Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Cameron Has Gone All Libertarian Again

“… so many people increasingly feel that the state is their enemy not their ally.”

David Cameron

I have never felt the State to be my ally, not while it is dipping in and out of my wallet, my company's wallet,money that could be better spent in expanding the business, training young people, investing in the future insteading of funding faux jobs in the public sector and a moutain of troughing MP's.

Can it only be nine months ago since Cameron stood up in front of the Tories and said I am not a Libertarian, pooh poohed 'The Plan' by Carswell and Hannan, in favour of caring sharing Conservatism, ie Tory MP's sharing our money with their Ducks,Mistresses, Wives, Secretaries, Boyfriends, not neccesarily in that order.

Destiny Dave is in a blue funk, his personal destiny to be PM is under threat by the backlash to come. How long this reforming zeal is going to last who can tell, on past performance with Blue/Green politics about six months.


Anonymous said...

Call me Chameleon Dave, what a slimy c'nut

Anonymous said...

"not for the 1st time I find myself thinking that it is mainstream Britain that needs to integrate more with the Asian (muslim) way of life than the other way round" tells us all we need to know about Wysteria Dave

Anonymous said...

If that cunt Cameron told me it was raining, I'd look out of the window to check for myself.

What a slippery twat indeed.

Like that other cunt Blair, I think Cameron doesn't actually, really believe in anything...... other than furthering his own sorry little career.

What a cunt.

WV: sded - How does it *know* ?!?

Fausty said...

He's as good as made these reforms part of his policy; he can't go back on them now because he'll be slammed for doing so.

Perhaps he's seen how hungry the public is for these reforms and judges the time to be right for their adoption.

If anyone had put these reforms to the public a year ago, many would have yawned and gone back to sleep. Because these policies are largely public driven, they have momentum.

Mark Wadsworth said...

I can't be bothered to track down the full quote, but we get the gist from the fact he said "people increasingly FEEL" rather than "people increasingly REALISE"...

Dave the Nepotistic Twit Who Has Never Done a Proper Day's Work in His Life said...

But it's true, I tell you. Honestly.

snake oil salesman said...

Until `Dave` pulls out of the EUSSR - not fudging, not amending, not begging, not pleading, but leaving! then we are living in the new big goverment totalitarian and increasingly dangerous Soviet.

TRust `Dave` at your peril.

The NWO will roll on until we find a leader witrh real backbone, and that does not include the spineless fop, pro EUSSR expansionist `Dave`.

Harri i hate the EU with a passion said...

The SS-ober-gruppen-führer Manuel Barrosso has his choice of bitches , Cameron , Clegg or Brown makes no difference to him, and barrossos bitches they most certainly are.

Guthrum said...

He's as good as made these reforms part of his policy; he can't go back on them now because he'll be slammed for doing so.

HaHaHaHaHaHa ! So trusting!

Fausty said...

I didn't say I trusted him. My point was that should he try to renege on the statements he made today, he'll get slaughtered.

Henry North London said...

So let him be slaughtered

Do you think that once hes in power he'll implement any of it?

I would bet serious money that the Buttered New Potato is as slimy as one in the fingers

verity saunders said...

a bit rich coming from a man, who goes around dressed like a film character.....i used to like this blog, but you just bash "everything" now, and give no "counter view"

you are turning into a nasty little zealot,

your pathetic attempt on the 23rd was laughable, some idiot in a top hat and a megaphone...a couple of people dressed up as "V"...and about 20 reporters

i hope you get your skull busted when you try to "citizens" arrest

i would repsect you more if you showed your face

youve told us on other bloggs , that the only way to stick it to them is to "opt out" of the system..stop working, brew own beer..grow own food..enjoy shagging the misses again...enjoy life, yet your now moaning about the "system" picking the pocket of you company

"I have never felt the State to be my ally, not while it is dipping in and out of my wallet, my company's wallet"

(and its companies)

so ..a case of do as i say ....not what i do, OH, your no guido !

Old Holborn said...


Verity sweetie, I didn't write this post. Guthrum did.

Dick the Prick said...

I think there is a decent chance to re-write the constitution a bit though. Fixed term parliaments are bollox - people start electioneering in season - fuck that tribal shite.

I love elections big time & the snap election is exactly what we need - it's fair play for the government to call an election and give 2 months notice (is it 2 months?). I don't want shite media (although that's done) trying to treat elections like football pundits - fuck that shite.

Fixed term parliaments - bollox.

Just call me Dave said...

I'll be anything you want me to be.

Anonymous said...

I'll be anything you want me to be
except a conservative.

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