Tuesday, 21 April 2009

The Plinth

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Hooray! Finally, applications are being taken for "the plinth" in Trafalgar Square. You can apply to stand on the plinth for an hour and do whatver you want. Apparently it's art.
So let's look at that graphic above
From left to right
1. Gay
2. Big Issue seller
3. Impatient uppity Afro woman
4. Fat handicapped poof
5. Downs syndrome woman
6. Special needs man
7. Single mother
8. Spastic in a chariot
9. Normal Woman
10. Albanian Pimp & his 14 year old sex slave
11. Transgender in shorts
12. Dracula's Bride
13. Stroppy rug muncher
14. The only gay in the village
15. Hazel Blears on a milk crate
Give me strength...


Anonymous said...

What about the Eskimos?
You racist cunt

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

How much is this shite costing?

Gigits said...

Fucking hilarious!!

Seriously, though. 'The Plinth' is a shit idea and is about as 'artistic' as me drawing with a wax crayon that's tied to me knob.

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

It's just fucking toe curling embarrassing! All the other countries will laugh at us more than they normally do.

Snowolf said...

FACT: Plinth is for a statue.

FACT: Statues that aren't of cool dead people, preferably on a horse, suck arse.

What's the betting that those queuing up for their hour on the plinth are 'vetted' for their suitability. Don't want people scaring the horses, do we?

Be an interesting test, turn up with three mates, all wearing a T-shirt, one with the Union Flag, one with the blue starry EU shite, one with the Israeli flag, one with the Palestinian flag. I'm betting at least two of you will be turned away.

John said...

Perhaps 10 of them could be the 'terror suspects' who may soon be deported.

Just two left now.

bofl said...

i would like to see a guillotine on it......in action!!!!!!

AntiCitizenOne said...

How about a plinth for people who SHOULD be dead.

I can think of 646 odd...

Reimer said...

Celebrating the gratuitous, ill-assorted 'pluralism' of the creatures that slither through the metropolis as public art was something I last saw at the Beijing Olympics closing ceremony with that troupe of spacs, professional benders, wogs and unwitting future stabbing victims throwing shapes in a Bob Fosse-choreographed sort-of-queue for a London bus, with fake conservative Boris J buffooning above it all like the twat he is.

That was shit and this plinth will doubtless turn out to be "shite-specific".

Anonymous said...

What about a bronze of a stockbroker sniffing coke off the tits of a whore?

A reminder to future generations of what we stood for in the first part of the 21st century.

Swiss Bob said...

Book yourself a place OH and take along a lamp post, some piano wire and do a little improv. Glad to assist if you can get any MP's to take part.

K. McEgan said...

One is only there for an hour.I was going to apply & have 60 placards with stuff like "Free Tibet", and other bits. Then I thought sod it,I'd probably get a graveyard shirt 3-4am.

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