Thursday, 28 May 2009

Bill Cash bungs his daughter £15K

Mr Cash named a London flat owned by his daughter Laetitia as his second home in 2004-5 and claimed for rental payments, the Daily Telegraph revealed.

Mr Cash told the paper that "what is lawful is appropriate" but he would repay the money if required to.


VotR said...

And just to rub salt into the wounds of the UK:

electro-kevin said...

I can't understand how no-one's been nicked yet.

The Grim Reaper said...

Cash by name, Cash by nature.

Shibby said...

It doesn't look good but I'm sure they're all lovely people really.

Ha. Hahaha.


caesars wife said...

Oh well , they just dont get it do they .

Pats voting record was at least half decent! said...

At least I cn half respect Bill Cashes voting record which is more than can be said for most of them.

But hey Cash can be sacrificed, seeing as he's not a NWO stooge.

Is there a pattern forming?

When do they announce the bailout they had planned all along?

Bill Cash was at least a half decent MP said...

Bill, bot Pat!

Phil McVile said...

If you look at his picture on the front of the Telegraph he looks just like Nigel Incubator-Jones from Monty Python's Upper Class Twit Of The Year Race.

I always thought that Incubator-Jones was a bit of a cunt.

Strangely controlled leaks and MP targeting! said...


What people have not realised is that the leaked MP expenses that are being published by The Telegraph is just one years worth of expenses, those of 2008.

What we demand is that the expenses of every MP for every year that they have been in office are published so that we can see just how much has been spent and on what and by whom over recent decades.

The fact that just one years worth of expenses have been released is not enough - we demand full disclosure of all their expenses since they have been in office.

So come on - lets get all the data revealed and without it being censored by the pigs themelves.


Dick the Prick said...

Thought his daughter was called Alotta......uuurrrgghh.

denverthen said...

Yeah, yeah. But what about adulterous troughing Labour bastard Nigel Griffiths? No mention of him here.

WTF is the matter with you OH. Closet lefty are you? Want Brown back do you?

Pretty confused, then.

Dick the Prick said...

His daughter's quite fit to be fair. However asked why he lived in clubs rather than his own flat, Cash said: “I just didn’t and that’s all there is to it. I was nomadic at the time. It was around the time I was moving between two places and I was moving around.”

So his lass got £15k from us in rent for a property that no cunt was living in but available to the family, she held it for 18 months and flogged it for a £50k profit - hokely dokely doo - all seems above board.

Dick the Prick said...

£807 per week before getting out of bed.

Harri said...

Mien gott. i actualy agree with the bastards on this one!

Mr Griffiths recently admitted to a sexual liaison with a woman in his parliamentary office on Remembrance Sunday last November.

Related Articles
MPs' expenses investigation in full
MP Nigel Griffiths faces sleaze inquiry over sex shame

John Lyon, the standards commissioner, received a number of formal complaints about Mr Griffiths, but ruled he had done nothing wrong and had not broken the MPs’ code of conduct by engaging in a sexual assignation within the Palace of Westminster.

Thats right they have been fucking the whole country from "within the Palace of Westminster for decades"

Fucking one old tart over the office desk all twanged up is really not going too make much of a difference is it?

you know for one horrible moment this morning i thought i read that the corrupt lying mendacious thieves who are " stepping down" were to hang on to collect pots of up to 1.2 millions quids?? Nah, must have been having a nightmare.

Dick the Prick said...

Phewee - don't worry folks - Single mom Tisha Cash ain't going down t'job club soon.

I couldn't give a toss who did worst - just execute them 1 by 1 - as popular today as it's always been - fuck em and fuck em good. If they wanna screw the taxpayer then they can fuck right out of making laws - simples.

Tory Poppins said...

My God OH - I always seem to swear when I'm over at your place! ;-) (Nowhere else you understand!)

Anyway . . .this pompous prick needs to go - same as the rest of them. They've got away with making a total fool of the electorate for too long!

Harri the peeved said...


Labour MP Nick Griffiths wanted electronics to listen to Scottish radio Nigel Griffiths wanted to keep up with Scottish media, hence a £3,000 electronics bill
Labour MP Nigel Griffiths tried to defend a £3,600 claim for a television, DVD player and digital radio in his London home by saying he had to listen to 'Scottish radio' and watch 'Scottish TV'.
The former minister was said to have told the Commons fees office that a flat-screen television was the 'sensible option' in a cramped flat.

Reminds me of an old joke and working on the premise that the old ones are the best ones

"If i wanted to listen to old music, i would have bought an old radio?"
I suppose we can thank our lucky stars going by this troughers train of thought that the whore shagging corrupt could not tell the truth if it was hanging from the end of his nose thieving useless menadacious twat did not live in a bigger flat we might have ended up having to pay to have a cinema installed.

Yokel said...

Two points:

1: ElectroKevin at just gone midnight, No-one will be nicked. See the "but" in Mr Plods statements at the end of this post

2: Now I know where all the £20 notes went! I drew a large sum out of a cash machine last night, all in £10s, no choice! Its as well that we know they were being used wisely (not)!

Anonymous said...

Seen Cash on sky news, hes a right CNT. Get ready for ZanuCon...

Damo Mackerel said...

Why do these folk think its ok and appropriate if it is lawful? Have they no morals, no sense of self respect.

Chalcedon said...

Well he is called Cash after all. What a lying sack of corrupt shit the man is. He should be prosecuted. It was a blatant lie and tax payer rip off.

Cold said...


The grudging position on reimbursement to the taxpayer by these MPs is not helping Team Daves chances at the GE.

Phil McVile said...

His daughter was on Cameron's A List for selection for a Parliamentary seat. She was clearly getting some much needed experience at ripping off the tax payer prior to being "selected".

The arrogance of these cunts knows no bounds. I thought Cash was one of the good ones, along with Redwood who's also been fingered for fiddling. The fact is that there are no good ones. The fucking lot of them need clearing out pronto. All this bollocks about leaving at the next election is not good enough, just gives the bastards another year at the trough.

woman on a raft said...

I'm very disappointed in Bill Cash. He knows better, and he knows why it was wrong even if the rules allowed him to fiddle. Going by this he really doesn't have any morals, and he didn't even have the excuse of needing the money.

Looks like this is going to sink both parties.

Good riddance.

I can only assume the police are unwilling to get in to investigations where they will be accused of interferring with elected officials for political purposes, and where in the end the CPS may not be able to bring charges because it is in fact legal under their special rules.

There are plenty of things which are immoral but still don't come under the criminal law. This is a matter of morality for the electorate to decide, and the sooner we have an election, the better.

Phil McVile said...

Just heard Clegg pontificating about it all again. "Oh what a good boy am I.".

I see he's got a blog with unmoderated comments. Get over there and give him some stick.

Old Holborn said...

"Looks like this is going to sink both parties."

Amen to that

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

Once again the arrogant bastards spout the 'within the rules' crap.
Bunch of theiving bastards.

curly15 said...

He probably has a white van too.

wonderfulforhisage said...

What the hell difference does it make who the landlord is?

The question should be how appropriate is his claim, not to whom does he pays rent?

I despair at the ill educated,mob mentality of this MP witch hunt.

Joe Public said...

Trusting Ms Cash-in-Hand has made a correct declaration of income to HMRC?

Anonymous said...

Please can we shoot the bastards now?

Gigits said...

Yes, shoot now. Head shots only!

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