Thursday, 14 May 2009

Britain's most wanted

Adams, Gerry
Said to have jointly claimed with Northern Ireland deputy first minister Martin McGuinness £3,600 a month to rent a shared two-bedroom flat in the capital, which a local estate agent suggested would be worth £1,400 a month. Three other Sinn Fein MPs together claimed £5,400 a month to rent a shared town house estimated to be worth around £1,800 a month.
Alexander, Douglas
Mr Alexander’s constituency home was damaged in a house fire in 2007 after he spent more than £30,000 doing it up. The International Development Secretary told the fees office he was “under-insured” and claimed almost £2,000 on items lost in the fire, which he later repaid when his insurers reimbursed him.
Ancram, Michael
Marquess of Lothian claimed more than £14,000 a year in expenses while owning three properties worth £8million
Arbuthnot, James
Tory defence specialist has said he will repay taxpayers' cash spent on cleaning his swimming pool. This was among a number of payments made to maintain a country residence he rented before buying a £2million home in 2007 without needing a mortgage.
Baird, Vera
Mrs Baird, who as Solicitor General is one of the government’s top legal advisers, fell foul of expenses rules after trying to claim for Christmas decorations.
Barker, Greg
Mr Barker - the first prominent Tory to be caught up in the expenses row - reportedly made a £320,000 profit on a flat he bought at the taxpayers’ expense.
Beckett, Margaret
The Housing Minister found herself in trouble with the Fees Office after attempting to claim £600 for hanging baskets and pot plants.
Blair, Tony
The former Prime Minister was able to use his parliamentary expenses to remortgage his constituency home for £296,000 - nearly 10 times what he paid for it - just months before buying a west London house for £3.65 million. The claims, some of which were revealed last year under a Freedom of Information request, showed interest repayments on his constituency home amounted to almost a third of the new mortgage - enough to cover the deposit on the new house. The London town house was one of five properties owned by Mr Blair - reportedly worth a total of £10 million.
Blears, Hazel
Apart from three Kit Kat Chunkies, the Communities Secretary claimed for three different properties in a single year, spending almost £5,000 of taxpayers’ money on furniture in three months. She avoided paying £13,332 Capital Gains Tax on one property that she had told the Commons was her second home by telling the taxman that it was, in fact, her main residence. Shamed into paying it back.
Bradshaw, Ben
Used his allowance to pay mortgage interest on flat he jointly-owned with his boyfriend.
Brennan, Kevin
The junior minister was said to have had a £450 widescreen television delivered to his family home in Wales and then claimed it on his allowance for his second home in London.
Brown, Gordon
Mr Brown used his expenses to pay his brother, Andrew, £6,577 for cleaning work at his Westminster flat between 2004 and 2006. The brothers shared the cleaner at their two flats. Under the arrangement, Andrew Brown paid the cleaner and the Prime Minister reimbursed his share of the cost.
Burnham, Andy
The Culture Secretary wrote a note to the fees office in which he pleaded for his £16,500 expenses to be paid urgently and even wrote he “might be in line for a divorce” if the money did not materialise within days. His claim for a £19.99 Ikea bath robe was rejected.
Byers, Stephen
The former Trade Secretary used the expenses system to claim more than £125,000 for the London flat owned by his partner. Over the past five years, Mr Byers spent more than £27,000 on redecoration, maintenance and appliances at the flat in Camden, north London. The claims included extensive renovations to the outside of the entire building, which consists of four flats. Documents showed Mr Byers put the entire £12,000 bill for the work - including his partner’s share - on expenses.
Cameron, David
Made claims for mortgage interest payments and utility bills. Will repay £680 for repairs to his constituency home in Oxfordshire, which included clearing Wisteria and vines.
Campbell, Menzies
Former Lib Dem leader claimed £10,000 of taxpayers' cash after he hired an interior designer to refurbish his London home. Claim included a new king-size bed worth £1,024.
Clarke, Ken
Was reminded frequently to provide receipts with his expenses.
Darling, Alistair
Mr Darling “switched” the location of his second home four times in four years, allowing him to claim thousands of pounds to pay Stamp Duty and towards the cost of his Edinburgh home and for the London flat. The taxpayer contributed almost £10,000 towards the cost of furnishing the Chancellor’s London flat, including £2,074 for furniture and £2,339 for “magnolia” carpets. The public also footed the bill for £765 from Ikea and £768 from Marks and Spencer for a bed.
Davis, David
Former Tory shadow Home Secretary claimed more than £10,000 expenses of taxpayers’ money for doing up his home in Yorkshire, including a new £5,700 portico.
Duncan, Alan
Shadow Leader of the House, claimed more than £4,000 of taxpayers' money to do up his garden. He gave public cash to his gardener and claimed £598 to service his ride-on lawn mower. In total, the multi-millionaire claimed £127,658 in second homes allowance over the last six years, £126 short of the maximum. Will now repay £5,000 gardening claim.
Flint, Caroline
The Europe minister put solicitors’ fees and stamp duty totalling £14,553 on her Parliamentary expenses after buying a central London flat.
Follett, Barbara
Splashed £25,000 of taxpayers' money on private security patrols at her home.
Gardiner, Barry
The MP for Brent North made a profit of almost £200,000 from a flat mortgaged and renovated with the help of taxpayers’ cash, it is alleged.
Gillan, Cheryl
Bought dog food using her allowance but agreed to pay it back.
Gove, Michael
Blew thousands on his London pad before 'flipping' his allowance to another address. Will repay £7,000 claimed for furniture
Grayling, Chris
Claimed for a London flat when his constituency home is just 17 miles from the Commons. Will now stop claiming for it.
