Thursday, 16 April 2009

Officers of the Law

The G20 has thrown the Police into sharp focus over the last few weeks, they seem to be recruiting from the lower reaches of the food chain, and their blind obediance to the State rather than the Law is becoming more than a little cause for concern. One now thinks of the Securitate than Dixon.

Territorial Support Group (The Rebadged Specal Patrol Group)

Police officers in abuse case accused of 60 other assaults

Met reveals four were subject of dozens of allegations by black or Asian men
• March 2007: one officer is accused of bundling a man into the back of a police van where he was told to "get on his knees". When he replied this was not Guantánamo Bay he claims the officer grabbed him round the neck and "discharged his CS gas while continuing to hold his throat". He says he was then thrown from the van, leaving him with eye, neck and head injuries. According to the document no action was taken because the complaint was either "incapable of proof" or there was "no case to answer".

• November 2005: two of the officers were accused by a "black male" of attacking him in the back of a police van. The document states that he was subjected to "constant kicking to his head and stomach (approx 12 kicks). Head lifted off the floor by grabbing his right ear and lifting head." The attack left the man with bruising and swelling to his face but the case was not pursued, the Met said, because of "non-cooperation" by the complainant.

• October 2005: the document stated that two of the officers were involved in another assault on a "black male". It read: "In van repeatedly assaulted - kicks to the face, stamps on his head whilst handcuffed." The victim said afterwards he "felt like he might die". Vomiting and blood coming out of his ears, black swollen eye, lip busted, hands very swollen.

• June 2003: two officers accused of beating a "black male" in the back of the TSG van. "The beating continued in the van and in a search room at the station."

The allegations against the officers came to light after the high court issued a disclosure order on 13 February demanding that the Metropolitan police release all "similar fact allegations" against the officers involved in the Ahmad case.

"Scotland Yard admit there are concerns about the conduct of the officers. Although the Independent Police Complaints Commission supervised an investigation carried out by the Met, none of the officers has been disciplined for the assault on Ahmad and all but one are still working in the territorial support group"

Ken Waldron

Basically the TSG is an unaccountable, ski mask wearing, badge number hiding, racist,violent private army whose only nod towards the Law is wearing the uniform of Her Majesties Constabulary.

Damien Green MP amazingly enough is not going to face charges in the politically motivated arrest and search of his offices

Bob Quick has resigned from the Met, perhaps he can tell us by being called before the Parliamentary Priviliges Committee how much did Jacqui Smith know about the raid on the Parliamentary Estate

If you are in the Territorial Support Group (Terrors)or Riot Squad you can go for a little drinkie in the company car.

Sometimes these officers have enough time of their hands to indulge in currency dealing as well, and for light relief allegedly making threats to kill.


The Penguin said...

Nice work if you can stomach the stench and the colleagues.

The Penguin

Anonymous said...

Cowards, complete and utter cowards.

Anonymous said...

I remember in the 1970's, our local police station had a CID unit that was renowned for going on the piss.
Needless to say if they (the CID officers) done any damage, the local police threatened those about making any complaint.
Nice to see things have,nt changed.

K. McEgan said...

No worse than what happened to me in Sussex.The photographic evidence?Disappeared.

Pantyliner said...

@K McEgan
Your comment about Sussex reminded me what they used to say about the old Brighton force: 'the best police that money could buy'

Somebody I know in Sussex had his cannabis charge dropped when the evidence disappeared - smoked, no doubt!

Anonymous said...

Scum - almost without exception.

Chris said...

The police now have the same social status as paedophiles - they are a subset of sex offenders. Subhuman scum - the police aren't human and it should be enshrined as such in law.

Sounds like crap? Then how is it that police officers and paedophiles get treated much the same way in prison?

A long, low level campaign to destroy police morale is what is called for - ignoring them, being rude to them, refusing to serve them. In spite of the swagger, their morale is already low. They know they are shit.

Let them hide their collar numbers, as long as it's fine to take out retaliation against one of their colleagues - one for all and all for one. In order words, a cop smacks a demonstrator in London only to find that a WPC in Birmingham gets run over and killed the next day. It sounds crazy but what else will restrain these dirty pigs?

I used to be a barman and it was a very foolish person who came into my pub claiming to be a cop. They'd always get a little something extra in their food and drink.

