Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Greatly Over Rated, The One Joke Pony.

"I Seem To Have Forgotten To Wipe My Arse, Could I Apply To Have This Done Retrospectively?"

I've never understood the high regard and praise heaped on media tart Vince Cable, whose sole claim to fame is the "Stalin to Mr. Bean" joke.

He's supposed in his own legend to be an economic genius, but although he may have worked for some dodgy oil company as an economist he was hardly on the main board or directing it's operations. He was a junior ranking middle manager.

And it emerges that although not a particularly greedy trough-pig, he's not very competent at claiming what was on offer. Although he was not above asking if he could grab it retrospectively.

Bit of a twat, really.

The Penguin


Anonymous said...

Just goes to show the state of British politics if he's elevated to legend status

Young Mr Paul said...

Vince Cable was Chief Economist at Shell. How the fuck is that 'junior middle management'? And Shell 'some dodgy oil company' It is the second largest private sector energy company in the world.

With spin like that on a story the Penguins true identity has been revealed.........

Welcome back, Mr McBride

The Penguin said...

Go and talk to some of the poor folk living in the Niger Delta and see if they have a high regard for Shell. All oil companies are dodgy.

And Chief Economist is not an Officer or Director of the company or the group.

The Penguin

AnonyBNP said...

"The Penguin said...

Go and talk to some of the poor folk living in the Niger Delta and see if they have a high regard for Shell. All oil companies are dodgy.

And Chief Economist is not an Officer or Director of the company or the group."

Dude, when you're head disappears in the hole its time to stop digging...

Not that I'm defending Cable, I think he's both a pig and a cunt.

Chrysippus said...

The bottom line is that Cable's degree is in Economics whereas (for example) Brown is a failed Historian and Darling a failed Lawyer. He appears an economic giant because he is surrounded by economic pygmies.

As Erasmus said 'In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king'.

The Penguin said...


His stint at Shell was 2 years from 1995 to 1997. Prior to that his commercial experience is ZIP.

And besides, it's a lovely hole, and I fully intend to make many improvements to it, as soon as I get elected to Parliament so I can charge them all to the taxpayer.

The Penguin

Anonymous said...

A senior economist at an oil company, what a knob eh? Not on the board of directors either, Fred Goodwin ring a bell?

You fucking snob, shame someone like him was'nt on the board at RBS, The taxpayer might have been a little better off.

young Mr Paul said...

That hole will need shoring up it is getting so deep.
Cable has held a position where the Board of a huge company with real shareholder accountability relied on his economic advice. Shell is the second largest company in the world with a turnover of $458 BILLION, which is about 20% of the UKs GDP. Not something you would trust to the views of a 'junior middle manager'

You may prefer Mr Darling (work experience: solicitor) Mr Brown (journalist/mentalist) Ken Clarke (prior work experience: Barrister) etc etc, but I think you will have to look a long way before you get an economist who people were prepared bet money on their opinions, as opposed to some hack or lawyer in need of a portfolio.

Anyway, good headline, shit opinion

The Penguin said...

Definition of an economist - someone quite good with numbers but lacking the character to become an accountant.

I'd say that Shell had a lucky escape when Vince the Weathervane was elected to Parliament.

If economists are so bloody clever how come you can never find two who agree on which way the wind is blowing?

The Penguin

Chrysippus said...

The difference between an Economist and an Accountant is that the former looks you in the eye when talking whereas the latter looks at his own shoes.....

The Penguin said...

What, like Tony Bliar looks you in the eye while lying to you? Or like Gordon looks anywhere but at you while lying to you?

The Penguin

Anonymous said...

Penguin, there are far more worthy victims of your bile, right? This guy has been telling us since 2003 that our economy was being run by spivs for spivs, an overblown stock market and comical house prices, all was foretold by St. Vince, hardly anyone listened did they.

You've missed your target this time. Is that a polar bear behind you?

The Penguin said...

Look, if Vince the Media Tart turns out to be a fucking saint I'm sure the left footers will find out and annoint him in the fullness of time.

Until then, my opinion is perfectly valid, as is yours.

The Penguin

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