Friday, 24 April 2009

Sky News Running With Photo of Tomlinson Head Injuries

Not sure that head injuries are a sympton of a 'Heart Attack' Mr Patel.

'Superb Policing' at the G20- Stephenson, more like we got aware with De Menezes, lets try the same again


electro-kevin said...

A propos my earlier comments on this ...

... I wasn't banking on a duff corronor.

And don't get me wrong. I always thought the pushing officer was a twat for doing it.

Under far worse provocation I never felt the need to strike out at anyone whilst on public order duty.

Cato said...

You and me both Kevin. I got a bit of a roasting on Gadget for daring to suggest that the present day coppers are out of control

The Penguin said...

Yet they can't stop a gang of vandals attacking ELEVEN tube trains over 2 hour period?

The Penguin

Oldrightie said...

If you have a bully as PM he will promote and encourage bullying elsewhere.

Paul said...

It's a little weird.

No head injury here.

Not much sign of a head injury here.

Presumably the Sky image of the head injury is from before they put the orange tube into Ian Tomlinson's mouth. Perhaps it was caused when he collapsed and was cleaned up on the scene.

There's still not been much said about the alleged attack from before the videoed one (witnessed by Anna Branthwaite) nor the baton charge moments before Ian Tomlinson collapsed. Witness statements can sometimes be conflicting though. There is one on the Guardian Timeline that says Tomlinson had no blood on his face.

K. McEgan said...

I still think my idea of petrol bombing Brentford police station is a winner.

denverthen said...

"Not sure that head injuries are a sympton of a 'Heart Attack' Mr Patel."

I didn't know you were a medical man. Try a course of leeches.

Police = paramilitary thugs and assholes, apparently.

K . McEgan: that's one thing I wouldn't have the bottle to say in public in today's Britain. Expect your front door to be caved-in by the PC Stasi and co. sometime soon, followed by your head.

Green and pleasant land, ain't it...

Anonymous said...

No doubt JuliaM will be along in a minute to explain why he had it coming and why anyone who questions the filth's account of events deserves the same treatment.

Old Bag said...

indeed, anon. the truncheon nazi's do love nothing better than giving someone who is minding theyre own buisness a good kicking just for laughs and to make there cock look bigger. im off now to barricade myself in the cellar for speaking out aganist the nazi plods.

K. McEgan said...

Den I am posting this from Bandit Country,about 1 km south of the border in Ireland!Mind you its a police state here too.

Antipholus Papps said...

@ K. McEgan:

I think every community in the country should surround their local nick and tell them they are no longer wanted and, in the words of the failed businessman Alan Sugar, they're 'fired'!

No new laws broken there!

Antipholus Papps said...

@ K. McEgan:

I think every community in the country should surround their local nick and tell them they are no longer wanted and, in the words of the failed businessman Alan Sugar, they're 'fired'!

No new laws broken there!

Anonymous said...

Out of uniform and on their own, we all know the vast majority of Pigs would shit themselves if the odds were even in any confrontation.

Burning dog exrement, the lot of them!

W.W. said...

Is it only innoccent people the Met kill now a days?

Imagine if this had been a muslim on one of their demo's.

"Lord Amhed" would have had his 10,000 bearing down on Parliment quicker than you could say "Why are the police running away"


Anonymous said...

Yes you can see the head injuries in the video in which he is pushed over, i commente on this some time ago, it idicates that he was attacked severely before being pushed and is backed up by a witness account, wher it is claimed the police had already beaten Mr Tomlinson and this was a prolonged continuation of that assult.

This is like communist China in the way it is covered up and how the controlled media lie, no wonder taking photos have been banned - this is just the start of the totalitarian journey.

It is a disgrace and someone should be held to account for this clear cover up.

We also now have Poland with the blessing of the EU banning political sybols - again just the begining, next will be banning of all parties that do not follow the EUSSR masterplan for a forth reich and gulags for the dissadents.

History has shown us time and time again where we are heading.

It is not so much that Mr Tomlinson was beaten, an out of control officer could be blamed for that, but the cover up and the removal of badges.

an ex-apprentice said...

