Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Don't give it back, go to JAIL

You are THIEVES an FRAUDSTERS. Don't you DARE offer to pay it back NOW THAT YOU HAVE BEEN CAUGHT.

If you do, I am going to follow ALL of you when you are shopping in John Lewis and put stuff in your coat pockets. Let's see if Constable Umbongo accepts your offer to "pay for it" when he hauls you off to the slammer for "questioning"



Custard said...

How about pay it back, go to jail and all their assets seized?

Dave H said...

What on earth is all the fuss about? No-one should have to put up with a clogged moat. FFS, it is the 21st century

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that Blair shredded all his expenses sheets so they couldn't be scrutinised



caesars wife said...

i think benefit fraud works better .

but cant fault you OH your post leaders have been first class

steveshark said...

I have a more radical solution:


You couldn't make this shit up...

Shibby said...

What a bastard but what else can you expect, this is how they work.

Roger Thornhill said...

Don't you realise that is just what is happening now. Shoplifters are being fined or told off.

A fish rots from the head and the rot has spread far and wide.

Stephen.S said...

totally pissed off with Camerons lack of action. His fellow troughing posh-schoolboys are scum.

Welcome to ZANUCON

His nibs said...

Check out Dave at:

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