Wednesday, 22 April 2009

On the cards.

The hand dealt yesterday by Spooky McFraudulent, renowned Scottish psychic, psycho and Buckfast supplier to the ex-wealthy. He's never wrong.

There wasn't much to laugh at in the latest bodge-it budget but I hope two of the cards above will bring a hint of a smile to a few faces. I haven't yet grafted Big Ben onto the middle one. Maybe we should make a set, like the Americans did in Iraq. One for each party.

Would there be a market for them, I wonder? If so, who do you recommend should adorn the Hanged Mandy?

(Oh. Did I inadvertantly drop a hint there?)


Old Holborn said...

Looks just like a lamp post

Shibby said...


oh ha ha

Have you seen this yet?

Shibby said...

I just realised you edited the top pic! Ha.

Gandhi said...

Blair's the hanged martyr. If you print them up I'll buy a set or two!

Anonymous said...

The Chariot: Lard Ahmed texting on a throne drawn by sphinxes in hijab, with an unfortunate motorist crushed beneath their paws

Odin's Raven said...

Brown as The World. "It's a global problem that started in America".

Odin's Raven said...

Brown as the Magician. "I saved the world."

Odin's Raven said...

Brown as the Emperor, talking to his cabinet. "Relax, our pensions are safe. Let the Tories deal with the mess".

Anonymous said...

I'm sending the missus out on the game, the kids will be rented out to a paki sweat shop and I'm taking up burglary, that should see us through till the end of the year, because after that things will start to pick up again, so I've been led to believe....

caesars wife said...

is there a tarrot card for this situation ?? caesars wife does a quick hand for labour

ahh the tuscany sisters !!

this card symbolises you will gain money from other people by residing at your sisters house only three days a week.

next mushroom cloud
this card symbolises that you will make more national debt by building nuclear power stations , whist earning your chummy lobbiests and family friends huge wedges of cash.

next the green shoots
this card should come into play in the last qaurter of 2009/10 , however as this card has illusional and delusional properties , you are adsvised to take it with a pinch of salt , and should this card be inconjuction with the empty wallet it automatically converts to the lynch mob and you may have to wait decades before you can deal another hand .

next the top hat
this card does not bode well for you labour , for within the top hat is a very fine ecnomics graduate who was pps to the dreaded thatcher card , which was game over for labour last time.
when this card is played with other cards with business acumen , a long period of rustication may occure , useually with big losses for labour at the ballot box .this time round it seems partculary powerful as there are players with long memories .

the bullshit card
this card means that labour are unable to conceal the huge ammount of doo doo that they have where ever they go , it could be spun to say its fertiliser , but with the power of the top hat card , and 6 banks gone under most people recognise it for what it is .

the face less man and the six fugure salary

this card represents a card carrying labour devout, who goes to meetings to tell everyone things will get better and often produces spin snippits to create the labour illusion .

the yellow argentian tango dancer

this card has magical comedy powers , sometimes doesnt get his figures right , and is unable to to explain if europe is a waste of money or not , belongs to a group of cards that can be sneaky , sly members , but can come up with the occasional good idea that isn never costed correctly

and finally the grffins claw

this is a card of extremes brought about by the labour using the bullshit card too many times on honest people. really gets going when labour lies have been sussed , and cultural fabric is being ripped up by zombie labour polices and tarting up of imports that dont work in the UK or like its christian heritage.

if the enoch card had been used earlier on in the game , the griffin card would never have appeared , saps power form labour bullshit card , could also be game over for labour although , it often represents scorched earth and heel clicking salutes which then makes labour look like a fluffy baby and both cards go into a time vortex to start again

Swiss Bob said...

Speaking of the Devil: Woman on a Raft, Mandy’s Diary Onsdag 22 Aprile

Chalcedon said...

What a crap useless budget. Mind you if I earned over £150K I would be rather pissed off. I was in the pub last night for a couple. The landlord who owns the pub wasn't terribly happy. The tax on beer, wine et al won't help his business neither will the rest. We really are utterly fucked by this government.

Antipholus Papps said...

I'd like to second Blair as the Hanged Man, he deserves nothing less.

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