Friday, 10 April 2009

Physician, Heal Thyself.

One of the great things about Political blogging is the immediacy of response.

Our dear, dear Friend and ZNL moonbat, the only Vegan EVER to vote for more nuclear weapons, Kerry McCarthy MP (Lab, Mogadishu East) is having issues. She took a blogging break for ten days because of “private circumstances” and is now having a tizzy about how much we, the public, should know about the lives of politicians like her. How much should be in the public domain?

She argues her corner and the worries of being exploited, judged, photographed with no make up.

My heart bleeds for her. To want all that power, all that responsibility that the 646 crave to possess, yet not to want the frightful inconvenience of us, the public, the very people who entrusted her with this phenomenal power to know any more about her than she wishes us to know.

May I courteously remind Kerry which Government is vehemently obsessed with knowing EVERY detail of OUR lives. Where we are, what we are saying, what we are eating, what we are doing, whether our children will grow up to be obedient, where we are travelling, how fast we are driving, what Internet sites we visit, what we write in our emails or on our blogs, what our biometrics and DNA look like. CCTV’ed at every turn, monitored and prejudged, labelled and corralled, it is the public who have been abused, not you Kerry. And YOU did it to us. How ungrateful are we for asking how you spend our money and on what (the real reason for Kerry's post, after all)?

"I'm only human" she bleats.

Then prove it. Get out of our lives and we might get out of yours.

Physician, heal thyself.
UPDATE: The irony of Kerry's post just gets better and better


Anonymous said...

A suitable place to mention that future protests would be far more effective if held in front of your MP's house. Not much point in shouting and waving placards at some half empty building probably hundreds of miles away now, is there?. YOUR MP is supposed to represent YOU. So YOU make sure he does. They know where we are, make sure you know where they are!

Anonymous said...

Kerry, here's an old saying for you - 'what's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander'. You snoop on us? Expect to be snooped on too.

The Penguin said...

About the only half decent thing about daft Kerry is that she actually tries to connect via her blog. Mostly fails, but tries.

The Penguin

Cato said...

I just dropped by there to leave a comment. Whether it'll see the light of day is another matter.

Old Holborn said...


She's an MP. She SHOULD have a blog.

Jon Rogers said...

Is this relevant?

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

Fuck sake, get a grip woman. I suspect the seriously ill relative she speaks of is the Liebore party.

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

You better watch out OH! She's had enough!

Mitch said...

One day she too will be a little person spied upon by her "betters".

Dick Puddlecote said...

Very well put, OH. The bloody cheek of these idiots.

K. MacEgan said...

Dear Kerry,I had a slash 10 minutes ago.Before that I wrote about weak spots on plods new toy the Ford F450.Tomorrow I'll (probably not)shag Heather.

Anonymous said...

I don't usually swear on any forum. I really try not to, but how fucking dare she!! She is a member of a government that is doing it's upmost to dismantle the right to privacy of each of it's citizens. Not just making what was previously private to available to the police and security forces but available to a large number of public servants. Please tell us you are having a laugh Kerry, please for the sake of my blood pressure.

steveshark said...

I really don't know why she's in politics if she can't take criticism.
She's whinging about her own privacy at the same time as having a voting record in parliament that reveals she wants to take ours away.
It's more the moaning of a teenage brat who can't get people to agree with her than the blog of an MP.

Old Holborn said...

Kerry isn't dumb

She's taking flack from all sides for being so expensive and utterly useless.

Sorry Kerry. You work for ME. If you have a problem with how I treat you as an employee, take it to a tribunal. It's called an election.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you warped & despicable people had the audacity to disagree with her! She's an MP you know!

killemallletgodsortemout said...

Poor widdle Kerry.

All transmit, and no receive.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Mouthy cow "someone to whom I am closely related " whats wrong with ' a relative '.
Good post on her blog OH, she's a criminal too and so are you. One in twenty pound coins is revealed as a fake and every time you spend one, unwitting or not, You commit a criminal offence and so does She.

All together now

" Kerry is a criminal "

Man in the Street said...

Kerry can just sod off. She's fucking useless and, by the sound of it, rather a media whore too.

Oleuanna said...

She does need to put her hanky away and grow some big ones pretty fucking soon. Being an MP means standing by truths you can defend without whimpering and at least be open to have them challenged, isn't that half the fun.

Your wee speech was erotic.....looking forward to more.

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