Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Draper Dumped

Details over at Iain Dale


tom miller said...

Me want sucky sucky Chinesee willy!

Anonymous said...

Derek - Youre a cunt, fuck off and kill yourself and give up the "oh, its a good tory boy" crap, the horse is dead and with any luck, so is your sad existence.

Anonymous said...

Another fool spat out who thinks he can manipulate "Da online community".

The Internet is bigger than you Draper, it can't be spun like Kevin Maguires penis in your rectum.

Now fuck off and start delivering those cunting flu leaflets, I need some roach for my spliff.

Dolly FuckWit Draper said...

You bunch of fucking cunts. Its not fair. Why does everyone hate me? Oh, thats right. Its because I'm a twat.

Dick the Prick said...

Steady on neeeegroes, credit where credit's due. To get booted out of the Labour party for being a cunt takes skill. Many, many have tried.

Old Bag said...

fuck off, you repulsive prick. hope this is the last we will hear of this cunt.

Harri said...

Old Bag said...
fuck off, you repulsive prick. hope this is the last we will hear of this cunt.

06 May 2009 23:05

Draper will not be cast adrift from the Nulabour crazy gang , the total cunt knows too much, the totaly otherwise useless prick will be shunted into some well paid ' keep your mouth shut ' non-entity tax payer funded halfwit job. a useless cunt Dolly might be and most certainly is ... but just like Prescott and the blind halfwit Blubbing Blunket, Dolly knows far too much to be allowed out on his own in the big wide world , with a bit of luck and a fair wind Draper might take up rambling around wooded areas ?

Dr Kelly ring any bells Dolly ?

Maybe there is a sky pixie after all, Dolly ... a victim of his own beloved parties success, if anyone deserves to be found ' slumped ' up lifeless against a tree ... its that half witted fucking hoon.

Me, personaly i am not holding my breath awaiting Drapers first autobiography to hit the book shelves.

Anonymous said...

boots and snappy snaps to handle your ID security data.


JD said...

No more buying anything from Boots or Snappy Snaps then.

Chalcedon said...

How I laughed when I read Ian Dale yesterday. The twat dumped. Not before time.

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