Gummer, John
Former Tory Cabinet minister had moles removed from his country estate at taxpayers' expense plus money for removing jackdaw nests, tackling insect infestations and an annual 'rodent service' contract. He claimed more than £9,000 a year for gardening.
Haselhurst, Alan
Deputy Speaker has claimed £142,119 for his mortgage-free country home over the last seven years. He has claimed almost £12,000 over five years for gardening bills.
Heathcoat-Amory, David
Has been named as the Tory MP who claimed for more than £380 of horse manure for his garden
Herbert, Nick
Taxpayers landed more than £10,000 in stamp duty and fees when he and his partner bought their constituency home.
Hogg, Douglas
The former agriculture secretary, claimed more than £2,000 for the moat around his country estate to be cleared. The taxpayer also paid towards the cost of a £14,000-a-year full-time housekeeper, including her car. He also had his piano tuned using the public's cash.
Cunt, Geoff
The Transport Secretary was able to switch his second home in a way which allowed him to improve his family home in Derbyshire at taxpayers’ expense before buying a London townhouse.
Hope, Phil
Claimed for more than £10,000 in one year refurbishing a small London flat.
Hopkins, Kelvin
Claims a fraction of the second-home allowance by taking the train to Westminster instead.
Jackson, Stewart
Tory billed the taxpayer for more than £11,000 in professional fees when buying a new home in Peterborough. He claimed more than £300 for work on a swimming pool and hundreds more for work to a “summer room”. Last night he agreed to repay the swimming pool cash.
Lansley, Andrew
Spent over £4,000 of taxpayers’ money doing up his country home only to sell it months later. Will now repay £2,600.
Letwin, Oliver
Used taxpayers' cash to repair a broken pipe beneath his tennis court.
Fondelbum, Lord
Business Secretary Lord Mandelson claimed thousands of pounds for work on his constituency home in Hartlepool shortly resigning as an MP. He renovated the terrace house in 2004 and sold it for a £136,000 profit. Lord Mandelson’s spokesman insisted the expenditure was to repair the property, “not improve it”.
Martin, Michael
Mr Martin, who as Commons speaker fought to prevent MPs’ expenses claims entering the public domain, spent more than £1,400 on chauffeurs in his Glasgow constituency.
Maude, Francis
Pocketed almost £35,000 in two years for mortgage interest payments on a London flat when he owned a house just around the corner. Will now stop claiming for second house.
McGuinness, Martin
Said to have jointly claimed with Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams £3,600 a month to rent a shared two-bedroom flat in the capital, which a local estate agent suggested would be worth £1,400 a month. Three other Sinn Fein MPs together claimed £5,400 a month to rent a shared town house estimated to be worth around £1,800 a month.
Miliband, David
The Foreign Secretary claimed almost £30,000 for doing up his £120,000 constituency home over five years. He spent up to £180 every three months on the garden at the property in South Shields. At the bottom of one receipt for £132.96 in April 2008, his gardener wrote a note questioning whether some of the work was necessary. His £200 claim for a pram was turned down
Moran, Margaret
The Labour MP for Luton switched her second home to the house she shares with her partner, 100 miles from her constituency - just days before spending £22,500 on treating dry rot at the seafront property.
Murphy, Paul
The Welsh Secretary Paul Murphy used his second home allowance to buy the freehold on a flat close to Parliament, putting the arrangement fees and stamp duty on his expenses. He also claimed for decorating and furnishing costs, including £35 for a toilet roll holder, £537 for an oven, a £605 TV and a £449 sound system.
Osborne, George
Given a slap on the wrist by the Commons authorities for using public dosh to fund his 'political' website. Will now repay £440.62 bill for a chauffeur.
Prescott, John
The taxpayer paid for the former deputy prime minister to fit the front of his home in Hull with mock Tudor boards and for his toilet seat to be repaired twice in two years.
Reid, John
According to leaked receipts, the former Home Secretary appears to enjoy his creature comforts when in his Scottish constituency. Mr Reid’s claims included a £199 pouffe, a £370 armchair, an £899 sofa and a £29.99 “black glitter toilet seat”.
Salmond, Alex
Put in for £400 per month for grub when the Commons was not even sitting.
Spicer, Michael
Senior Tory backbencher claimed £5,650 in nine months for gardening work. In December 2006, he submitted a detailed invoice which included “hedge cutting ... helipad”, although he insists the “helipad” was a “family joke”. He also charged for the costs of hanging a chandelier.
Straw, Jack
The Justice Secretary claimed for the full cost of council tax back even though he received a 50 per cent discount from his local authority. He repaid the money last summer, shortly after a High Court ruling requiring the receipts to be published. In a note to the fees office, he wrote: “accountancy does not appear to be my strongest suit.”
Ussher, Kitty
The Department for Work and Pensions minister drew up a list of renovations she hoped to make to her London house and asked Commons officials to “pay as much as you are able!”
Vaz, Keith
Claimed £75,500 for a second flat near Parliament despite living just 12 miles down the road from Westminster.
Villiers, Theresa
Raked in almost £16,000 in stamp duty and professional fees buying a London flat, even though she already had a house in the capital.
Willetts, David
Shadow innovations, universities and skills secretary claimed £115 for workmen to put in 25 light bulbs at his home. Now shamed into repaying it.
Woodward, Shaun
Taxpayers contributed almost £100,000 to help pay the mortgage on Mr Woodward’s £1.35million flat - one of seven owned by the Northern Ireland Secretary.
Woolas, Phil
Submitted receipts including comics, nappies and women's clothing as part of his claims for food.

