Tuesday, 28 April 2009

We Are Nu Labour

H/T Iain Dale


Tenure said...

Speaking of UK Civil Liberties, I met someone this morning who had been working on the Olympics. He said you can't work there if you've voted for the BNP. Apparently there's a question on the form you have to fill in when you get inducted. So 5% of Londoners voted BNP and have one member on the London Assembly but none of that 5% can work on the Olympics. Sounds about right for NuLab / Boris but I found it quite shocking none the less.

I wonder if they check up on some database how you've voted. Always been a bit suspicious of the number on the ballot paper.

Thomas Hobbes said...

Time to stock up on V masks

Ever been burgled and then dissapointed by the police reaction time? - watch this! said...

If you have been burgled and the Police as is common nowdays refuse to come out, It may be more effective to tell them the BNP are at the bottom of the garden handing out leaflets! they will respond within 40 Mins in Police state Britain!

Browns Stazi -

No time for crime, plenty of time for political oppression!


Henry Crun said...

Or if there's a prowler in the garden shed, tell the police you are going to go outside and shoot him. They'll be there before you get to the back door.

Dave H said...

O/T 3 beards have been found not guilty of aiding the 7/7 bombers. Their defence was they were merely planning to leave for militant training in Pakistan.

A police spokesmen said this in praise of their local communities:

"These close-knit communities have shown great strength over the last three years."


And all the Gov ever worry about is the rise of extremist domestic political parties.

Is that the sound of major civil disturbance brewing, ten, twenty years down the line?

Anonymous said...

Difference between "foreigners" resident in GB and brits is that the foreigners stand up for themselves and wet-blanket, girl's-blouse, surrender monkey brits don't.
Of course they horrified bitching that these foreigners actually succeed when they stand up for their rights, is 100% pure unadulterated jealousy. Grow a spine

Guthrum said...

'Grow a spine'

I must admit I still find it difficult in my head to equate this victim mentality with the BNP all of the time.

Sorry- Yes I can really

Stand up for democracy said...

Guthrum said...
'Grow a spine'

I must admit I still find it difficult in my head to equate this victim mentality with the BNP all of the time.

Sorry- Yes I can really

28 April 2009 16:38

The whole point is not what party is being oppressed but that any democractic party is under anti democratic attack by the state, you may not agree with their ideology, yet to stand by and watch it happen undermines democracy in total and condones such action.

One day you may be the victim of the same attacks and plead for help, but why should anyone care for you when you cared for no one but yourself?

Still the Libertarians would need more than 5 supporters to even appear on the political radar to be singled out for oppression, perhaps that is why you are currently so smug?

Ever been attacked by a communist with a hammer Gunthrum? would you expect me to speak out if you had?

Because if your free market anti socialist libertarians ever showed any sign of success that is what you and OH and the rest would be facing, just as the BNP do today.

I would most certainly speak out against it and if the Libertarians physically attacted the Communists i would also speak out against that.

I would also speak out against the BNP if they headed in the `Nazi` direction you and your ignorant crew often claim they would and as it happens so would the core support of the BNP including officials, so please drop the fantasy dream world you are living in and step into the real world.

A real world where political violence and oppression is being accepted thanks to morons such as yourself.

Guthrum said...

"I would also speak out against the BNP if they headed in the `Nazi` direction"

Coughs in disbelief.

You are getting very whiny that you are being 'opressed' by the State as a Political Party with a racist agenda.

No I have not been attacked with a communist with a hammer thank God, but I have seen NF thugs kicking the shit out of asians and blacks.

I am sure the blood looked the same colour in both cases.

As Libertarian I am getting whiny that the whole country is being oppressed, but you just think its all directed at the BNP.

It is not

Sir Henry Morgan said...

You've got a point Guthrum but:

The BNP is not the NF. The NF hates the BNP worse than UAF does.

It IS the BNP members that are being physically attacked in the streets and at home by both state and non-state actors. No one else.

However - if the Libertarian party started getting BNP levels of success, you'd be next.

Methinks you don't know very much on this topic other than what the beeb and Guardian tells you.

