Tuesday, 7 April 2009

suspect EVERYONE


Anonymous said...

4000 new laws since New Labour came to office. Unprecedented surveillance of *everyone* not just by the police and security services but apparently by several hundred "public bodies". Yeah, that sign is about right.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Just posted this today - and yes, I really did send the FoI request quoted in it.

Oh, and to be precise - it's Captain Sir Henry Morgan in my passport and driving licence - and all other official files.

Fuck 'em.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Forgot the link:


Anonymous said...

above link is BNP spam

Sir Henry Morgan said...

No anonymous, it's not spam.

What you mean is that you are a clawhammer gang supporter and you don't like the above link.

Anonymous said...

"Confidential", except all the numbers that you call now are being recorded, Duh!

Who is going to report that plod who killed the non-protestor at the G20?
He was acting like a terrorist!

In fact, why not report some troughers?

Gareth said...

That's an interesting point Anon 23:47.

I guess calls to Childline (and others) aren't quite so confidential any more.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

"I guess calls to Childline (and others) aren't quite so confidential any more."
Unless made from one of the few remaining public phone boxes. Likewise the Anti-Terrorist ( grass your neighbour for bin crime ) Hotline

0800 789 321

I own an unregistered mobile but expect a good tasering through me ear'ole at any moment.

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