Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Pay the Teachers what they are worth Gordon

As the National Union of Teachers demanded an inflation-busting pay increase while thousands lose their jobs and the country is eyebrow-deep in debt, 100% of those surveyed said: "What the fuck did you just ask me?"

Emma Bradford, an unemployed shop worker from Stevenage, said: "Did you just say that teachers want a 10% pay rise? Is that what you fucking said?

"I've just spent two hours queuing at the job centre to talk to someone who doesn't care if I live or die and you're asking me if teachers should get a 10% pay rise, a four day week and more holidays. You know what? I'll have to think about that."

She added: "Oh look, I've thought about it and NO, THEY FUCKING SHOULDN'T."

The Daily Mash via Obnoxio


Rab C. Nesbitt said...

Give them Fuck all. They have more than played their part in fucking this country up.

Guthrum said...

Education Education Education

Jobs for the activists

subrosa said...

Totally agree Rab. Get so sick of hearing how badly done by they are. What I suggested to the last one who was moaning was 'Take a weeks holiday to Afghanistan at Easter and see how some others work.' She didn't say another word except to say "I'm not in the TA." I bit back the retort that they possibly wouldn't have her.

Anonymous said...

I've been working at a few schools recently. No shortage of Mercs and BMW's in the car parks. The Headmaster at one school even had one of those £100k Merc Sports. They aren't short of a few quid for enacting Brown's brain washing control freak policies.

I get hauled into my son's school regularly because of his "disruptive behaviour", it always turns out that he's been rocking on his chair or something equally trivial. They dole out spiteful punishments and make mountains out of molehills, bit like the Police. I feel sorry for the children who have to suffer under these unworldly control freaks. It's not surprising they go out and start smashing up the High Street after being subjected to years of petty rules and punishments.

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

In my humble opinion, all public sector 'luvvies' should spend at least 2 months a year working in the real world, ie the private sector.

A totally new education system is needed said...

My education plan

1. Scrap the long holidays.
(saves parents having to fanny about with child minders etc.)
Instead set up more school led educational trips to museums etc.

2. Extend the school day 8.30 - 5.30
(again saves parents messing around with child minders and out of control latch key kids.)
increase the lunch break etc and include more sport.

3. Scrap homework.
(teachers always complaining about setting homework and seeing as i scrapped their long holidays this will be their payoff), parents tired of nagging about homework and kids fed up of the pressure when they just spent all day being bullied by other kids and communist teachers, plus kids missing out on fun in what should be free time and the best time of their lifes.

4. reintroduce grammer schools, the working class creme of the crop should not be held back by the disfunctional and disturbed.
in the std schools.

5. Scrap private schools.
A decent grammer school system should see to it that private shcolls are no longer needed and the half the fees that would otherwise pay for private shools should be channeled as taxes into the grammer school system.
this finally gives equal opportunity to all without being tied to equality - dragging everyone down to the lowest level.
middle class parents would be better off and society as a whole should slowly reduce it's destructive class divides and class politics.
ability is what now counts.

In my view this system would ensure the majority of parents are better off and more productive and competative as a nation and happier with less stress and the children are given the means to achieve what they are capable off and the rich poor devide narrowed considerably.

Guthrum said...

Grammar with an A FFS !

Nope- a school voucher for any school, all education should be now taken away from the State as per Sweden.

The good schools will thrive, the bad close, good teachers will get paid well, the crap ones not

Ex-Pat Alfie said...

You can't pay teachers what they worth.
The minimum wage fucks that

Youf of today said...


As someone still in the education system (Aged seventeen, most of the way through my AS levels), my thoughts:

First, major alterations need to be made to the exam/course structure. As it is, the course standards lead to huge amounts of bureaucracy, and allow easy massaging of the statistics.

Second, there need to be more alternatives to "traditional" education. I'm taking five AS levels. In three of them, less than half the class has any interest whatsoever in the subject, they're simply there because their parents want them to "get an education". With the increase in the leaving age to 18, that ratio would doubtless get even worse.

In response to your points:

1) You're going to fill up a significant portion of the current school holidays with school trips? Where, pray, would you take us? How would you pay for this?

2) Congratulations! You've just given my friend J. a school day starting before six am, and ending around eight pm.

3) Eh? Just what?

4) How abut keeping some of those disfunctional and disturbed kinds out of the standard schools in the first place?

5) Tax because we're not doing something? How about I start paying a "non-road" tax, because I stopped driving?

DiscoveredJoys said...

There are plenty of good and hardworking teachers - unfortunately they are bogged down in leftie "all little snowflakes must win prizes" bollocks from local councils and Government.

They dare not discipline those that most need it and get no backing from their bosses.

Bad teachers, and there are quite a few, don't get sacked.

And to top it all:

Those that can, do.
Those that can't, teach.
Those that can't do or teach, run the teachers unions.

AngryDave said...

My younger brother (now 18 and out of school) was bullied and held back by teachers at his school, because he complained he was not being taught enough relevant subjects at a high enough pace and was bored. For his high inteligence and resistance to the system he was threatened several times with expulsion. Ultimately he blew the whistle to the local press who chased it up.
In the same school and few weeks later, my other brother (now 16, and in his last year), was deliberately stabbed with a chisel. The teacher knew who was responsible, but nothing was done because his mother was a school governer.
So, no i do not think teachers should have a pay rise of 10%. Maybe a pay cut?
As for the wankers who created the current system, Labour, you are truly all a bunch of felching cunts.

Anonymous said...

@Discovered Joys
A slight amendment to your excellent statement:
'Those that can, do.
Those that can't, teach.
Those that can't teach become NuLabour Ministers.'
with a friendly wave to Frau Schmidt, our Second Home Secretary & Minister for Pornography ex-cookery teacher at some god-forsaken primary school I believe.

Anonymous said...

I like number five! Imagine the brightest and best being given help- regardless of background.

Nah! That just ain't British is it, besides do we want high court judges or captains of industry sounding like barra-boys.

Best to keep us riff raff well away, after all we might end up with a fairer society, can't be having that now!

Chalcedon said...

They should be paid on performance. When 95%+ of the little fuckers they teach can read, write and do basic arithmetic then, and only then, should a pay rise be considered.

pegboard said...

Errm, hang on a moment. I've no problem giving schools a 10% increase in funding.

In return, local government earners over £0K, politicians, members of the civil service earning over that amount take a 20% pay reduction.

Vast amounts of money is wasted by local councils and the department for education consuming half of what should go towards education. Remove that barrier, and slash top executive pay will save tens of millions best given directly to schools.

If that goes into salaries then so be it. It might mean two classes of 15 instead of one of thirty. I know which I'd prefer to see, and which children deserve.

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