Guthrum said...

"Methinks you don't know very much on this topic other than what the beeb and Guardian tells you".

The Media 'tells' me nothing- especially not these media organisations.

The NF is not the BNP- cmon
The NF hate the BNP ?? must be a bit tricky for Nick Griffin then.

Changing your name and ousting successive Leaders does not fill me full of confidence.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

The only party leader ousted in the past twenty years was a real nasty - John Tyndall. That's it. Labour has had more party leaders in that time, and the Tories, and the Libdims.

And Griffin would be at serious risk of harm if he found himself surrounded by NFers (all 100 or so of them, that is). Here - go read this - these people know more about us than you appear to - these are the people who wield the hammers and throw the petrol bombs - Antifa. Incidentally, they hate you too, and the only reason they don't give you any of their attention is that you're not doing well enough yet (I do say 'yet' - there is a lot that's attractive about the Libertarian party, or there would be if you could only realise you need to be nationalist unless the whole world is Libertarian) for them to bother diverting any attention to. These are the REAL nasties.

" ... put the boot in"::


Guthrum said...

"Incidentally, they hate you too, and the only reason they don't give you any of their attention is that you're not doing well enough yet"

Bizarre and not a little confrontational.

Do you realise how often polemics on this Blog from BNP supporters are peppered with words like hate and violence.

SHM said...

Am I doing it?

And at least be honest with yourself - you AREN'T doing well enough yet to even register on the horizon.

When you do - and I've no doubt you will - then they'll turn their beady little eyes onto you too.

I'm not threatening you - just giving you some advance warning. This crew even hate the UAF.

Guthrum said...


The Libertarian Alliance has been around for forty years, the Libertarian Party for two, in all of that time nobody has ever attacked us or broken up a meeting, let alone attack anybody with a hammer.

The BNP has a distinct authoritarian racist agenda with a pedigree going back to some pretty shady characters who I have no doubt would have collaborated with the Nazis if they had succeeded in landing. That is why I find calling each other patriots so risable as it flys in the face your party's history.

Your leader is formerly an NF organiser, and your agenda and policies as set out on your website are Authoritarian and lamentable.

That said nobody should be subject to any political violence be it Left or Right. My view is that the BNP as a legitimate legal party should be opposed on its policies not with a hammer.

Libertarians are anti Authoritarian and Anti State. The BNP policies would rely totally on the power of the State to enforce them. Any Party that advocates public flogging and capital punishment is one to be opposed.

SHM said...

And oppose it you do - exactly the way it should be opposed - with words and votes. We have no argument at all (well, plenty of argument, if you see what I mean) against that.

Like I said, I've no doubt you will grow. You haven't been here long enough yet to be bigger than you are. These things do take time.

The Libertarian alliance has never been physically attacked because it doesn't seek state power - the Libertarian party does (how else are you going to implement Libertarian policies?), so when it gets large enough to be noticed, Antifa will notice you. You wont like it any more than we do.

And yes, we do have unfortunate origins. We don't hide that, and like a rehabilitated criminal takes time to live down his earlier behaviour, it is taking time to live down. We're getting there. People live and learn. We're no different.

Old Holborn said...

1. Libertarians only seek to reclaim power over their own lives. The BNP seek use the ultimate power of the State to end peoples lives with the death penalty. Really.

2. Libertarians simply wish to be left alone. The BNP seek to relocate people, deny them employment, housing and justice. The BNP want to run, organise and control peoples lives. Totally.

Use our Blog to promote your shit if you wish, I don't care. But don't expect me to support you. You stand for everything I despise.

Old Holborn

Shm said...

I'm not trying to promote anything - just respond to falsehoods.

RavingMad said...

The Guardian

the voice of and gives voice to the fascists:


Anonymous said...

Everyone has the right to make up their own mind about political parties. However, in my opinion, since the BNP is a legitimate political party, it is completely wrong that any BNP voter should be banned from working because of his/her voting choices. Personally, I'd lie - always the best response when being questioned by someone who imagines they're in authority.

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