Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Time for a Detox

Hazel Blears, yesterday

Further to Leg Irons superb post below, I can only add that NO Government has any money. The only money they can spend is yours.

You earned it with your labour, be that sweat, blood, tears or intellect. Entrepreneurial skill or stacking shelves. They don’t care how. They WANT it.

And New Labour are helping themselves to as much as they can. A tax on YOUR whole life (and death)

So, in order to be rid of these bloated ticks, feasting on OUR labour (sic), all we have to do is cut off their blood supply.

Stop giving the spendaholics our credit cards.

Avoid ANY tax you can. Pay cash, no receipt and DEMAND discounts. Delay payments, barter, repair, claim ANY benefit you can, waste their time, demand service from every civil agency you can find. Village pond dirty? Ring the Environment agency. Traffic noisy? Ring the council.
Litter? Report it. Muslim walks past? Ring the Terrorist hotline. Your council has a million fully staffed hot lines just waiting for your call. Let’s make sure they have to pay overtime and are worked to death.

Anywhere you see government revenue, stick a clamp on it. Starve the fuckers.

Take the money we are forced to give them BACK. IT IS YOURS.

When they run out of our money, and no bastard will lend them any more, they DIE. It ends.

New Labour becomes extinct.


Thomas Hobbes said...

Big Brother commands you to obey the 2 minute spend

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

Come to think of it, there is a huge hole in my road. Phone call tomorrow morning methinks!

Sir Henry Morgan said...

FoI requests are good time consumers - I've got a real beaut in with my council just now - and another beaut in with the Home Office.

Beaut + complex but watertight.

And you don't even have to get up off your arse to do it. email is fine.

Sir Henry Morgan said...


Beaut = complex but watertight

Anonymous II said...

I've been doing this for the last twelve years. When Blair was elected, I vowed to pay the absolute minimum in tax (My hatred of the left is boundless). I have not worked a day in that time, nor have I claimed a penny in benefits. All my household bills are paid by distant family members who fully support my stance. I inherited the house in a rather desirable neighbourhood. I do not possess a driving license, or passport, I have not seen a GP for nearly thirty years and have no bank accounts. ID? What ID? The local council must have spent a small fortune spying on me, to no avail, though they did get one neighbour for sweeping fallen leaves into the road, and my other neighbour for illegal disposal of his business documents through the domestic waste collection. What little free money I acquire I tend to spend on books (No VAT, as of yet), or antiques (again no VAT). Last month I built two new PCs for an aquaintance, in return I will be getting two bedroom ceilings replastered in the summer.
Over time, many who initialy regarded me with suspicion, have come to the realization, that perhaps I may not be so eccentric as they first thought.

So I fully endorse your proposals.

Anonymous said...

Good advice OH. Wear the bastards down by the death of 1,000 cuts.

Greg Lance-Watkins Desert Rat Soldier said...

Sorry to spoil the party OH, but the picture on this piece is actually that of a flea rather than a tick. I am beginning to suspect that Janet Daley was right about blogs like yours being hotbeds for sloppy and inaccurate journalism.

Mitch said...

We need to reintroduce the barter system and what better medium than the net.
You post what you want goods/service and people offer same, kinda Ebay without money.

This could work...we stop using the cash we earn except to clear debt and barter for the rest.....bye bye big government.

spark up said...

come on old holborn, cut the crap and stop pussyfooting around: do you or don't you think messagespace sent staines the smearmails?

JD said...

Fleas, ticks,politicians, public sector are all parasites. Point made, nothing inaccurate about that. I heartily agree with the practices mentioned in the article.JD.

Gareth said...

Rab C. Nesbitt said: Come to think of it, there is a huge hole in my road. Phone call tomorrow morning methinks!There are loads of holes in roads all over the places. They have either been left to crumble or 'maintained' on the cheap. The money has gone to contractors and seemingly no one has been making sure the work was being done properly. A stretch of motorway near me had to be resurfaced within months of it being finished because it was falling apart.

Everything has been done on the cheap but invoiced at top whack prices. The mentality in the bunker for the last decade has been high prices = better quality, without anyone ever looking at the results.

Where has all the money gone?

Yudansha said...

It would be far better if you showed your faces and formed a proper party. Drop the childish guerilla tactics of raiding politicians' blogs with offensive messages.

Otherwise you aren't much more than a bunch of angry little men hunched over keyboards. Which is all rather unhealthy.

Old Holborn said...


One angry little man hunched over a keyboard is currently running rings around the government and the mainstream media.

Whilst proper parties are doing the sum total of fuck all.

defender said...

Dog shit on the path this morning, I called out the dog shit buster department, gave full description of the turd to the turds.

Faux Cu said...

A detox?

How do you apply a pessary to a Klein Bottle?

UK Police State said...

Seems the willingness of our police 'service' to attack its citizens is spreading - mini riot in Luton yesterday after a protest did not aplly for permission to 'protest'

"POLICE broke up a march yesterday by British people wanting to “reclaim” their streets from Muslim fanatics.

Officers said it was illegal to stage the protest in Luton where extremists were allowed only last month to shout abuse at troops home from Iraq.

Riot police with horses and dogs sealed off the town centre before scuffles broke out and several of the 200 demonstrators were arrested.

Last night onlookers accused the police of “breathtaking double standards”.

Sean Smith, 32, said: “I saw one guy who shouted ‘let us march’ and a policeman whacked him with his truncheon and knocked two of his teeth out.”

mikey said...

Sean Smith, 32, said: “I saw one guy who shouted ‘let us march’ and a policeman whacked him with his truncheon and knocked two of his teeth out.” QED...the plod are government purchased whores...bought with our taxes.Shame on them.They will get theirs as surely as they dish it out to us.

Katabasis said...

We're probably about to see some more "breathaking double standards" - I doubt any of the usual suspects on the left will kick up a fuss about the police's behaviour in this case...

Ketlan's Mummy said...

"Whilst proper parties are doing the sum total of fuck all"

What exactly do you mean by 'proper' OH ?

Are you suggesting that only those parties endorsed by Pravda and the MSM (i.e those that suck the cock of Islam and the the multi-cult) are acceptable in some way ?

Are you suggesting that the Libertarian party is also improper in some way as well ?

What *do* you mean, OH ?

Tomrat said...


Long time in coming but good to see you back to your vitriolic self.

Joined a "cycle for life" group at work; gave me a voucher for a bicycle and gear for £500 tax free which has now been bought and is resting comfortably at home whilst I drive to work. Am putting a proportion of my wage into tax free child care vouchers when the nipper arrives later this year.

Also had a bump in the car in November when the hill my house is on got too icy to navigate; am asking them to resurface it despite it being done only 5 years ago - this time with special self-deicing surfacing. Several cars crashed on that day so it has potential to be pushed through.

Starve the bastards; what is royally pissing me off at the moment is the fact that noone questions by what right they can continue to put up taxes, they appear to be only concerned about how the looted money is spent.

Gallimaufry said...

Why do they need to levy taxes anymore since they discovered the quantitative easing money photocopier?

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