Thursday, 30 April 2009

So it begins


The Penguin said...

Since prevention is better than cure, try to resist getting over-tequila'd and shagging pigs without a condom. You know it makes sense!

The Penguin

denverthen said...

VERY pissed off about this. Governments are useless - and know they are - and people are dying everywhere because of it. But not from swine flu.

Brown's government is the worst of the worst.

Oldrightie said...

On a long journey home from the mega-crowded suburbs of Stratford upon Avon I heard that 8 people are now diagnosed with this virus. STOP for just a moment, 8. Also, since it is much colder here than Mexico, it seems this virus is not so pukka when not nicely nurtured by a high outside temperature.
How many people come back from hols and get a chill? Hundreds of thousands. Now if we leaflet every house in the land at the cost of not helping out out comrades in arms, does this mean this Government of shit cares more about a tiddly flu virus? Yup, it sure does.

Anonymous said...

"The Government may well introduce Martial Law... If this happens, don't even think about Democracy - it's gone."

Your Labspeak filter is broken, you meant to say:

"The Government is considering alternatives to the electoral system to facilitate the engagement of citizens with the political process. Research shows that many voters feel under-represented by the current system of elections. Since New Labour is committed to representing the people, we will replace the current system with opinion polls, phone-ins, and focus groups, giving a voice to every citizen while ending the wasteful bureaucracy of general and local elections."

W.W. said...

How many thousands of people die every year, because the cleaners are to fucking lazy to clean our hospitals properly, and our doctors and nurses (bless em) are also too fucking lazy to wash teir hands properly.

Yet 8 people catch a mild fucking cold and the country is rushing out to buy 50 million face masks, despite the fact they are useless, not unlike our Government.


Anonymous said...

The world is mad, am I the only sane person left on the planet?

Anonymous said...

"How many thousands of people die every year, because the cleaners are to fucking lazy to clean our hospitals properly"

Having spent some time in hospital in East London recently, I found it's not the cleaners fault; in general they did a good job. It was the other scumbag patients. Those with English as second language being the main cause.

hangemall said...

Anonymous @30 April 2009 23:59 "The world is mad, am I the only sane person left on the planet?"

It's you and me against the world. When do we attack?

Anonymous said...

According the the 'news' last night 247 people worldwide have the virus.

Fuck me, 247?? How many on the fucking planet. Someone do the arithmatic please.

You've got more chance of getting flattened by a loonie Dutchman in Apeldoorn.


Chalcedon said...

FFS..........influenza is not a cold. That said H1N1 is very similar to the 'flu that does the rounds every year. 'Flu is very debilitating and normally kills 1% - 5% of those infected every year. We do not know how severe or not this outbreak will be. We do not know how many people will become infected. The numbers in the media are akin to El Gordo saying the Gurkhas will cost 1.4 billion. They are numbers out of the air.

We do not know the state of health of the 100 plus Mexicans who died but I expect they would be poor farm labourers, with not the greatest diet. Makes them a bit more susceptible.

Adrian P said...

Govt's all over the World are hyping this flu, thousands die of flu ever year, now they are panicking because a few died in Mexico, one in the US who had just arrived from Mexico.
We have ONE human to human transmission.

Here's my take.

They are panicking at the slightest case, clearly they were geared up for this to be a killer.
This is why they left the borders open.

IE they are panicking over individual cases, isolating people BUT THE BORDERS ARE WIDE OPEN.

My view is this was a deliberate release by Western govt's, they were hoping it would be a killer to Bring in Martial Law, the Civil contingencies Bill etc.

Instead it is fizzling out and now they are stuffed.

Two days ago a container on a swiss train exploded, the container contained LIVE FLU VIRUS, now 19 people have contracted the flu.

Also, Baxter Pharmaceuticals recently shipped flu contaminated with 2 strains of LIVE Flu virus to 14 countries ( you wont see this on the Beeb but it's all over the Net )

This flu was an inside Job, it is being over hyped.

I don't doubt people can possibly die, but thousands die from regular flu's everyear.

They aint dying yet, and all they would need do is shut the Borders and just advise people to avoid crowded palces till this thing burns iteself out.
Have they shut the Borders, no.

Maybe their intention was to let this designer Virus spread, cause mass deaths, aided by their deliberately contaminated virus ( the BBC is saying that the Govt is producing TWO different Vaccines,

( I bet I know which one you will be Getting OH )

The close the Borders round the EU...IE bring down the IRON CURTAIN again, only this time, we are on the inside.

Let's not forget, the foot and mouth outbreak was eventualy traced to a Govt Lab.

Also after 9-11 the Anthrax attacks were eventually traced to a Military camp, camp Deitrich in the US.

This Virus is NWO
and these Psychos have to be locked up.

Oh yes, thermite just CONFIRMED in the 9-11 Just.

Infowars RadioOne things is for Sure I wont be taking their Fucking Vaccine.

Adrian P said...

Oh yes, I forgot, someone had the good idea to dig up victims out of the Permafrost from the 1918 Flu Pandemic.
The 1918 flu Virus has been isolated and is now in Govt Labs all over the World.

I wonder what our elites want this for.

US and British govts have carried out tests, spraying UK cities with bacteria, virus and Nerve agents.
Sarun, Tabun, and VX Nerve agents.


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