Friday, 24 April 2009

Quotes of the day

Call Me Dave = Chocolate Teapot

Obnoxio the Clown

What is he going on about on Radio Four ?

'Cameron failing to say where the cuts will be. All he doing is saying no more rises. Not good enough. Cameron unconvincing. He appeared very defensive rather than leader material. He failed to be decisive and layout definite policy.'

Ian Parker-Joseph LPUK

Brown/Darling made an appeal to sectional interest and their client State in the Budget

What is Cameron appealing to ?

This is not a decisive alternative Leader



Man in the Street said...

Sorry o/t - Labour need a fucking kick in the head for the treatment of the Gurkhas.

CameronWatch said...

Cameron's just appearing now on ITV "This Morning". Looking hot and flustered from running around doing so many interviews. Will he get his act together?

electro-kevin said...

Cameron is not our man I'm afraid.
(What a chump Boris Johnson's turning out to be.)

I think the country needs to slump even further before that person emerges. The cosey Parliamentary club that masquerades as our democracy needs a thorough routing. The necessary demonstrations and campaigns will not take place until the people are hurting personally.

This era really could be the making or breaking of us.

Ampers said...

All Cameron needs to say is, we will produce firm policies on exactly what we will do as soon as Brown and Darling allow our Chancellor full access to the books. It would be irresponsible for me to say what I would do until I knew the truth of our economy.


I'm with Cameron on this one - why let any of his policies out of the bag when Labour'll steal them? You know what a bunch of thieving dishonest shites they are.

saucepan said...

Fair do's, how can he say anything definite until he gets a good look at the books?

Anonymous said...

I can understand for tactical reasons why Cameron can't always go around throwing red meat to Deficit Hawks like ourselves, but I would like to see a hint that there's a little iron in the glove there somewhere.

Chrysippus said...

Catch 22.
It is an unfortunate fact, that anyone who is willing to admit the necessary austerity measures and drop in standard of living necessary for many, whichever party wins the next election, will not get elected, with so many in the client state.

Paul said...

Cameron doesn't have to say cuts as the media are doing it for him, but he should.(With the proviso given by Ampers)

Chop away NHS superdoopercomputer.
Scrap plans for ID cards and national information register.
Proportional pay cuts for the public sector, with frontline staff seeing no cut and the fat cats at the top seeing the biggest cuts.
Abolish a slew of quangos.

With Alistair's budget we will see cuts in public services anyway as more goes on interest payments and more goes on welfare payments.

Guthrum said...

why let any of his policies out of the bag

Empty Bag Mara ?

RavingMad said...

He could cancel the ID Card scheme

He could cancel the Olympics

He could cancel Trident

All good money saving schemes from the public purse.

Sure there's more

This government need a bloody good kicking and I'm game to start....

stun said...

Well, he did say about ID cards, and maybe about the NHS computer (if it hasn't gone too far by then), and about what he called 'quangocracy'. Not a bad start....

Better than the current lot at any rate. David Starkey for PM!!!!

wv eukop - have my hands full with that if I could investigate the expenses.

Chalcedon said...

Dave is just wary of the elephant trap re 50% tax and of "Tory cuts" and the blindingly obvious barrage of shit that Labour will chuck at him if he talks about cuts. He has already said he would junk ID cards so he just needs to choose a few other unpopular targets. He must v=be decisive however and not fanny around on these TV progs. Unfortunately the cons are too much like bloody Labour. 4th to 7th of June should be interesting.

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