Thursday, 16 April 2009

NuLiebore "Aristocracy" Part 2 - More Postal Vote Fraud!

Three Candidates For Piano Wire And Lamp Posts

Blatant or what?

NuLiebore are trying to force the 22 year old Georgia Gould, whose father Philip Gould was one of the founders of new Labour onto the local Labour Party as prospective candidate for Erith and Thamesmead at the next election.

It's proving about as popular locally as a cup of cold sick.

And a suspicious number of postal voters have registered....

From Wikipedia - "Philip Gould, Baron Gould of Brookwood (born 30 March 1950) is a British political adviser closely linked with the Labour Party and Tony Blair. He was strategy and polling adviser to the party in the General Elections of 1987, 1992, 1997, 2001 and 2005. Gould was one of the key architects of the modern communications revolution inside the Labour Party of the 1980s, which resulted in the emergence of New Labour. As such, he was a close colleague of Labour's Director of Communications in the late 1980s, Peter Mandelson, and Alastair Campbell."

The Penguin


Guthrum said...

Kill the Aristos

Last heard 1789, proved quite effective

The Penguin said...

Ah, but those were "proper" aristocrats, and left alone to inbreed like the Hapsburgs they'd have died out long ago.

The NuLiebore "Aristocrat-Lites" are a different sort of vermin and need eradicating as fast as possible.

The Penguin

Pogo said...

Can someone tell me what fucking use is a 22 year-old MP? Even more so that it be a cossetted ploitical princess... The middle-aged cunts that we're generally lumbered with are terminally useless, but at least some (a few) of them have had a chance to live in the real world first.

Pavlov's Cat said...

How can a 22 year grown up in the Labour Machine have any connection with real life. Let alone the people of Thamesmead.

40 should be the minimum age for an MP and you have to prove you've had at least one real job ( Not public sector or political party apparatchnik)

This is the sort of thing that will get the BNP their first MP's

Faux Cu said...

Just a wee note on Glenrothes.

Seems like a company from Derry was involved in the postal vote in Glenrothes.

Subrosa has the start here

and a follow up here

It is not the vote which count but the ppeople who count them.

Anonymous said...

How typical. Labour put in a party stooge where the idiots would vote Labour if you stuck a rosette on a lump of lard.

Quite amusing that someone who lives in a multi-million pound house should suddenly have so much empathy for an area that is one of the most run-down in London. Thamesmead was built up a lot in the GLC days, but now has got the nickname "Little Lagos" due to the extensive amount of fraud that eminates from there.

is a nice little indicator

Raedwald said...

Ah Thamesmead. A place a friend once described as 'the end of London' after driving there by accident. Where the pikeys graze their nags on the verges of the dual carriageway. Where the police outpost is barricaded like a bunker on Rommel's Western Wall. Where the locals scurry indoors as dusk falls. Where the UK's most concentrated sub-prime mortgage fraud of the past decade is based, and Nigerian bush-meat can be bought more easily than pork chops.

The Honourable Georgia Gould (for such must we call the daughter of a Life Peer) had better ensure her TB jab is up to date - there's a nasty multi drug resistant strain around here, and we'd hate someone to cough on her by accident.

Anonymous said...

"How typical. Labour put in a party stooge where the idiots would vote Labour if you stuck a rosette on a lump of lard"

This would certainly apply to Hull.

Ampers said...

You love to have a go at the Aristos but didn't our government fall apart when they removed all the hereditary peers from the Lords?

To my mind, someone who holds their "pile" in trust for future generations and looks at a hundred years as short term can surely be better at examining rushed-together legislation that someone who views four years as long term and five days as medium term?

And no, I am not upper or middle class.


Katabasis said...

Have to agree with you Ampers - there is definitely a case to be made regarding the Hereditary Peers, especially as an brake to the new Cronyism.

The story under discussion however is yet another clear cut case of yet more BS and corruption from ZanuLab. I'm sure it will pass as unremarked as all the other scandals this year alone.... FFS.

Lexander said...

It would be unusual for her to win Thamesmead (and not a suitable seat in any case), but with dad's influence and the growing possibility of Meddlesome become either next PM or shadow, then she WILL get in somewhere. By the way, any gossip on her shagging record?

Lexander said...

Couple of calls and I am reminded bloody Whelan is mixed up in this. His Union could have a big influence, but it's the "gotta be a woman" selection that is really disgraceful. Have to declare an interest: hundreds of years ago I was a reporter on the Erith Observer!

Anonymous said...

"Have to agree with you Ampers - there is definitely a case to be made regarding the Hereditary Peers, especially as an brake to the new Cronyism."

Ah, that was a New Labour classic. One day it's "let's abolish hereditary peers, they're an evil artefact of class priviledge," and the next it's "let's give peerages to our friends and major party donors." Only someone like Blair would claim to be unable to see the contradiction there. It becomes increasingly obvious that the New Labour folks do believe in class priviledge if it's for the right sort of person, like this "Brown babe" with her powerful friends and family.

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