Monday, 20 April 2009

Who has got the right idea on Policing then Jacqui

ACPO have realeased a statement saying that despite one death, and scores of injuries and complaints the G20 was propotionate. ACPO by the way is a private limited company with no standing in Law.

Former Police Chiefs however are writing to the Chief Inspector of Constabulary to say that the Riot Police are treating the Public as the enemy and a threat.


The Penguin said...

The Penguin

John Watson said...

I believe it is long past time to remove command of the police from government, Local government and the police.

Appointed commissioners should be replaced with elected 'chiefs' on a biyearly basis, if a chief wants to keep his job then he/she had better get results without cracking heads or killing the citizenry.

By changing the system we can prevent our police forces from being totally converted into a form of gestapo.

Anonymous said...

Bearing in mind that our Second Home Secretary & Minister for Pornography Jacky Spliff is (meant to be) in charge of the Police, foul-mouthed readers may enjoy this:

Cato said...

I've just blogged on that too!

Goodnight Vienna said...

Gilbertson is right - the G20 was a shambles and kettling is WRONG WRONG WRONG. They have to have a re-think on containment.

Anonymous said...

Like I keep saying, the place to protest is in front of your MP's house/s. Cozy and personal.

Goodnight Vienna said...

Does anyone want this, leaked to Guido, for their blog? Leaked Labour Party Media Strategy document The more blogs the better.

electro-kevin said...

For ballance let's consider some issues:

Firstly - 'they are like US style police'. Well the last time I looked the US was still a fully functioning democracy with a much more thorough election process than our own.

Secondly - the Dixon of Dock Green era of policing was largely a myth. Arbitary police violence was regularly meted out - especially on kids who would then be taken home to their dads and clouted again

Thirdly - modern police officers behave defensively in the modern era because they are assaulted far more frequently and more seriously than they ever used to be. In any case this operation resembles those of 20 years ago.

Fourthly - Of how times have changed. I only found out about the murder by shooting of 37 year-old firearms officer PC Gary Thomas last week by reading the small snippet on P19 of The Times today.

That our police officers, ambulancemen, security guards resemble robo cop is reflective of the conduct of the general public - as is the fact that many inner city KFCs are like banks.

Where I refuse to defend the police is in their acquiessence to political correctness.

However - I look forward to them deploying such aggressive tactics on sink estates and in 'no go' areas - none of which existed in those halcyon days of Dixon.

electro-kevin said...

Kettling is not wrong. It is extremely effective.

Gareth said...

Kettling is effective at what;

To keep order or to detain people without the messy business of waiting for them to committ an arrestable offence?

To stop a riot or to provoke one?

To stop protests from moving or to collectively punish peaceful protesters and innocent bystanders alike without just cause?

Do the ends justify the means?

Anonymous said...

I watched some of this live on BBC. There were plenty of examples of violence by the police. Many appear to think its OK to jab at peoples faces with the EDGE of their riot shield. These should be used for protection only.

bofl said...

we pay their wages..they are our servants!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dont forget it morons.........

you do not work for the shite cabal of freaks in the labour party..

you work for the people of the u.k.

now are you going to smash some tamils over the head?

oh no-better not as you willbe sued for racism.........

stupid twats.

Roger Thornhill said...

ACPO are digging a hole for themselves.

Their use of logos should be looked at. As far as I can tell, they are "passing off' as an arm of the Crown.

Guthrum said...


Kettling is not wrong. It is extremely effective.

Bollocks it is wrongful imprisonment

electro-kevin said...

Kettling is in response to the City and the West End being wrecked on numerous occaisions.

It certainly stops that.

If this were a Conservative Govt would you be saying the same things ?

Spartan said...

Electro-kevin:-Don't care what Government is in power ... kettling is wrong. l was there and saw it ... all it needed was for those inside the police pen to have Star of Davids sewn on their arms.

Maybe you'll feel different if someone pens you in for hours with no water or food or toilet facilities when you've commited no crime whatsoever.

Old Holborn said...


My liberty is worth considerably more than two windows of an empty RBS building.

It is priceless. If I have to burn down the city of London to be free, I'll do it in the blink of an eye.

Iain Tomlinson died so that the Police could protect the corrupt system and it's institutions for their true masters. The State.

You need to see V for Vendetta.

Anonymous said...

@Electrode Boy

"Kettling is not wrong. It is extremely effective."

So is 7 bullets to the head.

Just like kettling, it works on the innocent too.

W.W. said...

I would have more repect for the police if they used kettling the next time a few dozen Muslim fanatics are shouting for someone or other to have their head chopped off.
Rather than use it as a tool to coral a load of middle class tree huggers into a beatable size.


Bent Society said...

ACPO is a joke. I've presented at ACPO meetings...the ACPO members are there because they can't police and thrive on hot air and smelling each others farts.

