Friday, 1 May 2009

Compulsory Marriage on the way chaps

You vill get married

Couples who have children outside wedlock should be automatically married by the State to discourage them from splitting up, a key government adviser is proposing.



Calfy said...

Do you think you have to be in a relationship or could you be impregnated by any plutocrat and take half their money? Hm..

berwarga said...

"He advocates the idea of "libertarian paternalism" in which the state is allowed to "nudge" people in what it sees as the right direction for their own good.

Other proposals include requiring companies to organise an "exercise hour" for staff to reduce obesity."
Next stop 2 minute rage. Whatever happened to free will?

These shits have stolen the language. Black is white. Good is bad. Totalitarian is Libertarian.

I know exactly what they have done on this matter. Children from stable homes do better than children from broken homes. Marriage encourages a stable family life. Ergo - the solution to our welfare underclass of feral children is to make parents be married by default. The problems will dissolve to nothing!

It reminds me of this recent letter to the Times : Transposed statistics.

Guthrum said...

libertarian paternalism


Anonymous said...

But they were the ones that encouraged us not to get married. Remember their social revolution? The Sixties, "Free Love"? That was the same mad bunch of Trotskyists that are now in government.

It was all supposed to produce the ideal society. It doesn't seem to have worked, unless single mothers, absent fathers and abusive step-fathers are somehow a good thing. And now we are returning to the old ideas? Except that instead of marriage being a condition of an optional religious faith enforced by social pressure and families, it will be a legal requirement imposed by the authoritarian state?

Wreck everything, rebuild it with authoritarianism, then call it "libertarian paternalism"... Yeah, great. Professor Julian Le Grand is a loony.

Chalcedon said...

Bloody hell! I thought I was in some kind of time loop and it was April 1st again. What this twat is proposing is stupid. You can't be married unless you take the vows, either in a civil ceremony or in church. You can't just 'be married' if you live as a couple.

Old Bag said...

i wont work with feckless chavs, they're too lazy to get out of bed and will miss the ceremony.

Anonymous said...

The cunts will probably auto-join you to NuLabour at the same time and extract a handsome fee from your bank account for subs and the marriage process. These cunts seem to dream up something new every day and it's never good.

Goodnight Vienna said...

Bloody socialists (note it's the LSE again). Funnily enough, if they hadn't created the problem in the first place they wouldn't have to solve it now. Create-Advise-Solution.

Except that they're good at creating, spending billions on advisory bodies and not so good at finding solutions for their own cock-ups.

They socially-engineer away to their hearts' content with taxpayers' money and all we get is grief and punishment - we're all clubbing towards our own demise.

Bloody socialists - don'cha just hate'm.

Youf of today said...

People, some sense of perspective.

One advisor dones not equal the whole of the government (Else the Iraq war would never have happened), and the (slightly) religious public opinion bloc would have a fit over this.

Yes, it's a bad sign. Yes, certain bits of NuLab would love this, but, I'm certain, it isn't going to happen. (Neither will the exercise hours (Just think of all the disabled, the underweight, the just plain weedy), nor the smokers permits.)

Anonymous said...

berwarga said...
"He advocates the idea of "libertarian paternalism" in which the state is allowed to "nudge" people in what it sees as the right direction for their own good.

Other proposals include requiring companies to organise an "exercise hour" for staff to reduce obesity."Next stop 2 minute rage.

We could be issued with a little red book containing the sayings of Chairman Brown?

Anonymous said...

Academics really are as thick as two planks about real life.

Revolution Harry said...

You think that's bad?

"Very low levels of lithium in drinking water may help prevent suicide in the general population, according to a new study."

Balding Nobhead Party said...

So if I have eleven kids with eleven women then the government makes them all my wives and I get a little soccer team too. I like where this is going. I might vote for this

Anonymous said...

It's hilarious! The people he thinks he's targeting won't give a flying fuck about the "law".

The good prof needs to leave the dinner party and hang out on the local sink estate for a few months, what a cock.

Massey Vardon said...

Another useless half-measure. Shouldn't they be sterilized as well?

Anonymous said...

"Another useless half-measure. Shouldn't they be sterilized as well?"

the mind numbing nu labour advisors?
definitely, at least they won't promolgate their idiocy!

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