Sunday, 19 April 2009

Panicking,Greedy and Mean- Jacqui Smith

The sealed Hillsborough files on exactly what went wrong at Hillsborough twenty years ago are to be opened on orders from Jackboot Jacqui- Why the change of heart ? The booing of the very name of Gordon Brown ?, the desire to heap more opprobrium on the Police that they have politicised to divert attention from the rotten core of the Nu Labour project, or just the smell of panic.

This paragon of the party of the people has also not given her cleaner a payrise for five years, whilst helping herself to our coffers to give her the kind of squalid lifestyle she enjoys.

Nu Labour hates us all, and it shows.


John Prescott leads Britain's online political revolution

Replacing Draper with Prescott ??

OH Update: This is what happens when you run out of barrel to scrape


Reimer said...

Jacqui Cunt-for-Tits throws NW England a bone in the hope of drawing some votes for NuLab in the Euro elections?

Quiet_Man said...

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. Scraping underneath the barrel never mind the bottom of it if Prescott is the Labour great white hope.

Tory Poppins said...

The pantomime that is one bollock-2 jags prezza really is scraping underneath the grubbiest of barrels. The whole lot should be subjected to the Sharia law they're so keen on imposing on us, and stoned to a pulp - at Wembley - live on T.V.

You Bastard Smearer said...

Hey! I used to write for Jackie (and Patches & Blue Jeans) and I take offence to putting that ugly fucker on the cover of a once highly read magazine.

Incidentally, Jackie didn't pay expenses only a one off payment of around 80 beer chitties if I remember correctly.

Anonymous said...

The more we hear about this useless cunt the more angry we get.

Hopefully, all Liverpool fans and those families who lost loved ones will see through his shit piece of propoganda and send her a message similar to the one they sent Kelvin McShit

Anonymous said...

"OH Update: This is what happens when you run out of barrel to scrape"

Don't you mean roll out the barrel? ;-)

Dave H said...

Mmm... a disgraced wife-cheating expense-troughing inarticulate bullying phsyically-repulsive laughing-stock is leading their comeback?

I wonder how it will work out.

John Cooke said...

She's a cunt isn't she, or is that just my opinion?

Man in the Street said...

Jackie is great, may have to nick it.

GrumpyOldTwat said...


I had great fun putting this 'special edition' together but Pigsy gave me a right earful when she saw it.

"How can you tarnish my memories of such a wonderful magazine, blah, blah, blah . . ."I wonder if JcuntS has seen it yet?

Plenty of time on her hands fro reading soon, I fancy.

Jacqui does hardcore said...


SteveShark said...

Seen Scarfe's latest?

Hold on to your breakfast!

Woman on a Raft said...


Don't forget to include what was my favourite feature: Something To Do Every Day

Pretend you are the Home Secretary of an ancient monarchic parliamentary democracy and make up some fucking silly laws to hack-off the peasants.

Make a necklace out of a bathplug and some white rope. Tres chick and post-modern retro anti-materialism conceptual jewellery. Also dead cheap if you get someone else to pay, or just nick it. If anybody laughs, tell them Charles Saatchi is big in to them.

Mime to an Obama record. Don't forget the hand movements!

Go to the head teacher and tell them that someone in the other class has been selling plans of the school to Al Qaida. Remember to be wearing high heels and proper stockings when the security services turn up. "Spooks" is dead sexy and you might get off with a hunky spy.

Pretend you've got a husband and family and house in Redditch, and imagine visiting them. If that's too difficult, just pretend you live with your sister.

Go to the library! Brainy girls are dead attractive to blokes, and you can just underline the mucky bits in 'Lady Chatterley'. If they aren't mucky enough, log on to the internet there - but remember, they can trace you if they really want to. So if you email the editor of the school mag saying how wonderful you are, remember to use a false name.

Put everything you own in a bag and pretend you are coming back from Redditch. Don't forget to listen to the charts to see who's Top of the Plots this week!! Like, duh as if!!!!

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Well known cunt Jacqui SSmith still trying to jump onto the populist bandwaggon with this tawdry attempt to pacify the still angry Kop.
Just as when the other day she "announced" a review of Councils using RIPA laws to spy on bin criminals and dog crap fiends, as if that were a new idea.

It won't work Jacqui because we HATE you ( see Bristol Dave ) for details.

Tell you what Jacqui, abandon ID cards, give us our referendum, stop Cybernosing, abolish several quangos and fuck off, pronto; maybe then it'll be quick at the end.

electro-kevin said...

Whilst having the greatest sympathy with the bereaved ...

... by God those Scousers love to play the victim !

The barriers were because football hooligans made them necessary. Ultimately they are to blame.

This truth will doubtless be inconvenient for Jacqui.

Henry North London said...

Theres brilliant sunshine outside Go outside and have some vit D and a picnic

Im off down my allotment

Anonymous said...

Smith is a fucking CUNT.

Upgrade dope to Class B and ignore specialist advice and leave E as class A? CUNT.

42 days? CUNT.

ID cards? CUNT.

Try to take money out of my pocket so that your pathetic, pussy-whipped, parasitical, spineless, shit-for-brains excuse of a husband can feebly spurt his seed over a sofa we paid for, while he's watching men cornhole each other? CUNT.

She makes Magda Goebbels look like Mother Theresa.The only thing she could do to redeem herself in my eyes is to pour petrol over her husband and herself, apologise profusely and then light one final spliff.

Anonymous said...

There is an election coming up. Not so long ago it was Phil Woolas spinning about immigration. Now Jackboot is making what she hopes will be a populist move. There will be many more meaningless gestures and statements until the next GE is over.

caesars wife said...

Oh still bitter about meltwater i see !!

come to think of it , i have done my best to not swear must in posting.

if only meltwater was the only thing watches us , alas somthings being used are not as passive !!

woman on a raft said...

...and don't forget the cookery column.

Raw meat and snotbuns (of blessed memory)

ranter said...


Anonymous said...

I'm not a Liverpool fan but there are one or two cunts on here ranter & e-K

Sir Henry Morgan said...


We dare you, you cunt.

Anonymous said...

I had thought, perhaps wrongly?, that the Torys were in power when Hillsborough occurred. Therefore I had assumed that the reason NuLabour were now about to open the sealed files was because a) they hoped they could find something therein to smear the Torys b) there is something therein that they could use to smear the Torys or c)they think they can falsify the files to smear the Torys. Based on recent NuLabour actions, I had also assumed that c) was the most likely.

Anonymous said...

"The barriers were because football hooligans made them necessary. Ultimately they are to blame."

What a retarded statement. Liverpool fans are "ultimately to blame" only if they were the majority (if not all of) said "football hooligans".

Unless you meant football hooligans in general were to blame, in which case you should have perhaps taken more than ten seconds to form a coherent sentence.

wv: yansenes. sounds a bit like hansen.

Anonymous said...

October 2011

Isn'y it the ConDem coalition that is opening the files?

What a CUNT.

(Not the useful type which Richard Timney likes to use!)

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