Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Chipmunk Chutney.

Now with added nuts and motorbike oil.

Poor little Bleary Hazel is caught in the Gorgon's headlight (just the one, naturally) and about to be squished. A member of the Cabinet of All the Tyrants could not possibly survive being publicly denounced by the Leader. Bye, Bleary. I hope your replacement provides as much dark humour as you did.

Her constituency insist she will be their candidate at the next election. Nobody else wears leather like she does, and none of the alternatives can do that cute chipmunk nose-wiggle, so they're keeping her. More strange though is the decision by Luton's Labour Loonies to back Maggie Moron, the utterly discredited current incumbent.

I wonder if those constituency parties are smarter than the average bear? Perhaps they realise their candidates are likely to be humiliated at the next election, no matter who they put up, so they don't want to waste a good one this time round. Let the troughers take the flak and then announce a squeaky-clean one for the next election.

In five more years, the current madness will be a distant memory for most voters. In less than one year, the continuing disgrace of our current parliament will be clear in even the dimmest of minds.

So it's sensible for those constituencies not to wield the axe themselves, but to let the voters do it for them.

If any show up, that is...


caesars wife said...

spliff must surely be first , rather than Tina Tailpipe backstreet heroes favoutrite ginger pin up

Watch your back OH said...

The NWO is closing in.

OH bigger than Labour? said...

OH seems that your blog is now giving the official Labour party website a run for it's money in regards of hits.

The BNP destroy all the other site states including Cons and Guido.

How the mighty have fallen.

Scrobs... said...

Shurely you mean 'My Little Flipmunk' OH?

The Lakelander said...

I understand that she is considering a change of career

Anonymous said...

They either want the electorate to get rid of Margaret Moran because they can't be arsed, or it demonstrates the "if it wears a red rosette" vote for it mindset. Contempt for the public really.

Clunking Fist said...

Watch your Back OH, what a great link.

Just let me say that little Mister Sarkozy is a smelly penile discharge.

Agent 99 said...

Brown on GMTV this morning an utter disgrace.

Now GMTV spinning like mad saying he new nothing, he was appalled as his daddy would have been and quote there would be no more ‘moats and manure’ notice no mention of labour mp’s there.

He siad it was only in the last few weeks he knew about any troughing and then said he would sack troughing MP’s then refused to sack his cabinet

Stated he was the only party leader taking action

Got in the tractor stats as well Hoon!

WTF?????? GMTV bought all this and reports it as fact. Please add GMTV to the same list the BBC is on

Lancastrian Oik said...

Have you noticed how Brown is using the phrase "defying the rules"? Not "breaking" the rules, or "ignoring", or "flouting"? Disingenuous to the end- very useful when it comes to reshuffle time. If anything, Hoon, Darling and McNulty have been worse than the Ginger Minger- they're being investigated by Plod, apparently. They haven't warranted a mention. Brown is still plotting and manipulating but this time it won't wash.

Chalcedon said...

I agree. It's also a salutary punishment for the MP in question to get booted out by the electorate. A lesson for them. But there will be no humility, just tears for the loss of easy money.

woman on a raft said...

Sorry Chalcedon, but there won't even be that loss.

If Margaret contests and loses the next election, she gets a tax-free £30k severance payment. Very useful for someone who has just had a bill for £22.5k plonked on them, but I don't believe she will ever repay that money.

If Luton South is stupid enough to re-elect her - it could happen - she'll be a hog in mud for the next five years too.

WV - baying. How does this thing know, eh?

The Penguin said...

Better the trougher you know....

The Penguin.

Anonymous said...

I just felt I had to pop over to the Times to make a suitable comment on Sarko. The one about Small Man Syndrome & does he wear 'lifts' - c'est moi.

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