Sunday, 17 May 2009

Chris Rennard- Who has been a naughty boy then

I have not paid a lot of interest in Social Democrat 'Lord' Rennard until yesterday, the Suz Blog makes the running. The lavish parties sounded like fun for the 'noble Lord'

Clegg still has not sacked the 'Chief Executive', I am sure there is more to come

Indeed there is-

Any decisions we make not only have to reflect feeling within the Party, but address the anger felt by the public, those who aren't engaged in politics and those who are. At the same time, I have a duty to ensure that any member of the Party accused of improper behaviour is dealt with in accordance with natural justice, based on the principles that we as Liberal Democrats hold dear.

Baroness Scott

And what does the comment from Jennie (31) * trusts you to do a good job * mean ?

Why are the Social Democrats being so circumspect here, why no immediate 'suspension'

Perhaps the meeting of the 'Federal Executive' on Monday will shed some light.


Clegg sets up 'sack the Speaker' smokescreen to cover the stench finanancial and otherwise



Clunking Fist said...

What a fat cunt. I volunteer to smash his face in, with my fist.

Anonymous said...

What a disgusting fat body, stick him in a cell, strip him naked, lie him on the floor and then get Mongo from blazing saddles to walk around blindfolded wearing a pair of deep sea diving boots.


Rennard is a fat fucking cunt!

He should be sacked and the LDs are sleazy fuckers as well! The pious bastards think they have done nothing wrong but old Ming got a shock when people abused him on Question Time!

LD LD LD - Out Out Out!


Liberal Democrats = Sleaze!


Who ate all the pies!

What fat sleazy fucker rennard has shown himself to be! There could not be a more apt Porker than that twat!


Liberal Democrats are fuckers!

I have seen them in the last week trying to say they are not sleazy despite stories like this and over a Dozen Liberal Democrat MP's being caught over expenses.

Even Vince Cable asked if he could have some more(Expenses)!

LD = Sleazy mother fuckers!

Mind you they are the party that give parliament Oaten! I fear he smeared the reputaion of parliament!


LD LD LD - Out Out Out!

Phil McVile said...

THe LD's are just as big a shower of cunts as the rest of them. Remember they could have swung the referendum vote and chose to abstain? And who could be more illiberal than that cunt Chris Huhne and his denial of free speech to an elected MP from Holland?

Plus many of them are on the take. Fuck the lot of them. Cunts.

Dick the Prick said...

Lembit Opik really is a cunt - it ain't PR.

Phil McVile said...

Talking of LD cunts, Clegg is putting in a vomit inducing performance on Marr's propaganda show.

Nauseating cunt, telling us what's best for us on the Euro, expenses, EU Referendum etc. Might as well have a fucking robot on trotting out the same old shit as the other two parties. Oh, he is one, wish someone would short circuit the bastard.

Anonymous said...

Fat ugly cunt. Needs thrashing with a sack of hedgehogs.

Tory Poppins said...

Just seen Clegg on British State Broadcasting. He's an anal prick who's just spent 10 minutes repeating the same old LD bollox. And as for the fat,ugly bastard at the top of the page . . . what a total cunt! . . . (Did I just say that!??)

Dick the Prick said...

Tory Poppins - shocked, shocked. I saw Clegg last week saying 'i'll come down on them like a tonne of bricks' oooooohh - get her. He's a fucking liability. Driveling non sequetous shite about a referendum - ker ker ker ker cock.

Harri waving around a pointy stick said...

Lib Dems, Labour, Cons, you could put all of the troughing shits into one big sack, hang it from a hook and stab a pointy stick anywhere you like, and you would still hit the right one.

I dont give a fuck how many of the troughers claim to be relativley ' clean' or claim the moral high ground, bollocks to each and everyone of the dishonourable fucks.

Phil McVile said...

Hague now on Sky gobbing off the same sort of shite as Clegg. I think it's the same dickhead with a different mask on going round all the studios.

Tyburn Jig said...

Another one for a trip to Tyburn.

K. MacEgan said...

Did you see Sunday Times Section 4 pg7? Photo of Old Holborn wannabes! Plus wanker Appleyard deploring "bloggers on blogspot decrying our politicians". This means O'H is famous (or infamous) and I,by proxy know someone (O'H) famous and therefore lay claim to being famous myself!

Harri fuck it i will have to mow the lawn meself said...

Oh, how quaint!

"Lord Mandelson’s receipts covered interior design work for the month the property went on the market – the same month he ceased to be an MP – plus the earlier gardening work to tackle overgrown trees, prune shrubs, dig up rogue saplings and undertake weeding.

Bills: Peter Mandelson filed expenses claims for £3,000-worth of gardening and interior decoration work
The work was carried out by Stephen Akers-Belcher and Michael Johnson.

Give me strength oh great skypixie , now we have gone from ' Gay gordons' ( or should that be ' Gay Gorgons ) to Gay gardeners?

Christ on a bike, all that lawn and foliage... and not a hint of any bush ?

Earthlet Nigel said...

He has the demeanour of someone crying out to be smacked severly and repeatedly with a shovel.

Troughing CUNT

Anonymous said...

It's just amazing he hasn't been sacked for molesting candidates, the sleazy fat fuck. Locking two birds in his house and demanding sex for seats, what a disgusting prick.

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