Sunday, 10 May 2009

Filthy Lucre

Bo Beau D'Or by way of Guido


Ampers said...

This is admittedly very funny. But what really worries me is the British way (especially the English way) of making fun of things like this. It diffuses anger.

I remember in the hey day of the IRA, in London there were thousands of Irish jokes flying around and it diffused anger of all the IRA actions in Northern Ireland, leaving the people there very much on their own.

Please, enjoy the fun, but don't let it diffuse your anger at the politicians enjoying their champagne lifestyle whilst you are either working yourselves into an early grave, or on the streets having lost your job, your house, and very likely your family.

I suppose, when you think of it, one good thing about political correctness has been we are not allowed to tell racist jokes. This, rather than the bombs, is what is causing all the animosity towards Muslims. If we were allowed to joke about them there would be less anger. Doesn't that prove my point?

The "authorities" have really shot themselves in the foot and when the British start uprising, only then will they realise their mistake.

Hahahaha... word verification: boymp


ConstantlyFurious said...

Still no mention of Ed ‘Blinky‘ Balls and Yvette ‘Mrs Balls‘ Cooper? Why the hell not?

I reckon we’re going to see those Balls in a vice pretty soon.

Grimer said...

Hi OH,

I've reported the thieving cunts to the Serious Fraud Office. Their criteria are:

1) Fraud exceeding £1,000,000
2) Public Interest
3) International Dimension

Portillo stated on This Week that all new MPs were taken to one side and told to claim the maximum 'allowed' so as 'not to let the side down'.

That sounds like a conspiracy to defraud the taxpayer.

If other people also lodge complaints, it might just get investigated.

Shibby said...

That is perfect

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