Monday, 20 April 2009

The Womens Own Guide Having Your Home Searched By The Police

Iain Dale has printed Damien Green's wife's top ten tips what to do if your house is seached by the Police.

WTF has this country come to that this is now treated as something normal, I accept that this is done in a self deprecating post modern manner, but what the Hell is going on here.

Is nobody angry in the Tory Party that an innocent man and his family have been treated like this ? Is the milksop Cameron just so conditioned that this is 'normal' in politics now ?

The next worst thing about having a corrupt lying unelected Prime Minister, is to have a useless, weak Leader of the Opposition, who does not know how to oppose.


Stop Common Purpose said...

Cameron is just another Bilderberg stooge.

Goodnight Vienna said...

When he became leader of the oppo in 2005 DC's priority was to "rehabilitate" the image of the Conservative Party after Major, IDS, Hague, Howard (anyone I've forgotten!?). They took their collective eye off the ball and left the country fully exposed to a corrupt government. They have a lot to atone for (though not as much as Labour who I hope never ever see office again).

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

I laughed at the 'offer coffee and tea'. Yeah, that'll be fucking right!!

Man in the Street said...

Cameron is as spineless as Brown is a cunt.

Sue said...

Doesn't give us much hope for change when they win the election. I really despair!

Chalcedon said...

Damn right. I think I would have gone round to the police station with a load of MPs and tried to forcibly remove him from detention. Illegal? Yes. But I reckon so too was his arrest. If it had been 'one of mine' I would have been incandescent with rage.

Dave will be worse than Gordon because Dave will be under the radar! said...

Yep Cameron just another EUSSR stooge, nothing will change and the True tories will become as frustraited as the true Labour supporters, Not that they matter, they are being gradually replaced with the aid of NWO/EUSSR driven mass immigration and a boarderless country.

Delphius1 said...

I can go better than her guide and it'll work as a get-out-of-jail card too.

Just have 10,000 followers ready to descend on Parliament any time you get threatened with anything you don't like, or someone you don't like fancies a chat.

Faux Cu said...

Cameron is a bog girl's blouse, useless. He couldn't score in a brothel.

Oooppps that one straight into the Red Rag list of smears and inuendos

Roger Thornhill said...

I am not sure what is more scary, that list on Iain Dale's, or that GENUINE front page of a woman's mag.*

Oh. My. God.

Who needs men to oppress women when they are quite capable - no, far more capable - of doing it to each other.

* Mrs Thornhill never buys such things.

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