Tuesday, 26 May 2009

And the Crap Goes On- De Menezes

The Special Branch officer deleted text from his computer note before speaking to the inquest in October last year.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission said he was not guilty of "deliberate deception".

Whoops I shredded/deleted/burnt the evidence, Good God Almighty How many of us would get away with this, and have the benefit of our mates judging us.

There you go, you can blow an innocent man's head off in this country and get away with it, if you have the connections.


Guido is reporting Jacqui Smith Fraud hearing 26th June 2009- Joy to the world ! So a bit of Ying and Yang from the boys in blue today.


VotR said...

So tired of Labour, the Jacqui Smith hearing is no surprise.

I hope she learns the hard way of what happens when a worker is caught with their fingers in the till.

In MPs cases it's their entire hands in the till, at the back where all the £50 notes are.


Dismissal and prosecuted, or at least dismissed due to gross misconduct. See what free iPhones do for you now, Ms Smith?

The curse of Brown is upon you, naughty lady.

Guthrum said...

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes !

This is like the night of the long knives, Speaker, Home Secretary...... unelected Prime Minister

K. MacEgan said...

This is why trial by jury is going out the window-nobody believes plod anymore.

RavingMad said...

I'm appalled but not surprised by the IPCC decision. It seems that anything goes for the boys in blue.

Jacqui Smith will escape with a caution and two weeks supply of vouchers for Blockbuster. She should be shot! (no announcement on the BBC)

What a fucking shit country we live in!!!

Dick the Prick said...

Soz - but i'm quite glad the copper got off. It was a fuck up which they've avoided since (well, shot that lad in the ass) and it's a fucking tough call and mistakes are gonna happen.

Pity the poor pilot who shoots down the wrong jumbo because of a genuine split second fuck up. This shit's gonna happen more the better technology gets and people increase in numbers with less food & water to go round. Tough gig.

Whereas the Tomlinson thing is certainly GBH or assault or something - err.. fucked up anyway.

Dick Puddlecote said...

@Dick the Prick: Agreed that there isn't a problem with this guy being acquitted but when are we, the proles, given the same benefit of the doubt?

It's not us that made the rules, but it is only us who are made to abide by them, whether it be differing standards for MPs on the take compared to us, or in this instance, the courts applying a different view of justice perversion when performed by the police, to that which they would inflict on us.

A Reader said...

Whoopsy daisy!!! Your link appears to have been deleted... How odd.

Atheist Ranter said...

Dick Puddlecote said..
"Agreed that there isn't a problem with this guy being acquitted but when are we, the proles, given the same benefit of the doubt?"

That is so well put. Absolutely correct. A bit of 'benefit of the doubt' for us proles would not be a bad thing occasionally - just occasionally would do instead of the NEVER we live with.

merrick said...

when are we, the proles, given the same benefit of the doubt?More to the point, when are the police not given it? How much does a copper have to do to get any real sanction.

and yes, Dick The Prick, in any job mistakes will happen, and when that job involves weapons that means injury and death.

But the right thing to do then is to examine what happened so we don't repeat that mistake in future, and if there was any negligence to give it appropriate sanction.

As opposed to glue their own gobs shut, shred the evidence, smear their victims with lies and know that - because it has always worked so well before - they'll get away with it.

That's not just injustice, it's tantamount to encouraging above-the-law behaviour.

People are banging on about the BNP right now, but who is responsible for the most racist killings in the UK without a conviction, them or the police?

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