Friday, 22 May 2009

Dangerously Out Of Touch, The Sky Pixie's Chief Gnome

The Archbishop of Canterbury is not only a disaster for the Church of England, he is a complete idiot.

"Please stop being nasty to the thieving politicians, it's upsetting them!"

Rowan, you fucking imbecile, you may live in a fucking Palace and be immune to common sense or reality, but the rest of us poor fucking down trodden taxpayers are a bit upset ourselves.

So fuck off.

The Penguin


K. MacEgan said...

Quote of 2004 (Iain) Isn't it wonderful Rowan is the new Archbishop? (Me) He lives in a palace, I work minimum wage, what is so wonderful?

Ron said...

What a stupid cunt he is!

Harri Some bloke named Jesus (allegedly)(will not want me for a sunbeam... Good said...

What happened to " Thou shall not steal "

See what happens Bashing bishop of Canterbury , you have spent so long talking to your invisible make believe boss in the sky... it has sent you as mad as a box of frogs.

wv Nearly another one , Appostle , aplisti ,fuck it ,close enough

Sue said...

Nuff said!

Catosays said...

Man's a cunt....nuff said.

Harri the athiest and dam proud of it said...

And another thing Archbishop bearded fuckwit, what about Lord Mincer Mandy! so its al okay now is it by the invisible sky pixie to not only steal but its perfectly acceptable to the christian mass hysteria brigade for those with the mincing persuasion to poke about in each others rusty sheriffs badges! no fucking hypocrisy there then. FFS if there really is even the slightest chance that the invisible man is listening perhaps he/ she or it could possibly lend me some strength mine is just about all used up at the moment trying to understand twats like you

Albus Rowan Williams Dumbledore said...

Fuck this for a laugh. I'm off back to Hogwarts to take up my appointment as Headmaster.

electro-kevin said...

You can guarantee that what needs to be said will be the exact opposite of what this total cunt says.

I left the CofE after years of dedicated service not because of some great epipheny that religion was a load of old bollocks (I always knew that) but because I supported it thinking that it was a good thing for our society.

Under Rowan Williams it is now a bad thing. Not just foolish or stupid ... but very bad for society.

I hope the CofE folds.

Catosays said...

Hogwarts you say? Is that young filly Hermione there still? By the Lord Voldemort we used to spend many a happy hour practising our spells together. What a little witch she was...fnaaar, fnaaar.

Anonymous said...

In the name of the skypixie go!

You fucking idiot.

Why don't you and prince von bigears fuck off to an island somewhere - you have so many delusions in common

caesars wife said...

the church has often proclaimed that politics corrupts as it doesnt seek God !!

on the other hand now that politics no longer needs god perhaps we are deserving of this rotten parliment .

sign the petition to call a general election , should help .

tune into any questions pravda edition ed balls is on

Albus Rowan Williams Dumbledore said...

I'm going back to Hogwarts to personally offer Harry Potter some personal guidance on how to ride my broom stick.

After the catholic archbishop has finished with him, that is. ;)

Anonymous said...

The only useful purpose this imbecile serves is to act as a dire warning to the youth of today that a coctail of mind altering drugs and left wing politics will totally fuck your brains up in your senior years.

john in cheshire said...

Rowan Williams is either a communist or a muslim. The one thing he is not is a Christian. How on earth he was picked for the job is a mystery. Or maybe it isn't if you accept that the Church of England has been infiltrated by non-Christians, who over the years have worked tirelessly to destroy it.

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

They are all fucking loonballs. Sky pixie worshipping freaks.

Rowan Puff Cunt Commie Twatbeard said...

You cunts want to think yourselves lucky it isn't 300 year ago. I'd have had the fucking lot of you on top of a bonfire. If I want to promote arse banditry and sharia law that's my fucking business.

Harri 666 said...

Rowan Puff Cunt Commie Twatbeard said...
You cunts want to think yourselves lucky it isn't 300 year ago. I'd have had the fucking lot of you on top of a bonfire. If I want to proymote arse banditry and sharia law that's my fucking business.

22 May 2009 19:53

Bring on the kindling and the flaming torch... fuck it where do i sign i have drunk so much against the wishes/ orders of the Invisible man who lives in the sky (allegedly) , it would take six weeks for the flames to die down.

Archtwat of Canterbury.. burn me as a heretic , let the invisible man in the sky strike me down with some serious voltage, just please leave my rusty sheriffs badge the way it is? it might be common practice amongst the " we all have the fear of God in us" and it aint going away mass hysterical skypixie righteous folk , but mine in my atheist world it remains fucking rock solid sacred ... now oh great and exulted halfwit Rowan fuck off and tell those who actually give a fuck to stop being nasty to the thieving lying corrupt devil worshipping moonbat Members of Parliament .


caesars wife said...

its an interesting thought that the CofE may have gone communist, it certainly doesnt seem to talk much about morality or the consequences of the lack of it.

if so they will not have much of an explanation to the uprising of anger that people feel , they could have silenced themselves !!

then again labour have just given another 10 million to help refugees of swat valley conflict , funny that with one of the biggest standing armies in the world you would have thought a pakistan refugee problem would be easy for them to handle

Harri the tax paying sucker said...


Off topic.... sort of .
Eighteen 'ghost' MEPs to board the EU gravy train next month - even though they may not start work for FOUR YEARS
Last updated at 6:04 PM on 22nd May 2009

Eighteen 'ghost' MEPs will board the EU gravy train after European elections next month even though they may not start work for up to four years.

They will have no powers but will be entitled to £76,000 annual salaries, plus tax-free allowances of £255 for every day of their time in limbo in Brussels.

The group from 12 countries, including one from Britain, can also claim back business class travel and staff and office allowances worth £210,000.

Give me bastard strength

hangemall said...

Yes. A disaster in many ways. But what do you expect from someone appointed by The Lord Tone Almighty (Dung be upon him)? The only question in my mind is whether or not it was deliberate.

WV matin

Mo the Shmo said...

Allahu Akhbar...we must go with the flow, ignore this bearded twat and follow the beards of the true faith. Death to kuffar hoons, Jews, arse bandits, Johnny Walker and whovever else gets on your tits. Shaheed for Speaker. Join me tomorrow at H of P.

GOD said...

Even I can't stand this fucking prick.


Old Bag said...

just goes to show that the god-bothering cunt is out of touch and seriously deluded. fuck off.

Anonymous said...

John in Cheshire
The reason this maxist cunt was selected (by Blair) for the job is that part of the frankfurt school's agenda was to empty the churches. What better person could you pick?

Gigits said...

He was probably ordered to say it.

He is a cunt of the highest order though.

Oswald Bastable said...

Suicice would be the decent thing to do.

NOT going to happen...

AngryDave said...

The humiliation of mp's must not stop until the are gone.
There presence has been a humiliation for us.

Go go go! said...

Someone should break into his palace, piss in his teapot, and shit in his bed. That'll teach him!

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