Sunday, 17 May 2009

The Gay Labour Mafia

I notice that when Lord Fondlebum of Boys was handing out £3000 of my money to have his garden done up, even though he wasn't an elected MP, he wisely took the services of a gay Labour councillor in Hartlepool to get the job done.

The uphill gardener, Stephen Akers-Felcher, is the wife of Christopher Akers-Felcher. The gay labour councillor has now duly been elected for Labour to Hartlepool council on May 8th.


Guthrum said...

Just put Belcher's photo up, the Labourdrones will vote for anything wearing a red rose

Tory Poppins said...

"Turnout was 26.69 per cent, with 1,260 people voting out of the 4,721 that were eligible."

Nuff said!

petopon said...

What the flip is the point of this post, except to show up your own insecurities.

People wot's got problems with people wot's different got real problems themselves.

And don't even dare to try and justify this piece of crap by pointing to the legal action.

And no, I am not effing gay.

Old Holborn said...


Read the title again....

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

According to Gadget, manchester polis are flying the rainbow flag over their headquarters to show support to the LGBT community. I thought LGBT was a sandwich...

Harri i am not gay but i am getting a tad suspicous about my boyfriend said...

Lesbian and Gay ' rights'

Are we talking rights , rights here or ' special rights' which us wretched inhumane just cant seem to get it run of the mill old fashioned folk are not included in ' rights '

If so... fuck off.

musnotb said...

Well, read it, a couple more times. Still smacks of homophobia. Smacks of leftophobia too, but that don't make the former right. And mafiaphobia, which is probably dangerous.

Harri the observant and slightly pedantic one ( maybe , maybe not ) said...

Stephen Akers-Felcher,

Ye gods , my very first word verification, and what a cracker and slightly worrying one at that,

Felcher ! its very, very close to ' Felch or felching is it not.

Just for the record and my own peace of mind, as far as i am fully aware, i have never, or have never been?

Now i understand what the ' special rights' are all about!

Uuuurghhhhh. dirty bastards.

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

petopon, you sound like one of the righteous. Are you offended, or are you offended on behalf of the gay lords?

Anonymous said...

I'm all for equality but it really annoys me when there's 'positive discrimination' - which is a PC way of saying 'favouritism'.

Any 'equality' left over for the ordinary voter? Oh, I forgot, MPs are 'more equal'.

K.E. McEgan said...

What of the gay coterie of Essex Constabulary who got Michael Blubbermore off a custodial sentence?

The Liberal Nazis exposed said...

Hey i like women with big tits can i have a big tits lovers flag flying outside the police station, isnt that equality?

I would also like public funding and drop in centers for my big tit loving friends, isn't that equality?

Perhaps we should hav shcools teaching lessions on how to get a good tit wank!

and if us big tits fanciers don't get funding preference and job quots we are going to call everyone boobophobes!

Anyoneone caught making boobophobe remarks as we grab huge wads of cash that could be going to our elderly and desparately needy we will get our `equality` Nazis to throw you in prison for thought crimes - tis only fair!

In the meantime I think we should ignore the inequality in Healthcare, Schooling, dental care and anything else that might actually bring about `real` equality eh!

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

I prefer smaller pert diddies myself. Where's my flag?

Anonymous said...

Rab C. Nesbitt said...
I prefer smaller pert diddies myself. Where's my flag?

17 May 2009 14:08


call the cops!

unmotili said...

I rest my case.

Kinderling said...

We are talking about a man verbally accosting another for their prurient sexual deviancy. The addiction to lust for hanging around toilets, gangbang parties, and selling trade secrets.
Homosexuality was defined as a mental illness up until 1972. When it was removed it was not that they had found a cure, but Marxists in high places used Hate speech to deem it socially acceptable for all. Truly the inmates run the island.

Anonymous said...

In my experience, Labour and the Lib Dems have always been first at stirring up anti-gay lynch mobs. I remember how Labour and the Liberals treated Peter Tatchell. I remember, too, how the Comrades in Labour drove Gordon McMaster to suicide by taunting him over his sexuality and using it as a lever to manipulate him.

Anonymous said...