Up against the wall, motherfuckers.


K. MacEgan said...

Adams,Gerry (MacAdhmaidh,Geroid) looked at property in Manchester before the Warrington bombing.Did not pay VOLUNTEERS EXPENSES during the Northern Campaign.Sat on arse whilst the "QuarterMasterGeneral" syphoned off Green Cross money.Adams,Gerry,sold out to the RUC/PSNI.Adams,Gerry,Armani suits & upgrades 1st class to Washington.Oh well,that was worth 3000 lives then!

Custard said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Fidothedog said...

Jail em all, fresh meat for the lags.

bofl said...

why is Brown only down for 6 grand?

at present he has wasted about £2 TRILLION!!!!!!!!!!

£5 BILLION to start with re the pre-announced Gold sale ( that his advisers told him NOT too)!

typical of the twat yesterday at pm evasion time..he wants morew committes,inquiries etc-

yet this all costs a bundle and then he ignores the advice!
Fucking egomaniac pratt!

add to michael martin the £100,000 that he kindly spent last year on keeping hos theft out of the publics view.......

hoons one and all!

bofl said...

re above typos- angry.......

rairdi said...

Let's not forget, Brown, Hoon, a Beckett, Darling and probably others, have all claimed second home expenses despite using grace and favour places.

Brown has been at it for 12 years.

None of their claims can be considered neccessary. Squeaker Martin seems to have decided he should defend Parliament by defending the MPs. That is not his role in the Commons. He should have defended Parliament by supporting Elizabeth Filkin's attempts to clear up the mess. Eager to defend the MPs from fair scrutiny he was blinded to the shitstorm he was helping to whip up. Himself so far in the trough he was blinkered.

Have we ever had such an unsuitable Squeaker?

AJJM said...

For some reason you appear to forgotten about the DUP Especially those fishy Robinsons...

Anonymous said...

Whatever the reason for Gorbals Mick's appointment, he clearly wasn't chosen on merit but to prove the political point that a sheet metal worker from Glasgow could rise to one of the highest offices in the land. The ability to act in a non-partisan manner and string a sentence together in intelligible English clearly weren't high on the list of requirements.

By all accounts his snout is in the trough with the best of them, and probably deeper than most.

That such a blatantly partisan, inarticulate, blustering buffhoon was chosen to be Speaker of the House of Commons has caused immense damage to the reputation of parliament. He should go now.

Anonymous said...

Not bad for the first week of the fightback. We still need some bodies from lampposts

The Penguin said...

Gordon Jonah McDoom is guilty of loads more that the cleaning nonsense. Living in a flat in Downing Street, and fucking around with the designation of his (bought cheap from Captain Bob) flat and his "family homo" in Fife to claim expenses and allowances while lecturing the rest of us on his fucking moral compass?

The Penguin

Ampers said...

Thanks for this OH, although I will slightly alter one of the surnames before I forward it to the more genteel of my friends :-)

Ampers (who does read things carefully)

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