Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Expenses Map

Click on the map to enlarge and access the database...use cursor to move around the map, left mouse click for details. BASTARDS.
Hat tip to Plato


Anonymous said...

Ahh the details for that fucking Zionist (& Israhell loving baby killing supporter) Louise Ellman, have come to light. What a cunt.

I'm sick of being told what to do by these greedy psychopathic bastards.

It's not hard to see how those with financial clout and an agenda could use these politicians to enforce the kinds of crazy laws that have been put upon the British public since Tony Blairt gained office. They're all so cheap

I'm going for UKIP. But who knows who is pulling their strings?

Anonymous said...

Mortgage interest and rent claims will be capped at £1,250 per month under interim reforms to MPs' expenses, Speaker Michael Martin has said.

Greedy fucking cunts. Cap it at fuck all and pay it out of your wages, bastards.

I'm voting BNP, fuck it. If they piss off the main political parties, the BBC and Guthrum they can't be all that bad!

Gigits said...

That's very useful.

An awful lot of red on that map.

The thieving bastards!

K. McEgan said...

Is the yellow dot south of Calais an MP wandering or a road? I think we should be told...

Anonymous said...

anon, why not go for you kip whilst we steal? at least 2 MEPs arrested for fraud,one jailed and Farage boasting that he's trousered £2Mill in expenses.
Seems like a wise choice,at least the press leave them alone,too busy reporting that Griffin's ringtone is sweet home alabama so he must be a wacist

denverthen said...

Saw this hours ago. Hat tip to Dan Finkelstein, Times online you must mean. Credit where credit's due and all that.

But hey, who the fuck cares, right?

Anonymous said...

Great OH. Now I know why my MP has become a FAT wanker since he was elected.

Pavlov's Cat said...

Scotland's nearly a solid block of red, no surprise really.

anonemo said...


Except for guess who, M Martin!

defender said...

£155872 fucking quid mine has had.

electro-kevin said...

My own MP has claimed £157,800 odd.

Included in that is travel £13,392

Even travelling by train to London from this constituency every single day can't have cost that much.

Then there's a claim for second home near maximum of £22,228

Am I being obtuse here ? Surely you can't have high travel costs AND high second homes costs ???

Newgates Knocker said...

Is it a fact that the soon to be Ex-speaker will get to sit in the Lords automatically and claim Approx £250 a day for just turning up. I think there may be blood on the streets if this is true!!!

P.S. I am one pissed off lady, with a vote I want to use and no democracy to use it in.

NWO release party political broadcast said...

Party political broadcast by the LIB-Lab-Con-NWO party.


Balding Nobhead Party said...

Are you sick of seeing people from a social class you don't identify with eating the living fuck out of your taxes. Would you rather see a more familiar knuckle dragging type of cunt bathing in the public's cash? Perhaps you are the kind of thick twat who is 'disolusioned' with the main parties but now think you've got this voting thingamy sussed. Then you are just the kind of feacal bathing numbwit we are looking for at the BNP. Vote Fascist, so much easier than thinking for yourself

caesars wife said...

excellent OH i give it a full five trough rating

caesars wife said...

check out you tube "gordon your nothing but a heartache" thankyou ,lurrrve that phat sound

big upp from caesars wife , whos in da house mixing with the new love sound !!

The Penguin said...

Politics. It's not just showbiz for ugly people, you know, it''s much more rewarding than that.

The Penguin.

disgusted of Kettering said...

I'm pissed off 'cos I want to vent my spleen at all the troughing bastards. BUT my MP Philip Hollobone is cleaner than clean- one of the very few!
So how do I register my dissaproval at the ballot box when my MP is a good guy?
Oh and it's UKIP for me at the Euro elections

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