Thursday, 9 April 2009

The Secret Policemans Balls Up

Arriving at No 10, representing the private limited company ACPO, clutching documents in full view.

Since starting this post, Bob Quick , Jackboot Jackie's favourite Policeman has jumped before he was pushed.

The situation where the freedoms and liberties of the the people of this country are under constant attack by a cabal of the likes of Straw,Jackboot Smith, Stephenson, Ian Blair and Quick, bringing in legislation to cover their incompetence, lies and blatant deceit over De Menezes and Tomlinson cannot be allowed to continue.

The whole structure of policing is under Nu Labour is one of coercion and thuggery, it is the panapoly of a Police State.

Straw must go as he does not understand the word Justice- he thinks it means politically expedient, Jackboot must go because nobody has confidence in somebody feathering her own nest and paying for husbands porn, whilst using the cosh on the population.

Each Police force should have an elected Chief Constable, answerable to the people, not powercrazed, money grubbing authoritarians that infect the body politic.

I understand that the 'officer' who attacked Tomlinson has now been identified and has been 'quizzed'- err no. He/she as the ski mask makes this 'officer' little different to a thuggish hoody, should be suspended along with his senior officer, and facing criminal charges, for assault and attempted murder. No internal investigations, but a Court of Law.


Guido is reporting that Quick has been replaced by Yates of 'what cash for honours' fame, and Quick has not gone from the force and gets to keep all his benefits. No pistol and whisky in the Library for this lot when it comes to national security then.

So not too much spin from the BBC again either


Dungeekin said...

Not to worry, Citizen.

Justice Minister Jack Straw is to ensure that we need never worry about events like last week again.

He's introducing new laws to make sure it can't ever recur.

Be Happy, Love Ingsoc.


PRL said...

Looks like he has gone totally now, Guido update from Sky News

Oldrightie said...

If Quick has been "quick" to quit will this shite Government follow suit? No, why not?

Dick the Prick said...

I'm bloody impressed with the lad. He's been a copper for 31 years and has fuck all understanding of politics (which, like economics is a self taught skill) and he acted like a twat attacking the Tories in a fit of petulant pique.

He stepped down almost immediately but just checked that his pension was fine (fair play, the cunt's earned it) and has now nailed it.

The lad's fucked up, held his hands up and fucked off. Job done.

Compare that with that Shoesmith cunt and it's not a different book but a different library. Fortunately senior coppers, politicians, bankers, social workers are 10 a penny - don't believe the hype of talent. Doctors, nurses, engineers, architects however, well, then seniority does require respect.

Chris said...

A society can survive when its police force is either violent or stupid, but you really can't do both at the same time.

And people maintain that The Daily Mash is parody.

The Penguin said...

Ah, but the left-handed police thug was only "potentially involved", so no need to suspend or sack him or her.

The Penguin

curly15 said...

How do these journalists get away with photographing policemen in the execution of their duties?

Anonymous said...

@curly15: Don't know but bet the familt & friends of Mr Tomlinson (may he rest in peace) are pleased that someone does. Otherwise the bastards would have got completely away with it - remember the report that none of the police had seen or been in contact with Mr T? Oh, but of course it was the nightstick & the shoulder of the hi-vis jacket that was in contact - not one of our fair-minded, impartial coppers at all. Uniformed thugs, that's what they are.

The Penguin said...

Should we send flowers and a card to poor Jacqui? First "Sir" Ian and now "Bob" - she must be bereft.

The Penguin

Chalcedon said...

I never thought the bastard would leave the force, but resigning his job as terrorist chief wotsit was obligatory owing to his stupid, and it was very stupid, gaffe! I carry around confidential papers quite often. These are amazingly in a folder in a briefcase. Now tell me, children, is that really too difficult to manage? What goes around re harassing damian green come around, Quick you arrogant tosser.

As for the replacement.......he must also be a lamer since he couldn't pin down the obvious candidate in the cash for homours thingy. Who recommends the honours and persons to be honoured to the queen? 'Nuff said.

Antipholus Papps said...

Can a charge of High Treason be brought against Mr Quick over his breach of parliamentary sovereignty?

Anonymous said...

thank fuck cunts like him aren't a commercial pilot or in charge of a nuclear power plant.

defender said...

Strange isnt it, a couple of days ago plod was under attack for manslaughter and today they have managed to completly change the picture to saving us an attack, top blokes.
We know they were up for it at the G20 but we declined the offer, could they now be trying to get the mossies to oblige, after all Gordon has the CCA and is itching to wave it about.
Nothing like the fear of terror to pry away more libertity.
The Budget is coming up, late, with no good news in it. A big distraction would take some of the sting out of it.
Just watched him now on Sky, this definately has given him a break and to appear to be above it all.
Quick was the cut out, this smells.

The Penguin said...

It also appears that our baton-weilding plod had removed his (or her) shoulder number to try and avoid being identifiable. So that makes it a planned and predetermined assault leading to death - has to be manslaughter at very least.

Bob "Kiss Me" Quick said...

Anyone want to hire a stretch lim over the weekend? In strictest confidence, of course.

killemallletgodsortemout said...

Anyone else hear that dopey, bearded cunt Blunkett on State Radio 4 this evening?

He blamed the meeja, and its use of technology for this fuck up. he maintains that Quick would not have had to resign if this had happened 20 years ago!

Why not?

Because the shit only hit the fan due to the fact that the meedia now had the capacity to enhance the relevant document, something that would have been impossible all that time ago.

Of course, the gummint would never use such technology, would they?

Whattock Hunt.

I'm cancelling my standing order to the RNIB.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Controversial Yates to replace disgraced Bob Quick as announced by gaffe-prone London Mayor to the annoyance of laughing stock Home Sexetary.
Is nothing sacred ?
Fair play to Bob Quick in resigning rapidly, might teach the righteous a lesson there, maybe not.

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