Dear OH,

I repost a comment by a Mr Ishmael which I think is deserving of wider circulation. The style may be familiar to you.

call me ishmael said...
Dear Mr an ex apprentice.

Crisis. This is evidence of the colonisation of the language mentioned elsewhere - and you normally so sharp on these things. This is not a crisis, this is Ruin.

The talking heads, heads of this or chiefs of that, fuckwits, anyway, from the merchant banks and the think tanks persist in seeing the current situation as being remediable, just as long as someone and preferably not them, bless, eats starvation rations, shivers a lot and endures a decade or so of unemployment and being bollocked by whichever impudent, repulsive, pampered, well-heeled reincarnation of Lord Tebbit of Telecoms - maybe the obnoxious ignoramus cocksucker Mr Sugar - urges them to get on their bikes and scour the country looking for potato-picking career opportunities. Just let the poor and the unconnected suffer, that's what they're for, and after they've done their penance things'll get back to normal, only they won't; how can they, Austerity is as Austerity does.

Entirely unintentionally Gordon Brown has done away with both boom and bust and to suggest that he has accomplished this single-handedly is infantile. A coalition of financiers, megalomaniacs, opportunist whore politicians, media slags on all sides and complicit honours-hungry union barons has jointly beggared the nation.

Consider the scale and the nature of the cataclysm and reflect for a moment that, acting for us, we have, on the one hand, a former Marxist solicitor, a dunderhead and his manipulative mentor, a snot-eating, nail-biting, non-driving, bad-tempered, maladjusted, bullying, cowardly, eternal student and on the other an over-privileged Oxbridge pair of coke-snorting, fancy-dress, sound-biting arseholes, good for absolutely fuck all. Jesus wept. This quartet, jointly, could not add-up the change in their own pockets and yet here they stand, snorting and braying of trillions, gazillions as if any of them had the foggiest idea of what to do for the best, save shouting at us, lecturing us on what's best as though they did not, every last useless bastard of them, for ten years, applaud the Iron, snot-eating Chancellor, the Man With No Nails, as though these damned thieving nincompoops were in any way different from one another. We have seen the best of days, a combination of post-war welfareism and grammar schools and techs. apprenticeships and trades and skills and decent universities; of invention and productivity and global markets, of wit and art and music and satire and - pre-Thatcher and pre-Blair - a collective impetus to do not the selfish thing but the societal, the familial, the neighbourly, the good; now the land is and will be increasingly a place of no-go areas, the City garrisoned by Russian gangsters in gated communities, it's real people battered by brutish Keystone cops, it's children homicidal, drugged, drunk, malparented, raised, seamlessly, from poverty into debt. We, the lucky ones, have seen the best of days, they will not return. This is not a crisis.

We will be overtaken in innovation and industry by yellow and brown peoples, far away; as the lunatic consumption of trash goods, of trash holidays, of trash culture and exaggeratedly indispensible trash media recedes down Poverty's alleyways people will wonder what the fuck it was all about and find new fun, instead, in frugality and survival.

It is not as though we will have endured powdered egg and meat rations in order to defeat fascism; no, our sacrifice, our fall from relative Plenty into durance vile is necessitated by the disordered,remorseless ambition of a handful of wicked messengers, Brown and Blair and Mandelson, their attendant, parasitic legions - in what other age, under what other regime might Draper and Milburn and Whelan and Balls and Hewitt have so flourished, become so enriched ? - and by the failure, the complete capitulation of parliamentary opposition. This is not crisis, this is collapse and decay and ruination so complete that it doesn't matter which gang of scoundrels, slags, thieves and incompetents emerges after the next election, holding the international begging bowl.

The idea, therefore, of a glorious if penurious Tory renaissance, wrung from the failures of New Labour is not only optimistic - as though people, after all this shit are going to be enthused by such an obvious phony as Cameron - but also quite impertinent, as though those same people, chastened by their failure in voting thrice for Tony and Imelda, are going to masochistically applaud the wealthy Cameron slashing their jobs and pensions and services- why is it, incidentally, that it's wrong to steal private pensions but not public ones, what odd morality is at work here, why are bankers' pensions ok but nurses' aren't ? - did not Cameron lead the applause for Blair when he stood or was pushed down, was he not like so many, infatuated by the grinning young bisexual warmonger ? Does he come not a trifle late to the Feast ?

