Sunday, 17 May 2009

£100K pay off, another £150K in salary and a £1.4 M pension

And his son gets to inherit his seat...

It's a good life.
Don't EVER cross my path, Mr Martin.


sixtypoundsaweekcleaner said...

Can't we hire someone to shot 'em? We'll have a whip round down the pub to raise the necessary funds if need be. £50 ought to do it. Fuck! We might find someone so mad with what they've done, they'll do it for free.

Snowolf said...

Is it wrong to hate someone so much that it physically hurts?

denverthen said...

OH: Hear fucking hear.

Tory Poppins said...

I'm too livid to write anything remotely intelligent or ladylike. He's a fat, troughing fuck. End of.

Oldrightie said...

It's looking like our Mick just might be buying his stuff in Strangeways, not Safeways, after all!

Fausty said...

I thought Labourites disapproved of the notion of hereditary peers.

Animal Farm troughers.

An aside: What does Bastard Old Holborn (revered) think of ConservativeHome? Please blog on this.


(Love your blogs)

K. MacEgan said...

You must admit it is a very well upholstered seat!

caesars wife said...

Michael Martin invites press round for a private swarey , to improve his image .

MM "ye see me and ma wee woman enjoy a spartan life in the palace thats why i spend so much time flying up to glasgae when i caan"
"the folks back home arnt like the vicous heathens , up there you sign of someones expense account and you bloody well own them , here in the palace you help mps out , sign off a bit of paper for some furniture or somthing and they forget and start draughting motions to have you removed. rotten bunch "

"gordons sent me a speech to make to the commons tommorow , dreading it, ive got to talk about the scandle , blame someone else or the system and annouce i am standing down at the next election, just hope carswell doesnt have enough signatures , gordon thinks we can survive together , well i can tell ye when push comes to shove ill leave the son of manse to take the grape shot "

Mr. A said...

Ahhh, it warms my heart to look at his little smiling face! Look! Don't trough-pigs look happy when they've had their fill of swill.

Greasy, odious bastard.

Phil McVile said...

When you look at the laws that have been passed while this cunt was presiding most of them have been designed to rip us off with fines imposed upon a "guilty until proven innocent" basis. It's becoming clearer by the day why the cunts needed so much money to fund their corrupt legislature, its many hangers on and and its craving for luxury.

Why the fuck should we obey any of these laws?

Anonymous said...

shut the fuck up. we are bored of your whining now.

there will be an enquiry. nothing will happen. you will cry and wail more but you know what the truth is?

the truth you can't and won't face?


petty men with your petty dreams.

you know nothing of power. nothing of our lives.

we know everything about you. why? BECAUSE YOU'RE STUPID!!!

you can't even organise a protest of 1000 people outside Westminster this Thursday.

and if you do? Plod gets to test some new tazers. Everyone's gottum.

You people make me fucking laugh and then some.

It's nice being top of the toilet. Can't wait for the flushing to begin :D

Anonymous said...

Assets sequestrated,pension cancelled,and jetissoned to a sink estate,then charged with varoius crimes.

Dick the Prick said...

You can just see his missus atop the number 28 bus screaming incoherently at her various failed abortions to 'get 'ere', 'shut it', 'stop feccing hitting yer sister or start feccing hitting yer sister', pissed up, sneering, bitter, thick as shite etc.

At least it's dressed as a clown because some cunt's having a right laugh.

WV: reameto - surely it should be too.

Oh fuck, Ester Rancid going for Margaret Moran a la Martin Bellend. The sooner the fucking BBC dies too - right, fucking depressed again.

Fidothedog said...

He needs a firm kick to the knackers.

Anonymous said...

Anon 05:09 - Fuck off cunt! Or better still stay where you are & see how funny you find it when the pile topples - burying you & your troughing kind.

Anonymous said...

Dear God, isn't the son an ugly f*****? Looks just like Daddy - overfed & thick as s***.

tionisc said...

Is that orange juice or advocaat?

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