Sunday, 17 May 2009

Are the Public Gullible?

A guest post by our resident Journalist, Ampers

The politicians think that if they apologise, and perhaps, and only perhaps, pay some, and only some, of the excess expense claims back, the public will get over it.

They are accepting the fact that they will do badly at the Euro elections, but these aren't important anyway as none of the larger parties have any intention of pulling Britain out of the EU. They are pretty certain that, come the UK elections for Parliament, Joe Public will be pleased they gave the government and opposition a bloody eye in the European parliament, and things will be back to normal.

They could be right but personally, I am hoping that our great British public aren't as gullible as politicians imagine they are.

I am hoping that once we get all MPs expenses listed in full with names, and each expense claims shown separately under each name, we can use this as a start to get councils to do the same, once councils are doing this we have to start on the BBC. When all their expenses are being listed we should be looking at everybody, public or private who get the tax-payers money to do the same.

And we mustn't start there. We must force the government to insist that every organisation who claims funding from the National Lottery does the same, only in this case, lists everything that is spent of the lottery funding.

By now, we will have got the bit between the teeth and can look into all other public areas where recipients of our hard earned money toes the line. For example, The Inland Revenue executives should not only list all their expenses, but put quarterly accounts showing how much they have extorted from the public and exactly where it has gone.

Only then will the public be on the first rung of the ladder of taking control away from faceless bureaucrats.

OH: Agreed. And stop the head of your local council calling himself a CEO. He's the fucking Town Clerk.


K. MacEgan said...

Check out Sunday Times Sect 4 pg 7 you is famous O'H bway!

jackanory team of crooks said...

Well one muppet who tries to sell us his unwanted tainted wares is gullible who comes on here backing the Jackanory team of EU fake parties -

From Guido's

Jury Team - good idea in theory, although I do have more than a little problem with Paul Judge, the man behind them.

He was implicated in the 1993 Asil Nadir enquiry regarding dodgy donations to the Tories (he was their director-general at the time), and tried and failed to sue the Guardian over their story aledgedly.

I go to Guidos to remain ignorant! said...

BNP running second in London while Guido buries his head up his arse.

someday said...

Bloody good idea, Ampers.

JD said...

It is up to us all to make sure that MPs and their troughing records are inseparable. Whenever an MP's name is mentioned or printed it would be appropriate to tag the amount of money they fiddled, maybe simply in brackets, EVERY time the name is mentioned.
It is all too easy for issues to become yesterday's news, and I'm sure the bent MPs are relying on this blowing over. We must not let this happen. Does anyone have a link to the names with the sums involved?

Anonymous said...

100% agree. And, as JD says, we must not forget & we must not let them forget we haven't forgotten.

AnonyBNP said...

The single most defiant act of public disobedience open to you today is to vote BNP.

Just look at the barrage of Righteous indignation which is being heaped upon them from all corners of the liberal establishment at the moment - it almost feels like its 'BNP vs The Rest of The Pigs' in the upcoming Euro elections.

And needless to say the left-wing BBC are working on yet another 'expose' of the BNP, to be broadcast soon after June 4th.

Fuck the lot of 'em. I *will* be voting BNP on June 4th. I defy you, you Righteous cunts and I will *not* be told what to do by you...

CryBaby said...

Yes and if they all had to do this, they would not longer be able to justify taxing so highly and the wealth would be more evenly distributed.

caesars wife said...

we cant afford the meaningless politics any more can we ??

hail caesar

BNP overtake Tories in London Euro poll. said...

BNP overtake Tories in London Euro poll.

electro-kevin said...

My own MP Richard Younger-Ross has given back £4k. In the press photos he looks totally ashamed and tearful.

I believe his contrition is genuine and having drunk with him a few times know that he's a nice enough bloke with a cracking sense of humour.

Even so ...

... nothing short of resignation will do.

(I'd hate to see him nicked - but what would anyone else expect ?)

The Penguin said...

Seems that Nutter Commissar for North Wales has decided there should be blood on the floor....Inspector Knacker wakes up to the fact that regime change is coming and he's been caught in bed with the enemy.

The Penguin

Earthlet Nigel said...

Not just caught penguin, but with grass stains on hisb hands and knees and a condom hanging from his arse.

Anonymous said...

The British public ARE stupid, we cling on to a system of government that would be familar to a medievel peasant because it's part of our "traditions", twats, what the French did 220 years ago was the right thing.

WE need a clearout.

Anonymous said...

You mean UK politicians don't have cameras on them everywhere they go like the public? For shame.

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