poor lamb. It's his culture, innit?

Nick Saski said...

Multiculturism or, as would be a more accurate description, “The forcing of an indigenous culture to absorb many other ethnic cultures for no observable good reason and then giving the other cultures special treatment & protection under law simply for simply being in the minority” is an unmitigated failure. It couldn’t be better demonstrated than when an Asian man who made it to Assistant Commissioner of the capital’s police force used his high-ranking position to allege his employee was institutionally racist!

Let us not forget it is the clueless lefties who forced this failed experiment upon us and, today, it’s the same clueless lefties who, rather than admitting failure and abandoning their unattainable multicultural utopian dream, are proposing even more concessions to mollify the minority groups who, quite clearly, will never be happy until they are the majority and in the same position the indigenous culture were before this demented exercise in social engineering took place.

Ewanme said...

K. McEgan said...

Police? The only good one is a dead one regardless of pigmentation. PIG mentation. Jesus that was good!!

That's fucking rich coming as it does from police informant. Still I suppose you have got to try and keep some cover you grassing bastard.

The Henley Slapper said...

Ewanme I think you could well be right about K McEgan being a filthy police grass. Police Sergeant McCorrigan of Belfast's PSNI SB told me that McEgan was planted inside Amenesty International Belfast Branch and told to pass on info. He is also a cheap little rent-boy who uses the name Wesley Groves.

Anonymous said...

At the same time the bnp are being forced out of existance for daring to stand up for the ethnic brits. The 'equality' gestapo are dragging them through the courtS to prevent the freedom of association of any etHnic group - but especially brits. BASTARDS.

BLUBBERand BUST said...

We need to start a white police officers association and watch the fucking do gooders come out of the woodwork screaming racists

keep up the good work Lord Old Holbrn

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