Tuesday, 28 April 2009

What REALLY scares them about pig flu

It's not the fact that it may cull a few weak or elderly, it will

It's not the fact that they have our health at heart, they don't.

It's that the worker drones may ALL take a week off work and their system of control will collapse.

They can control us with threats of losing our houses, our jobs, our liberty. They can even call the army in the restore their "order" if they need to.

But if 60,000,000 of us are confined to our beds for a week by nature, their system collapses. The crazy 646 are powerless. No trains, no buses, no air traffic control, no police, no army, no tax revenue, no schools, no beaurocrats, no prison guards, no farming, no banking. For a week.

And it is scaring the living SHITE out of them.


defender said...

This is by far the most effective post you have ever written.
With draw your labour, withdraw your spending, withdraw your taxes, withdraw your consent to be fucked without cost.
All it needs is popular support...

The Penguin said...

Meanwhile The Great Leader is demonstrating break-dancing at Auschwitz.

The Penguin

Shibby said...

If the country went on strike for a short while it might be a wonderful thing.

but this "OMG PANDEMIC" bullshit every few years has to stop.


The tits at the top know that it's another media panic caused by The Need For Stories That Sell.

And now I'm going to have to put up with more idiots justifying this paranoia.

Chalcedon said...

10 to 14 days for the 'flu. The real thing is very debilitating too, and a killer. This one is even worse as it is a virulent killer not just of the very young and the old but young adults and the middleaged. This one is going to be a right basatard. I just hope it isn't resistant to the antiviral drugs we have. I am wondering if the Gov/DoH stockpiled enough? They certainly have enough for the 'emergency services' to quell any rioting that might happen because of an epidemic here. If it dos start, then simply staying at home for a month might help you avoid it. Now if we all did that Noo Labour would really be in the shit.

defender said...

I am hoping that OH's post can be fleshed out to become a workable project.
With support it can be a real thorn in the backside of the 646 which cannot be ignored nor can there be an effective counter.
It would be for us at most an inconvience and perhaps a small monetary loss, for them it would be a clear very statement that we have had enough.
We could do this one day every week for as long as it takes.
On a certain day of the working week, we stay home, keep the kids home from school, do not spend a penny, do not do any business.
There would be absolutely nothing that they could do and we could threaten to escalate to two days.
The only exception would be going to the pub.
What say you , shall we try to get it going?

Custard said...

It has been reported that some Welshers may have caught it. So it's not all bad news.

Old Holborn said...

Not yet

It is, in effect, a general strike and they ALWAYS, WITHOUT FAIL bring a government down.

Wait until Goody Flu is here in a moderate way and then we all simply stay at home. Let's see them ORDER us to go to work, in spite of the risks.

Anonymous said...

It would scare the shit out of them wouldn't it?
Having been off the Internet for 3 - 4 days due to technical probs I saw today that our Second Home Secretary & Minister for Porn, Jacky 'I'm a cunt' Spliff is claiming to have dropped her Big Brother plan for govt to maintain a DB of all our phonecalls, websites visited etc. However, ISPs etc will hold this info for them so not a great deal of difference is there? I would say we've won a little bit were it not for the fact that she's proven herself to be such a liar in the past that I really can't believe. Unless maybe the 'Jacky Smith is a cunt' action around the blogosphere unsettled her?

poor bloody taxpayer said...

Weren't we all supposed to die of bird flu last year? Does anyone take this alarmist nonsense seriously? Great idea about the whole country going on strike though.Let's show the fuckers.

T'old 'un said...

Iam looking forward to swine flu getting into the Palace of Westminster. That will remove the need to keep refilling the trough.

Hairy Arsed Bloke said...

"...take a week off..."

More like a month if you are a public sector worker.

Dazed and Confused said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dazed and Confused said...

Witty responses required:


Anonymous said...

Not having a central database will make no difference whatsover, as a previous poster said the providers will have to store our data. We will pay for them to do that of course. It's just a change in admin. not a privacy measure.

Dick the Prick said...

Actually - maybe an idea to get some stockpiles in. I'd be bloody upset if the snooker gets postponed tho - gots to have priorities etc. Hendry on for a 147 - like walking thru the time tunnel.

Dick the Prick said...

He bagged it - wow!

Anonymous said...

I think we need to get a grip about pig flu. Ok, its going to kill a few people, but nothing compared to malaria, AIDS, or the hundreds of other diseases currently munching away on people around the world. Focusing on this is just buying into more goverment bullshit.

Babe said...

Don't let them grind you down

BlogTart said...

No farming? You don't know many farmers, do you? I know from bleak experience that it would take a nuclear holocaust to get my husband to take a week off.

Swine flu? Is that worse than TB, foot and mouth, and mad cow disease? Minor inconvenience, methinks.

SerenityNow said...

Waynetta Slob located


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