Bent Society said...

Effective does NOT equal right.

Kettling is effective at persuading respectable people not to dissent.

Is that what kind of society we want to live in?

Thud said...

Ek....keep it up! it's good to here a contrary opinion here without all the usual bollocks.

bofl said...

all political parties get the police to do their dirty work...but...the police now seem to be a private club where as a reward they get big salaries,pensions ,knighthoods etc.....

all for sucking gordon browns shrivelled stinking shit covered cock!

how about some integrity from them?????

we need to be able to protest...the G20 was just like hitler at the berlin olymopics in 1936.....

prancing around trying to show how effing wonderful he is........

why should plod defend this cunt?

a megolomaniac with a low iq and no life experience other than cottaging in the hamptons!

Brown would shit on the police just the same as everyone else if he had too.....wake up

NastyKnights said...

Thud want to be Sir Thud?

bofl said...'s 'hear'.........!!!!!!

do they call you thicky thud?

are you old bill?


Leg-iron said...

EK - Secondly - the Dixon of Dock Green era of policing was largely a myth. Arbitary police violence was regularly meted out - especially on kids who would then be taken home to their dads and clouted againYep. Happened to me a few times because me and my mates were little swines. I hold no grudge against the constables who did that because we deserved it.

They didn't take our DNA or fingerprints. They didn't even write our names in the Feared Little Book. No forms were filled and no record established. We weren't that bad kids, just pushing the boundaries and getting clipped for overstepping them.

I'd prefer the clip and drag home, followed by the second wallop, to a traceable record on file.

It's not the same as whacking someone who's walking away from the police lines with his hands in his pockets. It's not the same as using a truncheon on a mouthy tart.

We were little shits, we got cuffed and that was the end of it. We weren't innocent bystanders. The tyres didn't let themselves down, the grass didn't light itself, the bangers didn't magically appear in the cowpats (now that was well worth a whack) and we weren't ambushed by burly coppers. We were sods and we were caught and smacked for it.

The violence wasn't arbitrary. It wasn't the same and we'd never have considered it 'police brutality'.

We considered it a 'fair cop'.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Seems that the Independent Police Complaints Commission do not agree with ACPO, could be an interesting fight.
As a youngling I respected the police and they never did me any harm ( other than the odd shove at a football match ), now I avoid them wherever possible.

btw, a local paper talked about Community Police Cadets going on a British Legion parade, WTF are Community Police Cadets ?

caesars wife said...

mmm surprised OH that this story has more legs than mcbride , anti globalist nutters arrive to make protest and have mini riot at capitalist scum , cops have to control organised crowd , chanting cops are capitalist lackeys and lets smash an innocent buildings windows . cops decide to show some muscle as crowds press on in .

standard cops trying to control problematic group ,

dont get me wrong , man who was killed is wrong (3rd autopsy requested ) , but when you look at other footage from overhead , you can see crowd was trying to move for action .

i dont think a good talking too would have worked with these protesters .

if it was beastly cops day out and unofficial combat training , then ok they failed , but crowds can be really bloody dangerous things if not controlled , hillsbrough in case.

just feel reporting is bit unbalanced , note how polticians have refused to comment

RavingMad said...

**************breking news***********

the third post mortem on Ian Tomlinson has found that he died from food poisoning....nothing to see here, move along please

Anonymous said...

caesars wife:

"but crowds can be really bloody dangerous things if not controlled , hillsbrough in case."

yes, and the police have still not been made accountable!

The Penguin said...

Caesar's Wife, what overhead footage? Or do you have access to what the Police have been keeping quiet about? In which case, you are hardly an independent in this?

The Penguin

Anonymous said...

E-K, sorry I can't agree with your opinion on kettling. If it was only containing a crowd in an area proportionate to their size, with people being allowed to leave peacably I would agree but the police were trying to crush the protesters & were not allowing people to leave the area - even for medical reasons - that's unlawful detention in my book. Community Police Cadets? Perhaps they can be PCSOs when they grow up? Or is it the new Community Snoopers Group?

caesars wife said...

penguine , not so much independent ! , there was some footage on news from helicopter as police tred to hold line , and protesters are shoving to break police lines , to get a steamimg session to maybe (maybe not) start smashing spree .

well ok perhaps police were ready for a bit of rufty tufty and used balclavas and took there numbers off , learnt from todays inquiry that a police officer cannot be on duty without visible numbers ??

but your all forgetting G") attracts international nutter socialist cobatants , g20 has history of smashing towns up , just seems as though we arnt thinking what cops had to do .

ian tomlinson is still wrong though

Thud said... must be wonderful to be as smart as you although you only seem to be able to sing along with the crowd.....but then again I can click on a profile,something you seem incapable of...police...not quite dickhead.

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