Monday, 20 April 2009

Running Scared

The NuLiebore Party are running scared, not just of the resurgent wishy-washy Tory Party but of the rise of the BNP.

Hence that stupid Phil "Custard Pie" Woolas suggesting he'd prefer people voted Tory if they don't vote Labour.

They have brought it upon themselves by selling out the ordinary British working class, who are natural Labour supporters but are now alienated and disgusted with the shambles this socialist bunch of wankers have inflicted on this country.

The Penguin


Anonymous said...

I'm no a big fan of the BNP, but anything which puts a spoke in the wheel of the EU...
Vote BNP EU elections!

Anonymous said...

can't we just bomb him and his mates?

Sir Henry Morgan said...

You mean bum him and his mates don't you?

Gareth said...

The prick still had to run his intentions past the Chief Whip. As the nation is encouraged to see the State as parent, so have politicians been brainwashed to see their party as parent.

Too much of our current malaise is through politicians trying to gain the approval of their parent party not their constituents.

In a lively and grown up democracy with adult politicians and sensible, intelligent journalists the BNP would not be a threat. They will never tackle the BNP by ignoring it and seeking to clamp down on free speech.

ManofKent said...

Oh the woes of international, authoritarian, corporatist, socialists, whose enthusiastic embrace of all things multi, PC and EU, have, through a combination of arrogance, idiocy and self loathing, opened the door to the national socialists, who WILL win seats in the EUro elections, despite imbecile Woolas, or more precisely because of imbecile Woolas.

It is probably the most dismal "accomplishment" of this awful cabal that "run" the country.

In Gods name are they so incompetent, venal and useless that they could not see this coming for years?

Did they imagine their working class would never realise that along with the country, every voter would be sold out and shit upon, even their own and none would say fuck off?

The labour party are utterly irredeemable.

Anonymous said...

Re G20 'police brutality' - how come there was another huge demo in London this weekend and not one injury or complaint.?

Blame the work-shy tossers who were demonstrating at G20 and causing trouble that day, not the police.

Anonymous said...


Plod's boss class know they aren't allowed to touch tamils. Violence is only safe against the English.

After all, its not as if they're going to get tried never (mind convicted) for killing Mr Tomlinson.

Ray Nerslane said...

ZanuLabour are shit scared we will all vote for the BNP. That's one very good reason to do just that.

If Cameron promised to hold a referendum on EU membership AND abide by the result, he could take the wind right out of the BNP's sails and win the largest majority in history, but he won't do it because (a) he'll win anyway, and (b) he still believes in the Great European Lie.

I know exactly what the BNP stands for but until the other parties start listening, the BNP gets my vote.

terence b said...

The first and last time I entered a polling booth was 1983, I spoilt the paper.

But oh, to see the look on their faces makes it highly tempting.

Anonymous said...

A massive own goal by this tosser that resulted in hundreds of people putting there comments on several papers stating that they would vote BNP because this twat told them not to.
Everyone get out on June 4th and kick Labour in the goolies please.

Anonymous said...

As someone who is working class(ie I hold down a job to keep a roof over my head and food on the table), I find mainstream politics disgusting, educated filth chasing money and power with the morals of the farmyard.

Until such time as we can rid ourselves of our two party "democracy" nothing will change. I see the wealthy parasites of the press and big business oozing over to the Tory's as the balance of power starts to shift.

What a shower of shit.

Anonymous said...

Strange how many people suddenly appear and say: "I'm not a fan of the BNP but I'm going to vote for them anyway!"

If you do this, be sure you know what you're voting for, expressed in its own words.

Damn you, Labour. If you hadn't been so totally rubbish in every respect, it wouldn't have come to this. Damn you, Conservatives. You could have stopped the insanity, but you were too busy making your media-friendly clone of Tony Blair to be bothered to act as an opposition. Every BNP vote is your fault because you didn't do your jobs properly.

Pugwash said...

Come on, we all know.. this NuLabour
lot have NEVER been Socialist.