Has no one asked the obvious question?

One of these guys works in some sort Mental Health non-job, the other works for some voluntary organsation.

Do they do gardening work on the side?? Seems very odd.

I have e mailed Cllr Felcher to get a copy of his scale of charges for his gardening business

john in cheshire said...

Are you suggesting that all gays are labour supporters? I would suggest that you are wrong. It is unfortunate that left-leaning politics tend to be more attractive to gays, but that is because of the bile and vitriol such as you are perpetrating in this posting. God help us if people like you are ever to come to power. Persecute them for their venal, immoral greed. But can you please keep it sane.

Old Bag said...

petopon, fuck off you politically correct cunt.

Kinderling said...

"Are you suggesting that all gays are labour supporters?"

Paedophiles too are in every strata of politics sharing insider information amongst each other, it is just the 'Adult Consenters' get a helping hand to imprison people when it was once the other way around. The 'Child Consenters' will one day have their Day with its respectability "as safe as the House of Commons", before the nation's inflamed demise.

caesars wife said...

its safer here than in Russia , perhaps you have defined Labour socialism OH , as being stood by the patio door with a cup of tea and digestive biscuit viewing a man in the garden working his nuts off with no shirt on his back ,only able to gain payment if he degrades himself by being a labour party member.

Fondlebum's Brazilian partner said...

That's handy. They probably had a shag at the same time.

caesars wife said...

On a side note OH ive had an enterprising idea to make some money at the next general election

"troughers tours" proudly presents an evening in Normanton , coach or charter pullman train , arrive at 3pm for a trip along the river Calder or a tip Xscape for some inddor snow boarding, then off Hadfeild hall for banquet , have make your own V masks competion to raise money for an indepndent inquiry into misuse of tax payers money by mps .

Live big screen feed of vote count from both Normanton and Pontefract perhaps throw Hlllarys Wakfield one in, numberd presenational photograph of eds face as the results are annouced as a memnto.

dont know what "masterplan" is hope it isnt the same ponzi bulding sheme you tried on Barnsley

Anonymous said...

NuLab = Nest of Gay Vipers.
Ask Mandybum

microdave said...

"I notice that when Lord Fondlebum of Boys was handing out £3000 of my money to have his garden done up"

According to the bloke who subsequently bought his house it was a right tip, and he doesn't believe the money was spent on gardening or improvements at all.

bofl said...

was it uphill gardening?

bofl said...

seriouslt re ampers post....the whole of this country is run by corrupt stealing turds!!!!!

My mole at Southend Council informs me that the 'Leader' of Southend Council-it's a shitty little dormitory town at the end of the Thames Estuary- has decided that he should get paid £37,000 p.a...........doesn't sound too bad,does it?

The real sting is that he does 13/14 hours 'work' per week!!!!!!!!!

I suggest that you all do some investigating in your own backyard and see where all of your hard earned goes!

more later.....

bofl said...


electro-kevin said...

Fiscal rectitude to rectal fistitude in a few short years.

(Not my own - sorry for plagiarising)

Earthlet Nigel said...

Rent boys on the tax payer then. Covered his arse hasn't he (sic)

teele said...

Old Bag said...

"petopon, fuck off you politically correct cunt."

Makes yer proud of this country, don'it.

Anonymous said...

Gay people don't want special rights, just equal rights.

There really are much bigger things happening in this country right now to worry about.

And yes, I am gay, and don't give a flying f*** what homophobic right wing pigs think.

Is that ok??

Will I be allowed into the Gay Mafia now?? where do I apply??

Mitch said...

How much of that cash went to get him elected and how "improved" was this garden?

sounds like stealing to me.

The Penguin said...

I don't think the pink fraternity in Hartlepool are very good at gardening or interior design. But it's so nice of Lord Voldemort to try and help out with a few quid from the taxpayers' pocket.

The Penguin

electro-kevin said...

Anon at 18.28

You have better rights than me now.

Harri the unmincer said...

Anonymous said...
Gay people don't want special rights, just equal rights.

There really are much bigger things happening in this country right now to worry about.

And yes, I am gay, and don't give a flying f*** what homophobic right wing pigs think.