Shit certainly needs doing and undoing in the very unlikely event of Cameron becoming prime minister. Trident should be scrapped, ID cards should be scrapped, PFIs should be renegotiated, the Euro referendum should be held, failed IT projects should be compensated for; doctors, lawyers, accountants, police officers and politicians should no longer be permitted to police and regulate themselves; QUANGOS should largely be disbanded, torture should be outlawed and ministers condoning it jailed. Cameron the great reformer, of course, will do none of these things; instead, driven by the looming PakiWars and by the need to balance the books after thirteen years of Labour misrule he will keep us all under constant surveillance and move us swiftly into the protective arms of his chums in GlobaCorp.

Cameron's Five Year Plan, Cameron's tractor production statistics are probably irrelevant. There is no accurate way of judging the psephological mood of the country, especially not at a time like this. The Westmisterites would certainly give it to Cameron, as would the couple of hundred thousand - often it seems like just the same itinerant few hundred - who live and breathe blog but this is a tiny nit-picking obsessive minority.

It can be argued that given his catastrophic incompetence and wickedness Brown has no chance of winning an election and has therefore rigged and booby-trapped the Treasury for his usurpers. It was, though, surprising that George W Chimp, having with the help of his Dad's friends stolen his first US election, then comfortably won the second, not as surprising as the culprits' passports fluttering to earth from the Twin Towers, nor as surprising as those three buildings all just falling neatly into their own footprints, but still quite surprising. Blair's first two terms were Gate-riven, F1-Gate, Mittal-Gate, Mandelson-Gate, Good Day to Bury Bad News Gate, Imelda-Gate, Hinduja-Gate, WMD Gate, Saddam-Gate, Kelly-Gate and so on and yet he still romped home for a truncated third term. It is entirely possible that Brown might refute all the lonesome obsessives so currently convinced of his imminent ejection, particularly if the electorate suspected an incoming Cameronian dismantling of the public sector, such as you suggest.

But all is moot. Here we are in Ruin and if the the tank-thinkers are right, then it is greater even than the Badger man admits. There comes a time, doesn't there, a time beyond crisis, when Ruin does its work. This is ours.

24 April 2009 02:55

Stanislav destroys the libertarians said...

Yes indeed an ex-apprentice,

including the beautiful destruction of the Libertarian ideology, pointing to a time when the UK was at it's peak for the many.

Well said Stanislav, one in the eye of the glibs.

Guthrum said...

Well said Stanislav, one in the eye of the glibs

Huh ?? Ruin started the moment that Butskillism started in 1945- It has bankrupted the country

Balding Nobhead Party said...

'the beautiful destruction of the Libertarian ideology'

'one in the eye of the glibs'

I fuck off for a bit to make some money and what sight greets me upon my return? My beloved ideology impaled at the town gates, eyeless and destroyed. Evicscerated of its core ideals of personal responsibility and mutualy beneficial co-operation as the baying crowd of BNPers and other ghouls look on. Its dream of Infinite Potential For All now just a mocking chant from the crowd as they pelt it with the rotting fruit of fascism. Red-laced jackboots grinding all indepentent thought into the dust. Never again shall we be exposed to freedom chant the crowd, hazza hazza hazza.
In Your Fucking Dreams

More simplistic drivel from the imbecilic bigot Guthrum said...

Guthrum said...
Well said Stanislav, one in the eye of the glibs

Huh ?? Ruin started the moment that Butskillism started in 1945- It has bankrupted the country

24 April 2009 19:30

hmmmm, let's see.

Shall we take the inane simplistic drivel that Guthrum would like to claim is wisdom on board, taking into account that he is ridiculed daily on OH and unheard of outside said tiny blog.

Or shall we take the words and wisdom of Stanislav, admired for his outstanding wit and wisdom the nation over with a huge fanbase?

Tough one this...

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