Anonymous said...

A trifle one sided, don't you think?
Anyone can make a complaint, in fact I was sexually assaulted by several bloggers once but apparently there was not enough evidence.

There are without doubt problems with our Police, but having lived in several different Countries it could be a lot worse.

Inspector FatGit said...

I dont beat people up. I'm to busy scoffing dougnuts.

Pantyliner said...

I was brought up to trust and respect the police, and I taught my children to do the same, but I now advise anyone who asks to avoid any contact with them at all costs.

It is a sad but understandable fact that the police now enjoy unprecedentedly low levels of respect and support from all sections of the public - a public that they can only police by consent, unless there is a police state, which we now seem to be moving towards.

If the police realise this, they are clearly unwilling or unable (probably both) to do anything about it.

This country is truly fucked.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

How many of the TSG are Constabules of the British Transport Police whose writ extends nationwide ?
They ( BTP ) used to be the last chance saloon for aspiring coppers that no other force wanted since all that was required was to be as thick as shit and be willing to go anywhere anytime.
Just like the Securitate really, a mobile crowd control militia, exemplified by that disgusting large Policeman filmed bitchslapping the gobby earth-hugging little woman.

I for one am willing to adopt their cry


Anonymous said...

plain clothes coppers carrying batons ?
plain clothed chief superintendants leading the riots ?


mmm said...

I am increasingly seduced by the parallels between the behaviour of Nixon and Brown.

“The scandal revealed the existence of a White House dirty tricks squad, which was behind an orchestrated campaign of political sabotage, an enemies list, a "plumbers" unit to plug political leaks and a secret campaign slush fund associated with CRP, all with high-level administration involvement. It brought into the open the involvement of Attorney General John N. Mitchell in the dirty tricks, funds and cover-up, as well as key White House advisers, all of whom went to prison for these crimes, for sentences of one to four years. The jail terms had been shortened on the basis of the high level of the convicted, and their cooperation in the hearings.”Damien Green’s office could have been Brown’s Watergate.
Fat Jacqui will be Attorney General John N. Mitchell.
Parliamentary Expenses = Slush fund.

Anonymous said...

As one who lived in South Africa under apartheid where the police and justice system machinery was entirely used to suppress blacks, the description of police brutality in the piece above is chilling.

It's worth digging up and reading some of repressive legislation passed from the 1950s on, by the Apartheid Regime.

Many of the titles are identical to what Liebour has introduced since 9/11.
Start with the Republic of South Africa's "90 day Detention Act."

Is Peter Hain a mole?

Chris said...

@anon 20:54

Is Peter Hain a mole? No, he's just a cunt. And a half.

As for the cops, they are the same the world over - they are there to maintain the status quo.

The police are generally good at dealing with little psychopaths while doing the bidding of big psychopaths - this is how it has to be.

The tickbox culture, the endless CCTV and databases have dehumanised the police and they have stopped dealing with little psychopaths, making them both menacing and ineffectual at at stroke.

The police have become fat and lazy and will defend the status quo to the cost of all others. However, they cannot police without consent.

That consent is fast swirling down the plughole but it probably won't be until people realise there won't be an election that the police will realise they need to switch sides and burn their high vis vests and mingle with the mob.

Look at what happened in Romania in 89.

microdave said...

"It is a sad but understandable fact that the police now enjoy unprecedentedly low levels of respect and support from all sections of the public - a public that they can only police by consent, unless there is a police state, which we now seem to be moving towards.

If the police realise this, they are clearly unwilling or unable (probably both) to do anything about it."

A former officer said this on an earlier thread today: "at 60k (with OT) the prospect of an index linked pension and a 100k lump sum the average PC will stand against whatever they are told to."

There's your answer...

electro-kevin said...

The Daily Mail rightly points out that virtually nothing was said of the mashing that The Countryside Alliance got at the hands of our country's finest.

I went on the first CA march and it was the model of decency. Not one bit of litter. Silence past the Cenotaph.

People in tweeds and Barbour being pulped should really be ringing alarm bells.

Anonymous said...

Zanu Stasi will pulp any fucker, not just the CA - but I see the point..

dave said...

Oh dear,
Had some problems with the police have we?
Dry your eyes princesses and fuck off.

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