Calling them a "socialist bunch of wankers" just helps confuse the issue and labels them as "this or that"

Truth is they are Tories. Thats why people like Osbourne etc praised Brown for his "saving the banks".

Goodnight Vienna said...

I thought you'd have seen the latest - the Labour Party faxed the DP telling them not to give Guido airtime today. Spread it far and wide. Put it on all the blogs and tell all your friends/family and the woman who sells your ready-rubbed as well.

Chalcedon said...

Did you read the comments section on the Mail? Oh boy! Mostly negative about the thrust of the article, many saying they were all the same regarding the EU and many suggesting they would vote for the BNP, mostly to upset Labour. Still, at least Wooly was brave enough to broach the issue unlike the navel-gazing thugs inside N.10

Antipholus Papps said...

Cameron is nothing but the Bilderberg dauphin who will finish the jobs of Blair and Brown.

"The Tories will save us!"

Come on Britain, have some fucking gumption! And fuck Nick Griffin too.

R Nosgrove said...

@Anonymous 15:24

You're dead right - every BNP vote is the joint fault of Labour for being a crap government and the Conservatives for being a piss-poor opposition.

Cameron's total lack of response to so many outrageous acts by Labour tells us all we need to know about how different the Conervatives are likely to be in office.

The fact that so many people know EXACTLY what the BNP stand for, yet still prefer them to Labour and the Tories, should be a wake-up call for both parties.

new clothes 4 old said...

The Tories will CONTINUE where Zanu-lab leave off. Nothing will change. Policies will continue, some may just get a revamp of a name-change. Tories will continue with running the oppressive State-machine.

Anonymous said...

Of course he and others will want to keep votes within the cartel.

Someone should remind him that his government has done more for the BNP than the BNP could have dreamed of, and now we are supposed to forget the shambles.

Anonymous said...

Come the EU elections I'm off to put my mark down for the BNP. Labour wouldn't get my vote if they were the only Party standing & unfortunately, Call Me Dave doesn't have the guts to stand up for what the ordinary British man & woman in the street want - A vote on Lisbon, no id cards, no database, a criminal justice system that provides justice, a fair taxation system, a savage cutback in benefits for the feckless & those who try to play the race card, while making it easier for those temporarily out of work to claim & creating job opportunities. Simples!

Pan T. Liner said...

If ZanuLabour had their way, not only would they be the only party standing, but voting would be compulsory!

Reimer said...

That a member of the civilian junta is prepared to state that effectively the three main parties are interchangeable factions of one party in an effort to kill the BNP's Euro vote maybe tells you how much they regard Griffin's bunch as awful spoilsports who might interfere with the junta's delivering the country to the EU and trans-nationals


Anonymous said...

Reimer's got it spot on.Realistically,we have the liblabcontrick, (and that zanulab dickhead admits it also) and the opposition, the BNP. At heart, I'm a libertarian,but the stakes are far too high. That's why the BNP will get my money,support,and vote.

Anonymous said...

Let me just add my intention of voting BNP in June to this thread.

And, you know what, I don't see any contradiction in doing so and holding what I believe to be largely libertarian values.

I fully expect to be flamed for saying this but I genuinely believe that they are the only alternative to the 3 main factions of the same party - Woolas is effectively telling you that himself, people...

Its going to feel pretty good walking out of the polling station in June having put my X next to the name of the one person who the 'State' doesn't want me to be even able to vote for.

In fact they don't want it so badly that they were prepared to put him in prison for up to 7 years. As far as I'm concerned *he* is the real 'V' character, not you, OH

David Davis said...

Well, him saying imbecilic, assinine things like that is going merely to get the BNP more votes than it already will have, on the day.

These people either do not learn (unlikely, as they have all been to Oxbridge) or else they truly, madly, deeply _want to_ visit destruction on this country, and its institutions.

Neither the Tories, nor the BNP, (not the sociable-democrasts for that matter) will be any improvement at all on the current crowd of wastrels and scumbags.

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