Tuesday, 14 April 2009

We have found Sod All- Official

Are you sure you can't find anything ? But we broke the door down and everything

Investigators are concerned that they have not found any firm evidence linking the men to terrorist attack plans. A source close to the inquiry said: “There is already talk of coming up empty-handed and there is terrible infighting between the different forces involved.

Do you remember the high profile raid on the 'terrorists' oop North. Bob Quick resigning,National Security,Defence of The Realm,Official Secrets Act, Brown on the TV (unlike now) telling the Pakistani Government what for, Bombs not going off in Manchester over the Bank Holiday.

Well it another of those pesky 'where are those WMD's' situations again


Obnoxio The Clown said...

Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezus ... it's the fucking Keystone Kops all over again.

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

Being the cynic that I am, I can't help but feel that it was a stunt pulled to try and bury the smeargate story. They just got their timing wrong.

Anonymous said...

Same as the mass arrest of those climate protestors. They've done fuck all wrong either. So much for the Police trying to regain a bit of credibility after the murder of Ian Tomlnson. The cunts are stepping up the arrests. Is the 114 people mass arrest a record? Wouldn't be surprised if it was the most people arrested at once in Europe since the Nazis or Stasi were at it.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

That'll be why they brought in the bomb squad.

charcoal said...

I once rang the MI5 anti-terrorist hotline early one evening and it said

"this line is only available between the hours of nine to five, monday to friday........"

sad, but true.

Ron said...

They just did it to bury the Ian Tomlinson story.

Dick Puddlecote said...

Are you sure you can't find anything ? But we broke the door down and everythingIt does remind one of the scene in 'Life of Brian'.

"We found this spoon, sir"
"Well done, sergeant"

wv. pered (but found nothing)

K. MacEgan said...

Trying to calculate how much spit one would need to cover those 5 cunts in the photo.Lets see,Granny mugged,burglars (caution,natch) oohh I shall suck on a lemon...yes thats better!

Dave H said...

Wrong, just plain wrong OH. They have found potential bomb-making ingredients.

Look at the article below (from the Sun)

"COPS searching the homes of 11 terror suspects have seized bags of sugar — a common ingredient in home-made bombs.

Sugar can be mixed with chemicals to create an explosive for use in bombs and grenades."

In possession of sugar? Looks like an open-and-shut case to me.

They may well have found some flour too, which can also be used as an ingredient in bombs (think of the 21/7 failed bombings H202 and chapati flour).

The police are, however, not quite so sure about the cheese, eggs and milk they seized, but will probably send them off for forensic analysis anyway in case they were intended for use in biological weapons. Wankers.

charcoal said...

In possession of sugar? Looks like an open-and-shut case to me.
They did a bloke last year for being in possession of: "weedkiller, sugar, matches, bearings and a metal hollow tube which were allegedly found at his address in Skipton."


Anonymous said...

Better get rid of the weedkiller in your shed if you have sugar in your larder, son!

Anonymous said...

Does this mean they will just lie and then get the USA to bomb us flat? our only saving grace is the lack of natural resources hahahaha

Dave H said...

Charcoal, I'm not saying these guys weren't planning bombs. I'm just saying that, in itself, possession of sugar is a thin case for a prosecution.

microdave said...

If they do get deported (and it's a big IF), they will probably just catch the next flight, and walk straight back in.

Scan said...

Pick the recurring themes out of this bag of shite:-

14th February: "Counter-terrorism officers are searching five homes following the arrests of nine men on the M65. Two vans were pulled over on the motorway as part of an intelligence-led operation linked to a potential threat of terrorism overseas, police said."

30th March: "Nine men, from Burnley and Blackburn, were arrested on the M65 near Preston but later released without charge."
13th April: "Police have arrested 114 people who were allegedly planning to target a power station in Nottinghamshire."

14th April: "Police have defended their decision to arrest 114 environmental campaigners...and later released on bail...No-one has been charged in relation to the case."
10th April: "Police are continuing to search 10 properties across the north-west of England in connection with an alleged planned terror bomb attack."

14th April: "There is already talk of coming up empty-handed and there is terrible infighting between the different forces involved."

Chris said...

At least this fiasco put paid to the career of ACPO member Quick - a corrupt, biased man with a sideline in minicabs. Pity he didn't lose his pension and look out for him as a highly-paid pundit on the beeb. Cunt.

charcoal said...

dave H.

I was agreeing with you.

Harri said...

Thank fuck for that, and there was me getting all paranoid and fuck!

It was badly executed bollocks , no more and no less, i particulary like the " keep away from the windows" bit ...

Thanks anyway to the 'terrorist ' squad for keeping us all safe from the big bad " muslim terrorist!"

How has it gone beyond parody ?

So many fucking idiots to fool, and so little time! oh, the sheer horror of it all?

Stop fucking about and wasting time! its gone beyond boring now? just fucking chip us all and get it over and bastard done with?

Fuck it , my two dogs are chipped and i do believe my mother-in-law is next ! ( will it cost much! )

Anonymous said...

Definitely an attempt (a very badly planned one may I say?) to divert us from the murder of Ian Tomlinson (RIP).
Fuckwits couldn't plan a pissup in a brewery but they've now got a whole lot more fingerprints & DNA to add to their super duper database.

Chalcedon said...

The Keystone Kops were better organised and informed. WTF is going on? WTF is MI5 doing? Are they being fed duff intel so that nothing will happen when the real thing is being hatched?

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