Sunday, 10 May 2009

Different Rules Apply?

"Your Children Will Go To A Shitty State School. Mine Won't!!"

One the one hand you have politicians juggling their addresses in order to maximise the amount they can steal from the taxpayer, and when it comes on top they say they were operating within the rules and it is not their fault that they are lying thieving cheating cunts. Instead, they want Inspector Knacker to investigate who leaked the expenses information, and presumably then to prosecute the whistleblower.

And then you have a local authority which is prosecuting a mother for "fraud" in that she tried to get her child into a good school by using her mother's address.

Of course, if she'd been a NuLiebore politician, such as Harriet Hypocrite Harman, she would have been able to send her children to the schools of her choice.

The Penguin


Anonymous said...

Anyone been watching Marr and Boulton this morning? Looks like the cunts have been told to replace the word "Global" with "System".

Stephen Pound was on Sky saying he felt like jacking. Please do. Acting like he's not on the take. I remember him being interviewed by Steve Allen on LBC. They were discussing events in some exotic part of the world and he said "I feel a fact finding trip coming on" I remember thinking at the time "Scumbag". He also promised to adopt a motion proposed by Radio 4 listeners. Broke his word when it didn't fit in with his views.

Mitch said...

Can I designate my mothers house for council tax purposes? then I will only pay the 25% discount she gets for being on her own(£300) instead of the full £1200 the thieving bastards have off me?.

Anonymous said...

Now, if she were a NuLiebor Peer and used her mothers address she could claim lots and lots of expenses as well.

Ain't life grand!

Anonymous said...

It seems that Harperson is worried that all this shit is going to give people even more incentive to vote BNP on June 4th.

We Are Truly Shitting Ourselves About the BNP !She's right about that. I've spoken to quite a few people who are planning to give the Westminster Pigs the kicking they so richly deserve.

And it seems the bastards are united in their fear of the one party who can seriously de-rail their troughing at our expense.

"Labour and the Conservatives are preparing a joint strategy for combating the BNP at the local and European elections next month."

The utter contemptible bastards.

The simple fact that these cunts don't want me to vote for the BNP is reason enough for me to do just that.

nombadra said...

Remember the wheeze Balls and Balls were shown to be committing - London home said to be their second home (except when the taxman asks...) so they can claim expenses on it, but it is where there children live and they go to a London school.

Roger Thornhill said...

IIRC (I might be wrong, so please correct if so) the Balls bought a v expensive place right next door to a State maintained but very exclusive school.

Oh yes, their children go to "state" school, as long as you can afford the 7-figure price for an address.

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