Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Shit -That hurt

Griff Rhys-Jones demonstrates why you should never but never have your eggs in one basket

This morning I listened somebody on Radio 4 saying that everything in the garden is lovely, people have got more money in their pockets because of mortgage rates coming down, its all the media's fault hyping it up blah blah blah. Its all about confindence apparently

No- it is not lovely, the banks have pissed it up the wall, the Government has misappropriate money conned out of us on the promise of lifetime of welfare, and given it to these criminally negligent banks, whilst at the sametime destroying savings and wealth producing companies and individuals.

Austerity Britain is already here, the next round of printing money will wreck the value of sterling,High Personal and Corporate Taxes are required to repair the public finances, that will drive business offshore.

As long as we all concentrate on Eastenders nobody will notice.


Anonymous said...

Whenever people on the TV have anything to say about the recession, they always accuse the other people on the TV of hype - making everything sound worse than it is. It is a subtle bit of propaganda; main stream media reporting is optimistic (if anything).

Anonymous said...

I wish (most) people would look at the real reasons for the mess and stop blaming chavs, the working poor etc for our national decline.

It's white men in suits who've fucked us up, go after them make them pay, they wanted stratopheric house prices, a bullshit service economy and a smoke and mirrors financial sector, well you got it!

Time to grow up and develop a sustainable economy, the suits can dump themselves in the skip on the way out.

formertory said...

There's a headline, then: "Mediocre TV Comedian Spots 'Rumblings' and 'Squakings' Of Imminent Financial Collapse Before Experts: Still Loses Money".

Anon #2: Are you quite well, or have they hidden your meds again?

Anonymous said...

"I wish (most) people would look at the real reasons for the mess and stop blaming chavs, the working poor etc for our national decline."

Fuck the chavs.

on my way home i was randomly threatened by one of these fucking losers with fists waving all over the place. for no reason at all, obviously.

you'd never have had that happen 10 or 15 years ago, it just wasn't seen. now its everywhere and if someone wants to fuck you up, they will. try and defend yourself, the police will come down on you like the proverbial.

fuck the chavs, fuck their horrible offspring, fuck their free money train and fuck their total lack of common sense and responsibility.

may they all set themselves alight and die in agonising pain, leaving the rest of us to go about our business without fear of a hiding simply for the crime of stepping outside.

chavs: fuck them all.

Anonymous said...

he´d be best off asking his dr house mate if he could strap him up for a few big cats till he gets a a bit of graft?
lefty actor dropped a bollock

Anonymous said...

It's probably all the fault of "Daily Mail" readers as the luvvies like to say, at least the BBC luvvies.

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