Is that ok??

Will I be allowed into the Gay Mafia now?? where do I apply??

17 May 2009 18:28

What with all that mincing it must have slipped your notice you are already a member of the Corleonpinski family .

And with all due repect i can duly muster, bollocks you do want ' special rights' and are more than happy to shove the fact that you are gay down everyones throats at every mincing no-ones looking at me opportunity, look not that many people actually give a fuck if you are gay! so maybe just maybe its you who should stop shouting it from the roof tops and just get on with it.

The moment the attention stops . the hissy fits begin.

Look be gay , be happy just stop fucking going on about it, my wife has the right to give birth naturaly... sorry about that but that one is down to the skypixie not us boring everyday ' look i am not gay folk '

By the way how much is Ketamin and viagra these days?

Dick said...

The difference between the far left and far right is just packaging.

I think they're all gabshites. Can I just stop paying all my money for these useless tossers - they can have whatever fucking view they want on their own shilling.

Anonymous said...

Gay, Straight or whatever, I think what we have learned is that people go into politics to make money, and an extremist is an extremist it does not matter what they are extreme about, is there any difference between Bin Ladan and Peter Tatchell other than their politics.

Mandingo said...

Anon - yup. Tatchell got beat by Simon 'gay' Hughes, oh hang on, 1983 South Botty Burglar By Election, Hughes beat Bin Laden around the face with his flaccid cock. No, no difference.

VotR said...

Unfortunately the far left are in power, and have been since Brown managed to boot Blair in (and out).

And were probably heavily entrenched way before then, as well.

Prepare for more positive discrimination. At your own expense, of course, to add insult to injury.

microdave said...

"How much of that cash went to get him elected and how "improved" was this garden?"

"Mr Wright said that when he moved in to the Hartlepool property: ‘The grass was about a foot-and-a-half high and the trees had definitely not had any work done on them. I cut the trees back when I moved in.

'We got the garden rotavated and returfed, got a play area at the back with child-friendly wood chipping and we paid £900 for all that, so £1,500 to cut a couple of trees back?

'It’s either not right or he’s had his eyes taken out.

'Inside, there was wallpaper hanging off the walls. In the bedroom he used, the walls were just whitewashed and the floor was wooden. I can’t see where he would have spent that kind of money decorating.

‘The only place where any money might have been spent on the place before we bought it is on security. There were cameras all over the place.’"

Constantly Furious said...

Hate to break in on all this hilarity, but I've had an "emperors clothes" moment over on Guido Fawkes.

I think: Guido's competely wrong this time.Just shifting your vote to a no-hoper party is lazy and ineffective. If you really care, get up and do something.

Can I think that?

Old Holborn said...

Guido is bang on the money

Fuck them.

Their biggest fear is a low turnout.

For your info, I am not even registered to vote but it doesn't stop me being a constant pain in the arse for the 646.

Old Holborn said...

Ps, all you gay boys

Ireland is about to implode with what you lot have been up to...

Old Holborn does not like gays. And no law you can persuade 646 people to pass will ever make me like you.

Leave me alone, leave my money alone, leave my children alone, leave our laws alone and we'll get on just fine.

Constantly Furious said...

I am not even registered to vote but it doesn't stop me being a constant pain in the arse for the 646.My point exactly. You don't make yourself a pain in the arse by threatening to hide behind a curtain and tick the wrong little box.

There's a hundred ways to get your voice heard, and secretly changing your vote is not any of 'em..

Kinderling said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kinderling said...

"Gay people don't want special rights, just equal rights."

Gays do not exist, just like teenagers do not exist. So how can they have equal rights?

Individuals have equal rights not pseudo-fascists with the same emotional retardation of kiddy-fumblers and a ready market for gene manufacturers.

Harri the unmincer said...

Gays dont want special rights!

Oh really .

Luton's lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities can now make use of a special policing surgery once a month.

The surgeries, being held at the California Inn in Chapel Street once a month by members of the Beds Police Safer Neighbourhood Team for Luton town centre, start on Friday, May 22.

A special Policing surgery no fucking less.

Mincing cunts

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