Saturday, 18 April 2009

Shami Chakrabarti targeted by the State

I have spent literally years telling people that this country has been on the edge of being a Police State, it is very difficult to persuade people that the evidence is overwhelming, because 'that sort of thing does not happen here' or 'if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear'.

It has now been revealed that the Police were hunting for correspondence use the keyword Shami Chakrabarti

We know that Brown has been running an attack dog office for years, Jacqui Smith as Home Secretary has not called for an enquiry into the actions of the Police, therefore we can only assume this is all officially sanctioned.

It was Hartshorn who coined the term 'Summer of Rage' and like some skinhead thugs looking for trouble, the Police came 'tooled up' for the G20, despite chants of this is not a riot, the Police laid into demonstrators and passersby alike.

The Stalinists in power for the moment do not like dissent, because they are the righteous and they are using their moral compass to guide us all.

The reality is that they are frightened pygmies, and they are starting to fear us.

When the Government falls as it will, the Police and Nu Labour will have to emulate Derek Draper and get rid of their harddrives and start shredding files, as did the Stasi in 1989. However you will not be able to destroy it all, then we the people will have a complete Freedom of Information Act, not held in abeyance for thirty years on a veto from Jack Straw. We want to know what you have been upto in our name, and you will be before the Courts.


Anonymous said...

Just hope we can drag them back from the countries they will, even now, be trying to see safe passport to.


Ampers said...

I would like to see her stand as an independent for Parliament. That would be very interesting.

And maybe Paul as well :-) That would be even more interesting.

I am certaily not holding my breath for any success, but politically I am hoping Sir Paul Judge gets somewhere with "The Jury Team". I really like the idea of more independents in Parliament not in the control of the evil party whip system.


Old Holborn said...

Anybody else find the new Police "Openess" campaign graphics slightly sinister?


defender said...

Do you really really think that the Tories will clean up da house?
For an opposition with a government as weak as this one they can barely keep 10 points ahead.
On the things that matter to us they have/are noticable by their silence.
The David Davis Shami Chakrabarti stand a few months ago has been smothered.
There will be a fresh coat of paint but it will still be rotten wood underneath.
The whole edifise needs to be torn down and rebuilt.

Henry North London said...

yes I found it very disturbing, in fact

Man in the Street said...

I bet they've already started shredding on an industrial scale.

Mark Wadsworth said...

1. Shami would be much more credible if her organisation didn't take so much money from government sources, i.e. lottery fund, comic relief, london councils, association of london government etc.

2. You can't say that the government doesn't want dissent, of course it wants dissent, that's why it goes round blaming everything on the banks or global warming and sponsoring all these quasi-protest groups like trade unions and Islamist organisations, to stoke up a bit of dissent so that it can then crack down on them again to distract us all from everything else that is going wrong.

PC subversion is not civil liberties said...

She doesn't give a damn for all civil liberties, that is a fact.

She is nothing more than a promoter of PC culture and rose to prominance through the goverment authorised promotion of said oppressive culture, nothing more nothing less.

This woman does not represent anything but her own subversive interests which ironically are eroding our own civil liberties.

Anonymous said...

I fucking hate her petulant insincerity and she looks like a boy.

AngryDave said...

In the modern police state anyone who talks of liberty or freedom is a terrorist. They want us to bend over and let big brother shaft us, and we cant do that if we are free.

Ampers said...

Defender wrote For an opposition with a government as weak as this one they can barely keep 10 points ahead.Don't forget the number of people who now rely on the Governments largesse has now risen to 52%. It is fantastic that even with this they can get as much as 10 points ahead.

The reason Gordon doesn't want to go to the polls early, and he won't, is that he wants to build that 52% much higher.

Then he will get in and UK PLC will be bankrupt.

That's when the Government will adopt Zimbabwian tactics.

Anonymous said...

"Don't forget the number of people who now rely on the Governments largesse has now risen to 52%."

I have long believed that anyone who owes the living to the state should not be allowed to vote.

Anonymous said...

"I have long believed that anyone who owes the living to the state should not be allowed to vote."

stereotyping is easy but the problem is if Brown doesn't call an election - no one will vote!

Of course you also assume that a single vote, say every 5 years, is as powerful as they would have you believe.

Go away and rethink your strategy

Pugwash said...

Fascists are FASCISTS!
Dont matter what badge they wear, or flag they fly: be it zanu, Tory, libdem, BNP.
They all want control of the state for their own ends. I.e slavery of the people.

WV: ZoArt

Richard said...

And I bet that despite all that's happened, both Damian and Shami still aren't encrypting their email or files.

K. McEgan said...

Bullcrap.Liberty are quite a ways up plods rear orifice.They yakked on at an Amnsety International meeting once.I thought it was a PP broadcast.She is a coconut-brown outside white inside.Married out.

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